Symbian Software

Symbian software

  • 1legcall
    1legcall, is a mobile VoIP dialer that works on most Nokia phones.
  • Adaptxt
    Adaptxt is a predictive text application for mobile phones, developed by KeyPoint Technologies, a UK-based software company. The application is designed to improve text entry on mobile devices by making it faster and error-free.
  • Adobe Acrobat Adobe Acrobat
    Adobe Acrobat is a family of application software and Web services developed by Adobe Systems to view, create, manipulate, print and manage files in Portable Document Format.
  • Adobe Flash Lite
    Adobe Flash Lite is a lightweight version of Adobe Flash Player, a software application published by Adobe Systems for viewing Flash content. Flash Lite operates on devices that Flash Player cannot, such as mobile phones and other portable electronic devices like Wii, Chumby and Iriver.
  • Afrinolly Afrinolly
    Afrinolly is a mobile application which enables African entertainment enthusiasts to watch African movies, movie trailers, short films and music videos that have been made public by content owners or their legal representative most especially from the Nollywood film industry.
  • Anghami
    Anghami is the first legal music streaming platform and digital distribution company in the Arab World region launched in November 2012 providing unlimited Arabic and International music to stream and download for offline mode.
  • Angry Birds Rio Angry Birds Rio
    Angry Birds Rio is the third puzzle video game in the Angry Birds series, developed by Rovio Entertainment. Based on Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio was released for devices using Apple's iOS, Google's Android and Mac OS X in March 2011.
  • Angry Birds Seasons Angry Birds Seasons
    Angry Birds Seasons is the second puzzle video game in the Angry Birds series, developed by Rovio Entertainment. Based on Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons was released for devices using Apple's iOS in October 2010 and then it was released on other platforms starting in December 2010.
  • Angry Birds Space Angry Birds Space
    Angry Birds Space is a physics-based puzzle game and the fifth game in the Angry Birds video game series. It is developed and published by Rovio Entertainment. Angry Birds Space was released on March 22, 2012.
  • Angry Birds Star Wars Angry Birds Star Wars
    Angry Birds Star Wars is a puzzle video game, a crossover between the Star Wars franchise and the Angry Birds series of video games, launched on November 8, 2012, first for Windows, iOS and Android devices, later also to Mac and BlackBerry. The game is the sixth Angry Birds game in the series.
  • Angry Birds (video game) Angry Birds (video game)
    Angry Birds is a casual puzzle strategy shooter video game developed by Rovio Entertainment. Inspired primarily by a sketch of stylized wingless birds, the game was first released for iOS and Maemo devices in December 2009.
  • AOL Instant Messenger AOL Instant Messenger
    AIM is an instant messaging and presence computer program which uses the proprietary OSCAR instant messaging protocol and the TOC protocol to allow registered users to communicate in real time.
  • Aupeo Aupeo
    AUPEO! is a personalized internet radio service.
  • Brightkite
    Brightkite was a location-based social networking website. Users were able to "check in" at places by using text messaging or one of the mobile applications and they were able to see who is nearby and who has been there before.
  • CoreAVC CoreAVC
    CoreAVC is a proprietary codec for decoding the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video format.
  • Deezer Deezer
    Deezer is an Internet-based music streaming service. It allows users to listen to music content from record labels including EMI, Sony, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group on various devices online or offline.
  • Documents To Go Documents To Go
    Documents To Go is BlackBerry's cross-platform office suite for Palm OS, Windows Mobile, Maemo, BlackBerry OS, Symbian, Android, and iOS. Also, a larger-screen version would have been included with the Palm Foleo, but Palm, Inc. cancelled the device before its release.
  • Evernote Evernote
    Evernote is a cross-platform, freemium app designed for note taking, organizing, and archiving. It is developed by the Evernote Corporation, a private company headquartered in Redwood City, California.
  • Facebook Facebook
    Facebook is an American for-profit corporation and an online social media and social networking service based in Menlo Park, California.
  • FlightAware FlightAware
    FlightAware is a global aviation software and data services company based in Houston, Texas.
