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  • P0J0 posted a photo:

    Barron Trump was not fidgety, just giggity

    During daddy Trump's victory speech, Barron made all manner of WTH expressions/ gestures. Touching his face (long hair tends to tickle one's forehead), taking deep breaths, upper lip biting, widening his eyes & best of all, chin scissoring (probably looking a hot chick eye to eye & wanting to scissor his tongue). He appeared to fidget & twiddle like nobody's watching. But he wasn't nervous, autistic or, well okay maybe a little sleepy. He was really giddy (or should I say giggity, giggity, giggity goo!) about the prospects of all that vajayjay in his near future. The junior Trump is gonna jump on all the rump! Lucky son of a gun, man I wish I had squirted out of the Don's seed launcher & into a million dollar vagina, so I can emerge & eat caviar baby food with my silver spoon, waaaaaaa!!!!