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  • samstandridge posted a photo:

    Nagaoka Fireworks

    This was taken at the Nagaoka fireworks festival. It's the biggest fireworks festival in Japan (maybe the world?). They shoot more than 20,000 fireworks in 2 days. Anyway I'll post more from here!

  • Nik Morris (van Leiden) posted a photo:

    Berlijn, Warschauerstrabe Spoorwegwerk werkt

    Warschauerstrabe has a coach/body works where they are obviously carrying out conversion work on the former DB sleeping cars (Bmz's etc). Austrian railways (OBB) bought many of the former DB cars. OBB are making sleeper trains a going concern shedding doubt on DB's reasons for getting rid of the night services that were so useful and, I always found, well loaded!

    The car nearest the small loco looks to me like a first class car, I used them often enough Amsterdam - Zurich. The second car while marked for OBB is a second and still in DB colours. It looked like it has had work done on the underframe equipment.

  • Paul David Smith (Widnes Road) posted a photo:

    205 Iarnród Éireann Inchicore Works 17.06.06

  • STEVE BEST ONE posted a photo:

    Ponte delle Torri XI

    ll Ponte delle Torri è l'opera più famosa e riconosciuta di Spoleto nel mondo, un'imponente costruzione, un ponte acquedotto probabilmente di origine romana, che congiunge il colle Sant'Elia al Monteluco a sud di Spoleto. È uno dei monumenti più famosi e pittoreschi della città. Ai due estremi del ponte si trovano due fortezze, la Rocca Albornoziana e il Fortilizio dei Mulini, eretto per vigilare il ponte e attivo come mulino fino al XIX secolo. Il nome Ponte delle Torri potrebbe alludere alle torri delle due fortezze o all'aspetto dei piloni. Si innalza su nove possenti arcate, ha una lunghezza di 230 metri e un'altezza di 80. Le dimensioni massime di alcuni pilastri alla base sono di metri 10 x 12. Piloni e arcate non hanno misure costanti: i piloni verso il Monteluco sono più massicci degli altri e sono rinforzati da arcate poste circa a metà della loro altezza; anche lo spazio tra le arcate è diverso, minore rispetto alle corrispettive verso Sant'Elia. La loro diversità fa pensare che siano stati costruiti in periodi diversi. I due piloni sorgenti dal fondo della valle sono vuoti e praticabili, al loro interno alcuni ambienti che fungevano da postazioni di guardia, con finestre e porte d'accesso situate a pochi metri da terra; nel tempo sono stati un sicuro rifugio diurno e stagionale per vari chirotteri.

    The bridge of the Towers is the most famous and recognized Spoleto works in the world, an imposing building, an aqueduct probably Roman origin that joins the Sant'Elia at Monteluco at Spoleto south. It is one of the most famous and picturesque monuments in the city. At the two extremes of the bridge there are two fortifications, the Albornoziana Fortress and the Mill Fortress, erected to guard the bridge and active as a mill until the nineteenth century. The name Bridge of the Towers could refer to the towers of the two fortifications or the appearance of pylons. It rises up to nine powerful bows, has a length of 230 meters and a height of 80. The maximum dimensions of some pillars at the base are 10 x 12 meters. Pylons and arches do not have constant measurements: the pylons to the Monteluco are more massive than others and are reinforced by arches placed about half their height; The space between the arches is also different, smaller than that of Sant'Elia. Their diversity suggests that they were built at different times. The two pylons that spring from the bottom of the valley are empty and practicable, in them some rooms that served as guard stations with windows and access doors located a few meters from the ground; Over time they were a sure daytime and seasonal refuge for a variety of Km.

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    Nikonisti Lombardi

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  • harry_nl posted a photo:

    2006 Mini Cooper S Works GP

    The Mini Cooper S with John Cooper Works GP Kit was a light-weight, quasi-race-prepped John Cooper Works model. Hand-finished by Bertone in Italy, it was offered as a limited-production run of 2,000 cars during the 2006 model year,

    source: wikipedia

  • jmupton2000 posted a photo:

    Stagecoach West 19950 (JOU 160P) Chichester 8/9/17

    On loan to Stagecoach South for the Goodwood Revival Weekend shuttle service.

  • cdesign123451 posted a photo:

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