  • Foursquare Foursquare
    Foursquare is a local search-and-discovery service mobile app which provides search results for its users. The app provides personalized recommendations of places to go to near a user's current location based on users' "previous browsing history, purchases, or check-in history".
  • Google Maps Google Maps
    Google Maps is a web mapping service developed by Google. It offers satellite imagery, street maps, 360° panoramic views of streets, real-time traffic conditions, and route planning for traveling by foot, car, bicycle, or public transportation.
  • Gravity Guy Gravity Guy
    Gravity Guy is a side-scrolling endless runner/action/arcade video game developed and published by Miniclip.
  • Gravity (Twitter client)
    Gravity was a Twitter and social networking client for Symbian smartphones. Apart from Twitter it also connects to StatusNet, Facebook, Foursquare, Google reader, Sina Weibo and YouTube. It was developed by Jan Ole Suhr.
  • Guvera Guvera
    Guvera was an online music and entertainment streaming service founded in 2008. Guvera was available on web browsers, iOS, Android and the Windows Phone. Guvera has agreements with the music labels in the regions where the product was available, which allowed for legal free music streams.
  • Handango Handango
    Handango was one of the first online software stores to sell mobile apps for personal digital assistants and smartphones. Handango offered worldwide distribution, support, and e-commerce services to its partners.
  • Helix (multimedia project) Helix (multimedia project)
    Helix DNA is a project to produce computer software that can play audio and video media in various formats, aid in producing such media, and serve them over a network.
  • Here (company)
    HERE is a company which provides mapping data and related services to individuals and companies. It is owned by a consortium of German automotive companies.
  • HERE (company)
    HERE is a company which provides mapping data and related services to individuals and companies. It is owned by a consortium of German automotive companies.
  • Hike Messenger
    Hike Messenger is a cross-platform instant messaging service for smartphones that uses the internet for communication. In addition to text messaging, users can send each other graphical stickers, emoticons, images, videos, audios, files, voice messages, contacts and user location.
    ICQ is an instant messaging client that was first developed and popularized by the Israeli company Mirabilis in 1996. The name ICQ derives from the English phrase "I Seek You". Ownership of ICQ passed from Mirabilis to AOL in 1998, and from AOL to Mail.Ru Group in 2010.
  • Instagram Instagram
    Instagram is a mobile, desktop, and Internet-based photo-sharing application and service that allows users to share pictures and videos either publicly or privately.
  • Jajah Jajah
    Jajah was a VoIP provider, founded by Austrians Roman Scharf and Daniel Mattes in 2005. The Jajah headquarters are located in Mountain View, CA, USA, and Luxembourg. Jajah maintained a development centre in Israel.
  • KKBox
    KKBOX is a music streaming service established by a group of Taiwanese software programmers in 2004. It targets the Asian market, focusing on regions like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.
  • Line (application) Line (application)
    Line is a free, cross-platform and proprietary instant messaging application for instant communications on electronic devices such as smartphones, tablet computers and personal computers. Line users exchange texts, images, video and audio, and conduct free VoIP conversations and video conferences.
  • Line (software)
    Line is a freeware app for instant communications on electronic devices such as smartphones, tablet computers, and personal computers. Line users exchange texts, images, video and audio, and conduct free VoIP conversations and video conferences.
  • Lumia Beta Apps
    Lumia Beta Apps was a UserVoice based website in which beta applications for smartphones were available for public download. The service was originally launched by Nokia for S60-based devices, and later for the company's Windows Phone-based Lumia line.
  • Microsoft mobile services
    Microsoft Mobile Services are a set of proprietary mobile services created specifically for mobile devices, they are typically offered through mobile applications and mobile browser for Windows Phone, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Nokia platforms, BREW, and Java ME. Microsoft's mobile services are...
  • Microsoft Silverlight Microsoft Silverlight
    Microsoft Silverlight is a deprecated application framework for writing and running rich Internet applications, similar to Adobe Flash. A plugin for Silverlight is still available for some browsers.
