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  • @AMAs @TraceeEllisRoss Disgusting. It was the moment to mention CHRISTINA and the bodyguard. Instead talked about herself. #tacky #tasteless
    FranciscoJassim, at Mon, 20 Nov 01:19:34
  • @AMAs @TraceeEllisRoss Not that funny. When supposed to mention @xtina , she talked about her own products. #tacky
    FranciscoJassim, at Mon, 20 Nov 01:18:21
  • I have a griswold house on my street, 🤬🤬🤬 #waywaywaytoomuch #christmasdecorationoverload #tacky #hatethiskindastuff https://t.co/ViaZ9jUOJW
    ashleyglomb, 716📍 at Mon, 20 Nov 00:29:19
  • I hate when women have their toes out with no polish on 😒 #Ugly #Tacky
    LovelyChalone, Houston, TX at Sun, 19 Nov 23:32:31
  • The #trumps are #classless and #tacky! https://t.co/ynrypRrcde
    WhiskyAvenger, Vice City at Sun, 19 Nov 23:11:13
  • Powered By VideoPin.Me. See it here : https://t.co/tRu9aro4gR #funny #songs #comedy #jackblack #tacky #nodejs… https://t.co/6McOXBYEGE
    videopinme, United Kingdom, USA. at Sun, 19 Nov 22:45:05
  • @RealMarc2014 @bjornulveus @SirTimRice @elaine_paige @BarbaraDickson @LondonColiseum https://t.co/LcSkwnUXqn #weirdal #tacky
    halsteadhermit, Halstead Essex at Sun, 19 Nov 21:16:08
  • Need some subtle glamor for a Holiday party? Look no further! Bauble necklaces are here! #christmas #ornaments… https://t.co/XtH4iKUDGA
    planetcuteshop, Brooklyn, NY at Sun, 19 Nov 18:30:06
  • What douche has a birthday party at 16-bit on “Bring Yo Shawty Day”?! #Tacky #DickMove https://t.co/24gfUfXBh7
    PharmAndy, Mason, Ohio at Sun, 19 Nov 17:21:20
  • #Trumplorable style aka #GRAWDY #TACKY #CHEAP #PLASTIC https://t.co/FlbMVPl9AG
    William65550430, Texas, USA at Sun, 19 Nov 16:27:58
  • @EdwerderRFA @dak @cj_wentz Why did you tag Dak and Carson?? #tacky
    CatherineLPC, Dallas, Texas at Sun, 19 Nov 15:47:17
  • RT @videopinme: Powered By VideoPin.Me. See it here : https://t.co/jSpTLQaMSa #funny #songs #comedy #jackblack #tacky #nodejs #angularjs #s…
    Jessbrown_62, Alabama at Sun, 19 Nov 15:24:31
  • RT @videopinme: Powered By VideoPin.Me. See it here : https://t.co/jSpTLQaMSa #funny #songs #comedy #jackblack #tacky #nodejs #angularjs #s…
    XeliteXirish, Ireland at Sun, 19 Nov 15:16:16
  • RT @videopinme: Powered By VideoPin.Me. See it here : https://t.co/jSpTLQaMSa #funny #songs #comedy #jackblack #tacky #nodejs #angularjs #s…
    yanstv, Cameroon at Sun, 19 Nov 15:16:16
  • Powered By VideoPin.Me. See it here : https://t.co/jSpTLQaMSa #funny #songs #comedy #jackblack #tacky #nodejs… https://t.co/L6eUtq4Yaf
    videopinme, United Kingdom, USA. at Sun, 19 Nov 15:15:15
  • Nice to see young lads putting so much effort into their attire for their appearance on national tv 😕😵 shocking… https://t.co/wDQhKHgzBy
    wwTIGRAww, Mallow, Ireland at Sun, 19 Nov 13:53:12
  • @goldengateblond #Tacky
    Makeawish3, Mississippi at Sun, 19 Nov 12:58:26
  • Okay so Oscar murders Reeva, and Oscar gets the movie? I'm going to take a hard pass on this. Whoever made this m… https://t.co/CugIY61iA9
    Delnormy79, Chicago, IL at Sun, 19 Nov 09:13:48
  • @Trump Talk about #tacky. This isn't a presidency, it is nothing more than a f**king grab for cash. #MAGAmorons wer… https://t.co/GkVpeu3OTz
    Voicechyk, Here, There, Everywhere at Sun, 19 Nov 06:57:07
  • @IvankaTrumpHQ An ice sculpture of a creepy old man walking in on unclothed teenage pagent contestants would be a c… https://t.co/0pBbkvlnfm
    thepeoplesaynay, United States at Sun, 19 Nov 04:27:19

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  • cowyeow posted a photo:

    Window opf Plastic Roses

    Shennongjia, Hubei, China

  • Dredoo posted a photo:

    chain of light

  • GC_Dean posted a photo:


    Phoenix, Arizona

  • iannuccisarah posted a photo:

  • cjgoddard1952 posted a photo:

    Macro Mondays : Souvenir

    A particularly tacky souvenir of a well moustachioed and bearded gentleman mounted on a horse, with "Krakow" emblazoned in crude lettering on its rump. Any ideas who this might be ? (I admit it is difficult to tell from this angle !).

    Thanks to Ella, I now know this is Lajkonic.

  • navejo posted a photo:

    Vampire Proof

  • Lee Gillen posted a photo:


  • BurlapZack posted a photo:

    Dallas, TX

  • Bosc d'Anjou posted a photo:

    Faded attraction

    Another strip club going through hard times in the age of Internet.

  • neil.bulman posted a photo:

    Phone boxes

    Olympus digital camera

  • bbsporty posted a photo:

    Happy atc

    AAA: TTMI swap.

  • *caminando por el abismo* posted a photo:


    Desde luego, esta es la flor más hortera que he visto en mi vida.


  • stevenbley posted a photo:


  • stevenbley posted a photo:

    quarter twin.

  • mercycube posted a photo:


  • stevenbley posted a photo:

    blinded by the plight.

  • swampzoid posted a photo:

    Architecture in Atlanta


  • Midnight Believer posted a photo:

    Elvis Presley's Living Room

    Elvis Presley's living room


    Memphis, Tennessee....

  • stevenbley posted a photo:


  • stevenbley posted a photo: