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  • newssetup4 posted a photo:

    T-Mobile promises 4G coverage in October

    T-Mobile will offer nationwide 4G in Holland in October. That means 95 percent of the population of the Netherlands then have access to the new generation of mobile internet.

    According to T-Mobile does the replacement of the network more quickly than expected. Previously it was assumed...


  • newssetup4 posted a photo:

    'Six appeal' is a thing, Samsung Galaxy S6 early reveal seems to be official

    T-Mobile has an official picture of the Galaxy S6 put online that show including a curved screen. The photo was Sunday night online and put the American branch of T-Mobile confirms that it is an official photo.
    The picture shows the new device from Samsung only from the side. It is clear that ...


  • mywaywireless posted a photo:

    Sony Ericsson Equinox T-Mobile

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