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  • LOT OF 89 DIFFERENT #WACKY #STICKERS - #1979 - #TOPPS SERIES 1 & 2 https://t.co/gU5uRx3r8D via @eBay #WACKYPACKAGES #FUN #COLLECT
    DISNEYDJMIKE, Connecticut, USA at Fri, 17 Nov 11:24:54
  • #wackypackages Wacky Packages Old School Series 6 Checklist https://t.co/nKWSrE0ZeA
    davidtanny, United States of America at Thu, 16 Nov 08:29:19
  • @thedailyjaws @jawscast75 #wackypackages #sharknado parody https://t.co/kHp8Y46HQw
    TattooedMisery, Isolated Wisconsin Farmhouse at Thu, 16 Nov 06:13:41
  • New #wackypackages Old School set is at @Topps @WackyForum @Wacky_Packages_ Here's one of the stickers! https://t.co/MSmgis4iSI
    davidgrossgpk, at Wed, 15 Nov 18:16:53
  • Who remembers #WackyPackages ?? https://t.co/tyAiJVgE1s
    AndyLally, Atlanta, Georgia at Mon, 13 Nov 21:06:41

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