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  • @BarackObama #Traitor #Muslim #LOCKHIMUP Obama destroyed this country. For the damage he did to this country he sho… https://t.co/USgsaJIxjb
    Nascar_Tom, Texas at Wed, 17 Jan 06:57:45
  • @TomiLahren You are a fucking stupid [email protected]#t lahren, nup,not offended.
    StuartHiggins58, Australia at Wed, 17 Jan 06:53:41
  • @Darth_Neb @GoodGuyFitz Holy S*#t that looks awesome.
    carbonite123, United States at Wed, 17 Jan 06:53:08
  • RT @AndroidAuth: A new study suggests #t-mobile customers use the most data https://t.co/ScjQWCDB5s https://t.co/FlLulGOF9F
    androidbot_, at Wed, 17 Jan 06:47:38
  • RT @wahksmusselman: Show your support for #ecigs and #vaping with these cool new #T-shirt designs for #vapers. https://t.co/4xSGGDesLO http…
    CasualVaping, at Wed, 17 Jan 06:46:55
  • @AdvBarryRoux @magopadm This is b$&%#t
    Station88108238, Polokwane,South Africa at Wed, 17 Jan 06:46:07
  • サイズを色で識別できるカラーグリップの六角棒レンチ 【E-MARK ボールポイント六角棒レンチ 9本組セット T-85641】 https://t.co/l9E9PiFYUT #六角棒レンチ #色で識別 #T-85641
    umasunwel, 大阪府池田市 at Wed, 17 Jan 06:45:26
  • AndroidAuth: A new study suggests #t-mobile customers use the most data https:t.coScjQWCDB5s https:t.coFlLulGOF9F
    TecnoNouvelles, at Wed, 17 Jan 06:45:23
  • RT @Fav_TMR_Lyrics: どうしてこの娘が と 思うよな可愛いコたち 現実と交差して 孤独のムダヅカイ 【臍淑女 -ヴィーナス-】 #T.M.Revolution
    graycat19880823, 極星寮 at Wed, 17 Jan 06:45:22

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