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  • Acid1 Acid1
    Acid1, originally called the Box Acid Test, is a test page for web browsers. It was developed in October 1998 and was important in establishing baseline interoperability between early web browsers, especially for the Cascading Style Sheets 1.0 specification.
  • Acid2 Acid2
    Acid2 is a test page published and promoted by the Web Standards Project to expose web page rendering flaws in web browsers and other applications that render HTML. Named after the acid test for gold, it was developed in the spirit of Acid1, a relatively narrow test of compliance with the...
  • Acid3 Acid3
    The Acid3 test is a web test page from the Web Standards Project that checks a web browser's compliance with elements of various web standards, particularly the Document Object Model and JavaScript.
  • AppJet AppJet
    AppJet was a website that let users create web-based applications in a client web browser, with no other client software. AppJet was founded by 3 MIT graduates, 2 of whom were engineers at Google before starting AppJet.
  • Aviary (application suite)
    Aviary is a photo-editing platform for iOS, Android, and the web. Aviary powers numerous mobile applications, including its self-titled iOS and Android apps. It contains a large collection of easy-to-use editing tools such as custom photo filters, frames, graphics, and overlays.
  • Digg Reader Digg Reader
    Digg Reader is a news aggregator operated by Digg. The reader was released on June 26, 2013 as a response to Google Reader shutting down. The reader is web-based and also has iOS and Android applications as well as a Google Chrome extension.
  • Feedly Feedly
    Feedly is a news aggregator application for various web browsers and mobile devices running iOS and Android, also available as a cloud-based service. It compiles news feeds from a variety of online sources for the user to customize and share with others. Feedly was first released by DevHD in 2008.
  • genebook
    Genebook, a free online service for creating and editing e-books. It supports FictionBook, ePub and Mobipocket e-book formats, and can handle formulas with mathematical markup language MathML.
  • HTML5test
    HTML5test is a web application for evaluating a web browser's accuracy in implementing the web standards HTML5 and Web SQL Database, as well as the WebGL standard.
  • Incremental rendering
    Incremental rendering refers to a feature built into most modern Web browsers. Specifically, this refers to the browser's ability to display a partially downloaded Web page to the user while the browser awaits the remaining files from the server.
  • Nomulus
    Nomulus is an open-source top-level domain registry operated by Google with contributions from Donuts Inc. It was announced on October 18, 2016 on Google's open-source blog, with the domain nomulus.foo redirecting to their GitHub repository.
  • openFIRST openFIRST
    OpenFIRST is an integrated set of modules which may be used together to create or enhance a web site. It is directed towards teams participating in the FIRST competition. The software is written and maintained by a group of students that are members of FIRST teams across the world.
  • Open Web Analytics Open Web Analytics
    Open Web Analytics is open source web analytics software created by Peter Adams. OWA is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database, which makes it compatible for running with an AMP solution stack on various web servers.
  • PDFescape PDFescape
    PDFescape is an advertising and fee supported, web-based PDF editor program written in JavaScript, HTML, CSS and ASP. It features PDF editing, form filling, page arrangement, printing, saving, and form publishing. A premium ad free version is available for a fee.
  • Piwik Piwik
    Piwik is a free and open source web analytics application written by a team of international developers that runs on a PHP/MySQL webserver. It tracks online visits to one or more websites and displays reports on these visits for analysis.
  • PlayCanvas
    PlayCanvas is an open source 3D game engine/interactive 3D application engine alongside a proprietary cloud-hosted creation platform that allows for simultaneous editing from multiple computers via a browser-based interface.
  • Renewables.ninja
    Renewables.ninja is a web tool developed by Imperial College London and ETH Zürich that shows the estimate amount of energy that could be generated by wind or solar farms at any location.
  • RESTHeart
    RESTHeart is a Java open source Web API server built on top of the MongoDB database.
  • Rublon Rublon
    Rublon is a two-factor authentication system that acts as an additional security layer which protects the password-based login process to web applications.
  • Scieno Sitter
    Scieno Sitter is content-control software that, when installed on a computer, blocks certain websites critical of Scientology from being viewed. The software was released by the Church of Scientology in 1998 for Church members using Windows 95.
  • SeeVolution SeeVolution
    SeeVolution is a real-time website analytic web service that shows a heatmap of a website, detailing where visitors are clicking, mouse moves and scrolls. The data is used to allow webmasters to see what areas of a website visitors are using.
  • Shiftboard
    Shiftboard is a community online scheduling, recruitment, and time management tool that lets individuals and groups of participating organizations within a community collaborate for participation and overall staff work coverage and general accountability.
  • Showcase Workshop
    Showcase Workshop, also referred to as Showcase, is a SaaS company that develops a presentation-building application for business use. Users upload files and images to a web platform which generates presentations viewable on a suite of mobile apps.
  • SlideRocket SlideRocket
    SlideRocket was an online presentation platform that lets users create, manage, share and measure presentations. SlideRocket is provided via a SaaS model. The company was acquired by VMWare in April, 2011, who sold it to ClearSlide, a similar SaaS application, in March 2013.
  • Tcpkill
    Tcpkill is a network utility program that can be used to kill connections to or from a particular host, network, port, or combination of all. These programs take standard Berkeley Packet Filter filters. This can be used for both port mirroring and arp spoofing.
  • The Old Reader The Old Reader
    The Old Reader is a web-based news aggregator that delivers website, blog, and other Internet content to a web-based inbox.
  • Toonimo
    Toonimo is a web-based solution that offers on-site user assistance via online walkthroughs.
  • TumbleDeck TumbleDeck
    TumbleDeck is an unofficial open-source desktop client application for Tumblr. The first version includes simple functions such as posting text, images, videos, links, chats, quotes and audio. It is compatible with Windows operating systems and is developed on the.NET Framework.
  • URL Snooper
    URL Snooper is a program to find URLs of streaming media and data. This allows streamed files download through any download manager. Its scope is the same as that of a stream recorder. It usually uses library such as pcap/Winpcap for packet capturing.
  • Userscript manager
    A userscript manager is a type of browser extension and augmented browsing technology that provides a user interface to manage scripts. The main purpose of a userscript manager is to execute scripts on webpages as they are loaded.
  • WalkMe
    WalkMe owned by WalkMe Inc. is a web-based platform that helps users navigate the features of other web-based services.
  • Web annotation
    A web annotation is an online annotation associated with a web resource, typically a web page. With a Web annotation system, a user can add, modify or remove information from a Web resource without modifying the resource itself.
  • Web Compatibility Test for Mobile Browsers
    Web Compatibility Test for Mobile Browsers is a test page published and promoted by the World Wide Web Consortium to expose web page rendering flaws in mobile web browsers and other applications that render HTML. It was developed in the spirit of the Acid test by the Web Standards Project and...
  • Web counter Web counter
    A web counter or hit counter is a computer software program that indicates the number of visitors, or hits, a particular webpage has received. Once set up,these counters will be incremented by one every time the web page is accessed in a web browser.
  • WebFetch
    WebFetch is a set of Perl 5 modules written by Ian Kluft from 1998 through 2009 that provides a framework for retrieving information feeds from the Web, or posting a feed on a web site. It is intended to be run on a Unix or Linux server automatically, such as from cron.
  • Web information system
    Web-based information displays many benefits of multimedia technology. Using today's fast broadband connection, it's possible to stream sophisticated content to a computer anywhere in the world.
  • Xenu's Link Sleuth Xenu's Link Sleuth
    Xenu, or Xenu's Link Sleuth, is a computer program that checks websites for broken hyperlinks. It is written by Tilman Hausherr and is proprietary software available at no charge. The program is named after Xenu, the Galactic Ruler from Scientology scripture.

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