• Synonym SynonymA word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same...
  • Synonym (taxonomy) Synonym (taxonomy)A scientific name that applies to a taxon that goes by a different scientific name, although the...
  • Synonym (database)An alias or alternate name for a table, view, sequence, or other schema object.

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    'Nazi' is not a synonym for 'Republican' | Feedback
    Right wing, left wing? Which one is correct or best? The press, looking to stir up notoriety, will classify activist groups as one or the other. I have heard the National Rifle Association called a "right-wing group" in order to classify the ...
    Published on: Thu, 24 Aug 18:10:51 36 452

  • ChicagoNow (blog)
    Conservatism is fast becoming a synonym for racism, bigotry, xenophobia, and selfishness.
    ChicagoNow (blog)
    The words in the title appeared in an article I published yesterday. The words offended some Republicans who wrote me or messaged about their disagreement with my assessment in the comments section. You can read the article here. One comment ...
    Published on: Tue, 15 Aug 18:30:45 36 548

  • Daily News Egypt
    Moda Fit: e-commerce synonym for local summer attire
    Daily News Egypt
    In a classroom hidden within a buzzing school sat two young girls swapping Barbie dresses and discussing recent fashion finds. Despite their young age, they already had the eye to recognize a princess dress from an outdated ensemble. With days and ...
    Published on: Thu, 24 Aug 10:06:04 0 10
  • As Scott Pruitt Denies, People Die
    At the moment, Hurricane Irma is poised to come right up the center of Florida like a big old rusty catheter. Out on the ocean blue, Jose has beefed up to Category 4 status and, in the Gulf of Mexico, Katia, the runt of the current litter, is up to a ...
    Published on: Fri, 08 Sep 19:00:09 0 13

  • Winnipeg Free Press
    Painting the town
    Winnipeg Free Press
    Nereo, 33, and mentee Padua, 19, spray-painted the second part of the southwest underpass at The Forks, in conjunction with Synonym Art Consultation's Wall-to-Wall Mural + Cultural Festival happening this month. They completed the first section ...
    Published on: Sat, 09 Sep 09:16:03 1 15

  • Chicago Tribune
    Peach cake a perfect summer dessert
    Chicago Tribune
    The synonym, on the other hand, plays well with others. Say good and it chimes in with pleasing, lovely, delightful. Warming to the subject, it goes on: ripe peaches on a sunny afternoon, sliced over buttery batter, baked up sticky sweet. Perhaps a ...
    Published on: Tue, 22 Aug 19:24:40 0 10
  • Miss Manners: Moving a litter box is a reasonable request
    Washington Post
    Dear Miss Manners: My daughter has a lot of cats and more than one litter box. One is kept in the spare room, which is where she expects me to sleep if I visit. She thinks I am overreacting to not want to sleep in that room. Is she inconsiderate, or am ...
    Published on: Fri, 08 Sep 04:04:07 5 83

  • Irish Times
    Design Moment: Billy bookcase, 1979
    Irish Times
    Despite the term “flat pack” nearly nearly a synonym for domestic frustration, the shelving units are very easy to assemble. The Billy was designed in 1979 by Ikea employee Gillis Lundgren in 1979 and over the years the design has changed little ...
    Published on: Fri, 08 Sep 23:00:18 33 890

  • U.S. News & World Report
    Trump's Art of Surprise
    U.S. News & World Report
    Free of ideological pillars and strong intraparty relationships, he saw a deal – which to him is a synonym for victory – and he snatched it. After more than seven months of hardening political polarization, the move allows Trump to claim a flash of ...
    Published on: Thu, 07 Sep 16:39:00 14 181
  • Paperless office dreams stay a fantasy
    Independent Online
    For example, the faded word "word" gets translated as "wz0le", that well-known Croatian onomatopoeic synonym for being hit by an avalanche of mid-winter snow. The next step in the quest to the paperless office would be deciding where to store the ...
    Published on: Sat, 09 Sep 16:48:53 32 432