  • Microsoft Software Updater
    Microsoft Software Updater is a Windows and OS X based application launched in 2006, that enables customers to update and recover their mobile device firmware of a S40 or S60 or Lumia device from any Internet enabled access point.
  • Mobile Web Server Mobile Web Server
    A Mobile Web Server is software designed for modern-day smartphones to host personal web servers, through the use of open sourced software, such as, i-jetty, an open source software, based on jetty.
  • Mobipocket Mobipocket
    Mobipocket SA is a French company incorporated in March 2000 that created e-book file format and produces the Mobipocket Reader software for mobile phones, personal digital assistants and desktop operating systems.
  • NetFront NetFront
    NetFront Browser is a mobile Web browser for embedded devices, developed by Access Co. Ltd. of Japan, and was designed to function as an embedded Web browser.
  • Nimbuzz Nimbuzz
    Nimbuzz is a proprietary cross-platform instant messaging aggregator for smartphones, tablets and personal computers developed by MSM Global Holdings Limited. Nimbuzz has 150 million users in 200 countries.
  • Nokia Browser for Symbian Nokia Browser for Symbian
    Nokia Browser for Symbian is the default web browser for the S60 and Symbian mobile phone platform. The browser is based on a port of Apple Inc.'s open source WebCore and JavaScriptCore frameworks which form the WebKit rendering engine that Apple uses in its Safari Web browser.
  • Nokia Life
    Nokia Life, earlier Ovi Life Tools and Nokia Life Tools, was an SMS based, subscription information service designed for emerging markets, and offers a wide range of information services covering healthcare, agriculture, education and entertainment.
  • Nokia Lifeblog Nokia Lifeblog
    Nokia Lifeblog was a multimedia diary and website administration tool that automatically collects all the photos, videos, and sound clips that the user creates on the mobile phone, text messages and MMS messages that were sent and received. It also allows the user to create text and audio notes.
  • Nokia Mail and Nokia Chat
    Nokia Mail and Nokia Chat were services developed by Microsoft Mobile and earlier by Nokia for its mobile phones. The service operated as a centralized, hosted service that acted as a proxy between the Messaging client and the user's e-mail server.
  • Nokia Point & Find
    Nokia Point & Find is a mobile application, which lets you point your Nokia smartphone camera at objects and images you want to know more about, to find more information.
  • Nokia Sensor
    Nokia Sensor was a software package available on some mobile handsets manufactured by Nokia. It was an application of Bluetooth communication technology. Nokia Sensor allows users to detect other users who are in the vicinity and; to exchange messages and client defined profiles with them.
  • Opera Mini Opera Mini
    Opera Mini is a mobile web browser developed by the Opera Software company.
  • Opera Mobile Opera Mobile
    Opera Mobile is a mobile web browser for smartphones and PDAs developed by Opera Software.
  • Ovi (Nokia) Ovi (Nokia)
    Ovi by Nokia was the brand for Nokia's Internet services. The Ovi services could be used from a mobile device, computer or via the web. Nokia focused on five key service areas: Games, Maps, Media, Messaging and Music.
  • Palringo Palringo
    Palringo is a community-oriented messaging and gaming app for Windows, OS X, iOS and Android. The platform allows users to form and join large groups based on common interests, send instant messages and drop images and voice recordings into conversations.
    Patari is a Pakistani music streaming service founded in February 2015 by Khalid Bajwa, Iqbal Talaat Bhatti and Humayun Haroon. The site provides Pakistani music and is known as the largest music streaming service in Pakistan.
    PuTTY is a free and open-source terminal emulator, serial console and network file transfer application. It supports several network protocols, including SCP, SSH, Telnet, rlogin, and raw socket connection. It can also connect to a serial port. The name "PuTTY" has no definitive meaning.
  • Python for S60 Python for S60
    The Python for S60 also called PyS60, was Nokia's port of the general Python programming language to its S60 software platform, originally based on Python 2.2.2 from 2002.
