X Ray


  • X-ray X-ray A form of electromagnetic radiation.
  • X-ray visionThe ability to see through physical objects at the discretion of the holder of this superpower.
  • X-Ray Engine X-Ray EngineThe name of the 3D game engine created by Kiev-based computer game developer GSC Game World.

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  • brancusi7 posted a photo:

    Portrait Of The Artist As A Gap Year Werewolf (tamed)

  • Mario Aux posted a photo:

    polaroid SX-70 x-ray

    Ever wondered, what your beloved old analogue camera looks from the inside ?

  • brancusi7 posted a photo:


  • brancusi7 posted a photo:

    The Importance Of Magic In Religion (tamed)

  • brancusi7 posted a photo:

    Fear With No Name

  • brancusi7 posted a photo:

    The Eternal Listener  (tamed)

  • brancusi7 posted a photo:

    Ancient Hollywood God

  • ally.fane posted a photo:



    Multiexposure Toyo 45F+X-ray film (Fujifilm)

  • brandoncellisphoto posted a photo:

    Janis - portrait-02

    8x10 X-Ray film (Fuji HR-U) via Eastman View 1 w/ Nikon-Nikkor 305mm APO lens @ f=11 1/15th s, processed in Ilford multigrade paper dev DBI.

  • brancusi7 posted a photo:

    Return Of Mr Fishman

  • brancusi7 posted a photo:

    All Too Often Political Friendship

  • Pascal Rey Photographies posted a photo:

    Pour Michel C+, une araignée au plafond....                                         DSC_2040

  • brancusi7 posted a photo:

    Evolution Of The Good Guy

  • Antonio Iacobelli (Jacobson-2012) posted a photo:


    6 flash

  • brandoncellisphoto posted a photo:

    Self port double exposure.

    Eastman 7 1/2in anastigmat Projection lens (uncoated) on an Eastman View no:1 w/5x7 reduction back. 5x7 Fuji X-Ray film @ f11 1/15th (packard shutter) developed in Ilford Multigrade paper developer DBI. In camera double exp.

  • brancusi7 posted a photo:

    Advanced Research Into The   Brain Is A Rewarding Future Career For Your Kids

    Advertising, Politics, Marketing, Corporate Psychology, Psychological Warfare, Propaganda, Religion...It's the gift
    that just keeps on giving.

  • brancusi7 posted a photo:

    Police Sketch Artist

  • profgilus posted a photo:


    My Vintage MP3 Player - X-ray

  • brancusi7 posted a photo:

    X Marks The Patriot

    The media feminism fad is but a dim memory
    but the hating never takes a holiday.

  • Andrew Caird posted a photo:

    kiwi and her egg; xrayed