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  • 🌈 “น่าเบื่อ” • Boring • Tiring • Tiresome • Uninteresting • Dumb #synonym 🤣
    khunpreaw, at Wed, 21 Mar 04:49:29
  • 🌈 “ปลอม” • Fake • Fraudulent • Counterfeit • Spurious • Untrue #synonym 🤣
    khunpreaw, at Wed, 21 Mar 04:44:21
  • 🌈 “ช่วย” • Help • Aid • Assist • Support • Encourage #synonym 🤣
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  • 🌈 “ซ่อน” • Hide • Conceal • Cover • Mask • Cloak #synonym 🤣
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  • 🌈 “มีความสุข” • Tickled • Gratified • Glad • Blissful • Overjoyed #synonym 🤣
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  • 🌈 “เร็ว” • Quick • Rapid • Speedy • Fleet • Hasty #synonym 🤣
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  • 🌈 “เล็ก” • Tiny • Small • Diminutive • Shrimp • Runt • Miniature #synonym 🤣
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  • The English dictionary lists “unfruitful” as a synonym for childless. 👎🏼 🙄 Um, seriously? 🍒🍌🍏🍑 #childless…
    HowDidWePodcast, California, USA at Tue, 20 Mar 20:38:09
  • @LyndeeLuetjen @AllNews365 @wsvn @_MoneeMichelle @DwyaneWade @itsgabrielleu 2. blocking me immediately after 🤣 u de…
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  • Jens #Spahn ist auf dem besten Weg das #Verb #spahnen als #Synonym für .... "ihr wisst schon" zu etablieren.
    Arive_Dercy, Erstmal deaktiviert. at Sun, 18 Mar 12:15:50
  • Synonym of the day 💜 #synonym #english #vocabulary #learning #dpels #yks2018📚📖📗📘📙 #yksdil2018 #yksdil2019…
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  • Synonym of the day 💜 #synonym #english #vocabulary #learning #dpels #yks2018📚📖📗📘📙 #yksdil2018…
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  • The meaning of “probable” in ( #probable #possible #likely #muhtemel #olası #synonym…
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  • Bernhardt Franz posted a photo:


    Synonym for Münster

    No masterpiece, but no matter

  • SimonHX100v posted a photo:

    Disabled Sign. Apr 2017

    Survivors of culling. Here in the UK, it's one method being trialled to reduce badger numbers in order to help control the spread of Bovine Tuberculosis (bTB).
    [It's a Homophone]

  • ღ eulenbilder - berti ღ posted a photo:


    Oder einfache Schatten an der Kirchenmauer ?

    Einen schönen Sonntag wünsche ich allerseits :-)))

  • Bugphai ;-) posted a photo:


    Girl plays the wood flute in nature backgrond

  • Kake Broek posted a photo:

    Totalitarian Corporatism: (North Korea announces three-day mourning period for 'comrade' Fidel Castro)

  • Skolnik Collection posted a photo:

    Astrophytum myriostigma var. nudum (Rud.Mey.) Frič

    Astrophytum myriostigma var. nudum (Rud.Mey.) Frič is a synonym of Astrophytum myriostigma Lem.

  • Skolnik Collection posted a photo:

    Astrophytum coahuilense (H.Moeller) Kanfer

    is a synonym of Astrophytum myriostigma Lem.
    Young plant, small flowers.

  • hedbavny posted a photo:

    "an apple a day keeps the doctor away - An ENSO (Japanese: circle, kreis) a Day ..." 24. November 2014: "You Love Variety?" Yes - Brainstorming: Variety: Synonyms Antonyms ~ bunter Hund versus Einfaltspinsel - Vielfältigkeit: Synonyme Antonyme

    English: lower part of the picture Deutsch: obere Hälfte

    Part of: "an apple a day keeps the doctor away - An ENSO (Japanese: circle, Japanisch: Kreis) a day .... " Aktion Kreis Tagebuch A circle diary - Start of the 365-days Project: 1. September // Colors: green violet yellow ~ Farben: grün, violett, gelb

    DMC-G2 - P1860811 - 2014-11-24

  • hedbavny posted a photo:

    Kuvert + Brief an den Krieger: "Flüchtig: oberflächlich, achtlos, unaufmerksam, unbeteiligt, gedankenlos, inkonsequent, launisch" Schnittmuster Musterbogen Kimono Stifter Wolken

    Friede- : umfriedeter (abgegrenzt durch Mauer, Zaun, Hecke,...) Besitz
    -mann: althochdeutsch "man" Krieger

    Auswahl an austauschbaren Titeln: VerschobenVerrückt, Stifter Wolken, marmoriert a la Loos, La spectre de la rose, Rosenblattvariationen Laurin, Leidensblätter, Bach Matthäuspassion, Herz im Glas, Ausbruch des Vesuv, blutige Tagträume des Kriegers, Vogelscheuchen, Kimono ...