  • RealPlayer RealPlayer
    RealPlayer, formerly RealAudio Player, RealOne Player and RealPlayer G2, is a cross-platform media player app, developed by RealNetworks.
  • Shazam (service) Shazam (service)
    Shazam Entertainment Ltd. is an English app development company that has a service that can identify music, movies, advertising, and television shows, based on a short sample played and using the microphone on the device. The software is available for Windows, macOS and smartphones.
  • Skype Skype
    Skype is an instant messaging app that provides online text message and video chat services. Users may transmit both text and video messages, and may exchange digital documents such as images, text, and video. Skype allows video conference calls.
  • SoundHound SoundHound
    SoundHound Inc., founded in 2005, is an audio recognition and cognition company. It develops sound-recognition and sound-search technologies. Its feature product is a music recognition mobile app called SoundHound.
  • Sports Tracker Sports Tracker
    Sports Tracker, earlier Nokia Sports Tracker was originally a software for Symbian Series 60 phones that allowed its user to track their route, speed, timings and energy expenditure, while engaging in a sport activity such as running, jogging or cycling.
  • Spotify Spotify
    Spotify is a music, podcast, and video streaming service that was officially launched on 7 October 2008. It is developed by startup Spotify AB in Stockholm, Sweden. It provides digital rights management-protected content from record labels and media companies.
  • SQLite SQLite
    SQLite is a relational database management system contained in a C programming library. In contrast to many other database management systems, SQLite is not a client–server database engine. Rather, it is embedded into the end program.
  • StyleTap StyleTap
    StyleTap Platform is a Palm OS simulator/compatibilitylayer/emulator for the Windows Mobile/Windows CE, Symbian OS, iOS and Android operating systems. It emulates Palm OS 5.2 platform and earlier.
  • Swype Swype
    Swype is a virtual keyboard for touchscreen smartphones and tablets originally developed by Swype Inc., founded in 2002, where the user enters words by sliding a finger or stylus from the first letter of a word to its last letter, lifting only between words.
  • The Core Pocket Media Player The Core Pocket Media Player
    The Core Pocket Media Player is a software media player which operates on portable devices and Windows-based PCs. It is discontinued, but still available from the official mirror site. Supported operating systems include Palm OS, Symbian OS, and Microsoft Windows, CE, and Mobile.
  • Transformers: Dark of the Moon (video game) Transformers: Dark of the Moon (video game)
    Transformers: Dark of the Moon is an action-adventure video game which was released on June 14, 2011 in North America. The Wii and the 3DS versions were very different to the Xbox 360 and PS3; there was also a DS version that was also different to the console and wii and 3DS versions.
  • Truphone Truphone
    Truphone is a global mobile network that operates its service internationally. It has headquarters in London, and offices in Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Philippines, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal, and the United States.
  • UC Browser UC Browser
    UC Browser is a mobile browser developed by the chinese mobile Internet company UCWeb and is owned by Alibaba Group of China.
  • Viber Viber
    Viber is a free, cross-platform instant messaging and voice over IP application that was first developed and popularized by the Israeli company Viber Media that was bought by the Japanese multinational company Rakuten.
  • Vopium Vopium
    Vopium is a software-based provider of free and low-cost international mobile communication via VoIP and Wi-Fi technology, based on a free but closed source client application.
  • WeChat WeChat
    WeChat is a Chinese social media mobile application software developed by Tencent. It was first released in 2011 and by 2017 it was one of the largest standalone messaging apps by monthly active users, with over 963 million monthly active users.
  • Windows Live Messenger Windows Live Messenger
    Windows Live Messenger is a discontinued instant messaging client developed by Microsoft for Windows, Xbox 360, BlackBerry OS, iOS, Java ME, S60 on Symbian OS 9.x, and Zune HD. It connected to the Microsoft Messenger service while also having compatibility with Yahoo!.
  • Yatchy
    Yatchy is an online social networking service headquartered in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India. Its website was launched on July 15, 2015 by Akshat Jain with his college friend and fellow student Diptesh Pandey.

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