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  • TechCrunch
    Twitter has an unlaunched tweetstorm feature | TechCrunch
    Subverting the 140 character limit by chaining tweets together into a cohesive "tweetstorm" takes some know-how, or you'll screw it up. Luckily Twitter has..
    Published on: Sun, 10 Sep 17:37:11 5 46

  • New York Magazine
    Twitter's Secret Tweetstorm Feature Would Let You Plan Your Whole Thread Before Posting
    New York Magazine
    According to screenshots provided to the Next Web's Matt Navarra, Twitter might be considering a feature that would let users write out their entire thread before posting it simultaneously. (TechCrunch reports that the feature was not being publicly ...
    Published on: Mon, 11 Sep 13:46:00 10 121

  • HuffPost
    Twitter Roasts Los Angeles Rams' Awful Attendance In NFL Opener
    Season-opening games for the NFL are often a hot ticket, but not so much in Los Angeles. Sparse attendance at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum for the Rams' 46-9 victory over the Indianapolis Colts prompted Twitter to blitz hard with mockery on Sunday.
    Published on: Mon, 11 Sep 10:46:06 0 12

  • Seeking Alpha
    How To Fix Twitter?
    Seeking Alpha
    Twitter has never been able to produce a GAAP profit, although recently margins have been improving. Revenue is expected to decline 5% to $2.4B in 2017. Jack Dorsey is a talented operator and has made positive changes since taking over, but he hasn't ...
    Published on: Mon, 11 Sep 09:51:00 2 148

  • The Hindu
    When it rains, motorists tune in to Twitter
    The Hindu
    In these troubling times, the Bangalore Traffic Police have come forward to guide motorists. They are taking to Twitter to share real-time updates on the state of roads and various areas. The flow of information has been constant and reliable, say ...
    Published on: Mon, 11 Sep 15:23:00 7 111

  • Mashable
    The Miami Airport Twitter feed is proving important during Hurricane Irma
    On Sunday, the account also proactively corrected people who tweeted out video of a flooded airport with claims that it was a scene from Miami. The video is from a flood at Mexico City's airport. The video is still being shared on Twitter as having ...
    Published on: Mon, 11 Sep 00:26:10 7 173
  • Twitter Brings Account Sharing Feature to Android, iOS Apps
    Twitter is now allowing users to share access to their multiple accounts via iOS and Android applications without needing to share that accounts password. The company retweeted a tweet from its TweetDeck unit that said: "Teams is a safe way to manage ...
    Published on: Mon, 11 Sep 11:35:44 27 335
  • Arsenal fan spotted at Bournemouth match with Coutinho on his shirt, Twitter can't cope
    While watching Arsenal comfortably see off Bournemouth at the Emirates on Saturday, Twitter user @Akpommed spotted one Gunners fan with Coutinho printed on the back of his 2011 kit. While supporters have speculated that it could be the individual's ...
    Published on: Mon, 11 Sep 12:11:54 10 294
  • Vontaze Burfict spent Sunday sharing Steelers' dirty plays on Twitter
    SB Nation
    Is it a big deal that Burfict was sharing the plays on Twitter while his team was playing? It's not the best look, but it's also funny that of all NFL players, he's the person calling out the Steelers for something he's been fined and suspended for ...
    Published on: Mon, 11 Sep 14:04:00 1 52

  • Billboard
    As Hurricane Irma Slams Florida, Celebrities Send Love and Prayers on Twitter
    As Hurricane Irma slammed Florida on Sunday (Sept. 10), many celebrities took to Twitter to share their prayers and send love to the battered state. Check out what some of your favorite famous folks had to say about the disaster: #HurricaneIrma: Thank ...
    Published on: Sun, 10 Sep 22:38:55 0 44

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  • After @facebook, now @Twitter cracks down on Spams using new rules! New rules include prevent automation of tweets…
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