    Part of the sets: "Unanswered Request for a Painting - 2 Paintings Wanting a Neighbor - *) the Void *) the Variable, a Blindtext" // Variations

    DMC-G2 - P1570429 - 2013-03-21
    #musterbogen #schnittmuster #kimono #tapestry #tapisserie #teppich #carpet #teppchweber #weben #weave #envelope #brief #letter #umschlag #kuvert #mailart

  • peter soltys posted a photo:

    Marbled gecko (Christinus marmoratus (synonym: Phyllodactylus marmoratus))

  • peter soltys posted a photo:

    Marbled gecko (Christinus marmoratus (synonym: Phyllodactylus marmoratus))

  • hypnotherapy posted a photo:

    Are you looking to find hypnosis near North Shields, Newcastle upon Tyne and Sunderland for help with confidence building?. Quays Clinic of Hypnotherapy can help you. Hypnotherapist Ian Smith has helped many of his clients to overcome low self esteem.

    via Instagram

  • Skolnik Collection posted a photo:

    Echidnopsis cereiformis var. brunnea A.Berger

    is a synonym of Echidnopsis cereiformis Hook.f.

  • Skolnik Collection posted a photo:

    Gasteria trigona (Salm-Dyck) Haw.

    is a synonym of Gasteria nitida (Salm-Dyck) Haw.

  • Skolnik Collection posted a photo:

    Astrophytum myriostigma Lem.

    Astrophytum coahuilense (H.Moeller) Kanfer is a synonym of Astrophytum myriostigma Lem.

  • hedbavny posted a photo:

    Game board 18. Oktober: Sunday Morning Cellphone: SMS from work: there will be more swapped pages on this pile... Handy: Morgens SMS Arbeit Abends Brainstorming kleinkariert. 3 Karten Geschenk von Lotti. der Haufen Müll ein Spiegel. Physalis rote Rose

    SMS: "Einen schönen Sonntag morgen! Ich hab euch soeben die gekürzte Fassung vom Dachs gesendet. Ihr könnt euch ab morgen 12h ein Exemplar beim Portier abholen. Lieben Gruß, ...."

    Brainstorming kleinkariert: engherzig engstirnig eng eindimensional kleinbürgerlich spießbürgerlich spießer spießig bieder

    Part of the set flickr bilderordner album: "res noscenda note notiz sketch skizze material sammlung collection entwurf überlegung gedanke brainstorming musterbogen schnittmuster zwischenbilanz bestandsaufnahme rückschau vorschau" Konzept (Aktion Kreis Tagebuch A circle diary) 365-days Project 2, concept // Nonsense Analogie schuh werkstatt weben haus bauen torte backen auflauf kochen // Self Portrait Absent Present Selbstportrait Abesse Adesse - Keine Probleme am Zeichentisch

    DMC-GH3 - P1080699 - 2015-10-18 #mailart #mail #sms #neu #text #umschlag #envelope #kuvert #chrysalis #chrysalides #chrysalises #analogie #haus #bauen #baustelle #hausbauen #weben #leere #lehre #brainstorming #sinnlos #falsch #widerlegen #beweis #beweisführung #gegenbeweis #inhalt #erklärung #erläuterug #öffentlich #rede #einblick #anblick #ausblick #rose #red #rot #weiß #white #bunt #work #arbeit #profession #beruf #handwerk #theater #diagramm #schaubild #linie #line #linear #raster #altpapier #recycling #upcycling #idee #entscheidung #auswahl #konzept #überlegung #gedanke #napkin #serviette #unterlegung #herbstlicht #herbst #autumn #licht #abendlich #light #arbeitslicht #gold #private #privat #privateness #metapher #symbol #lampion #lampionblume #kapstachelbeere #physalis #toledo #geschenk #present #gift #laurin #garten #garden #green #grün #bilderzyklus #musterbogen #entwurf #schnittmuster #tapestry #tapisserie #tapis #wandteppich #küche #kitchen #bildwirkerei #textilkunst #tapis #carpet #teppich #rug #schatten #shadow #szene #scene #review #preview #kaleidoskop #kaleidoscope #heute #neu #neuer #neuest #beobachtung #view #blick #zeichentisch #draughtsman

  • Lutz Koch / off and away posted a photo:

    ☺ Happy Day ☺

    Friday Morning Flower Power : )

    The daisy looked really like this, the picture is (almost) directly from the camera, only the contrast I have adjusted a little, otherwise no manipulation in this image.

    Freitag Blumentag : )

    Die Margerite sah wirklich so aus, das Foto kommt (fast) direkt aus der Kamera, nur am Kontrast habe ich ein wenig gedreht, sonst keine Manipulation in dieser Aufnahme.

    Holidays in Hungary, image #48 of 347
    H1605 (48a)
    SONY NEX-7 & SEL18200 (18-200mm F3.5-6.3 OSS, E-Mount)
    200 mm _ f/11 _ 1/160s _ ISO200
    May 11 2016 / 11:46 CEST / MESZ

    position of the photographer:
    46°46´29``N _ 17°02`00´´E

    © all rights reserved / Lutz Koch 2016
    For personal display only !
    All other uses, including copying or reproduction of this photograph or its image, in whole or in part, or storage of the image in any medium are expressly forbidden.
    Written permission for use of this photograph must be obtained from the copyright holder !

  • Skolnik Collection posted a photo:

    Astrophytum myriostigma Lem. flower bud

    Astrophytum coahuilense (H.Moeller) Kanfer

  • Elena Regina posted a photo:

    Loncomelos narbonense, Rafinesque 1840 (Asparagales Asparagaceæ Scilloideæ Ornithogaleæ)

    Illustration for a comparative ecophylogenetic analysis of local myrmecofaunas, based on r/K selection theory and intra / interspecific parabiosis / lestobiosis, particularly focused on allochthonous and invasive species.

    [Loncomelos: 2 spp]

    Recent phylogenetic analysis on the tb Ornithogaleæ, Rouy 1910 of molecular data, in combination with matK, trnL intron, trnL-F spacer and rbcL plastid DNA sequence data, has established that the genus Loncomelos, Rafinesque 1837 is a heterotypic synonym of the genus Ornithogalum, Linnæus 1753 in the section Ornithogalum. However, homoplasy is common in most large ff/sff of monocots (e.g. Orchidaceæ and Amaryllidaceæ, among others), and the sf Scilloideæ, Burnett 1835 is no exception. Contrary to arguments of Stedje (2001) and Manning & al. (2009), broader generic circumscriptions make it more difficult to understand relationships among spp groups from morphological and phylogenetic points of view, since they underestimate the value of particular apomorphies. Recognition of groups which are too wide (such as Albuca and Ornithogalum, in options 2 and 3 sensu Manning & al. 2009), although monophyletic, only increases heterogeneity in each and causes difficulties in morphological definition. Mono/oligotypic gg are not necessarily an inconvenience; in contrast, when small clades are well defined morphologically, molecularly and phylogenetically, they can merit generic rank, depending on the general criteria used. Therefore, the genus Loncomelos sensu Martinez-Azorin & al. 2010 currently comprises only the 2 spp L. narbonense, Rafinesque 1840 [ = L. brevistylum, Dostál 1984 = Ornithogalum pyramidale, Linnaeus 1753 = O. narbonense subsp. brevistylum, Nyman 1882] and L. pyrenaicum, Hrouda 1988, both previously included in the sgg Beryllis and Eustachys sensu Zahariadi 1965, 1980 and subsequently grouped in the monophyletic genus Ornithogalum sensu Manning & al. 2009.


    M. Martinez-Azorin & al., 2012: Proposal to conserve the name Ornithogalum narbonense with a conserved type.
    M. Martinez-Azorin & al., 2010: Molecular phylogenetics of subfamily Ornithogaloideæ (Hyacinthaceæ) based on nuclear and plastid DNA regions, including a new taxonomic arrangement.

  • oobwoodman posted a photo:

    What's another word for "thesaurus"?

    Coincidentally, "near" describes the closeness of my new camera to the subject, focal length apparently 4.5 mm. I am very impressed with this little contraption.