The Stranger

  • The Stranger (novel) The Stranger (novel)A 1942 novel by French author Albert Camus.
  • The Stranger (album) The Stranger (album)The fifth studio album by American singer-songwriter Billy Joel, released on September 29, 1977...
  • Phantom Stranger Phantom StrangerA fictional character, of unspecified paranormal origins, who battles mysterious and occult...

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  • RT @Anamprecious786: 🎧 Even a bit of #Sleep has become #stranger to me. slowly there has been  a kind of #Enmity with #Peace.. Having Met Y…
    Naman766, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabi at Fri, 23 Mar 10:55:44
  • RT @Anamprecious786: 🎧 Even a bit of #Sleep has become #stranger to me. slowly there has been  a kind of #Enmity with #Peace.. Having Met Y…
    SameerSyed67, Aurangabad, India at Fri, 23 Mar 10:53:33
  • RT @Anamprecious786: 🎧 Even a bit of #Sleep has become #stranger to me. slowly there has been  a kind of #Enmity with #Peace.. Having Met Y…
    Yazdani67, Texas, USA at Fri, 23 Mar 10:53:21
  • RT @Anamprecious786: 🎧 Even a bit of #Sleep has become #stranger to me. slowly there has been  a kind of #Enmity with #Peace.. Having Met Y…
    Neha2456, Guntur, India at Fri, 23 Mar 10:53:13
  • RT @Anamprecious786: 🎧 Even a bit of #Sleep has become #stranger to me. slowly there has been  a kind of #Enmity with #Peace.. Having Met Y…
    Ruhi676, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabi at Fri, 23 Mar 10:52:31
  • 🎧 Even a bit of #Sleep has become #stranger to me. slowly there has been  a kind of #Enmity with #Peace.. Having Me…
    Anamprecious786, #H$H at Fri, 23 Mar 10:47:59
  • #stranger, #which #God #gave #unto #Abraham. #And #Isaac #sent #away #Jacob: #and #he #went #to #Padanaram #unto #Laban, #son #of #Bethuel
    _hashtag_god, at Fri, 23 Mar 09:41:27
  • Would you ever give your #money away if you're in #debt? Man in debt gives his money to a #stranger on a public…
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  • #星野源のドラえもん を車でもスマホでもずっとリピートで聴いてて久しぶりに車の音楽を全体が聴けるように設定を戻したら #Stranger がすっごく心に響く…優しいよな~この声って。 ここ2、3日体調悪いから余計響く~ 源さんのア…
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  • RT @sel3nette: Thanks, man, for being born in 1983. 😁 #LeeKyuHyung #YoonSeWon #Stranger #SecretForest
    SripanSupavadee, จ.ชลบุรี, ประเทศไทย at Fri, 23 Mar 08:00:51
  • RT @StormsthatRage: Have y'all seen these?! #Stranger #SecretForest #LeeKyuHyung
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    oZ7il7lvYwVvUYg, at Fri, 23 Mar 07:09:15
  • @lilmrneal Well, I wouldn’t use it myself 👎🏻 It’s pretty much an app for people desperate for #Stranger/Anonymous S…
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    OSCARaBEAST, brooklyn, New York at Fri, 23 Mar 05:32:02
  • RT @javiklein: There is a big difference between not believing, and not wanting to believe ... My advice is, believe in them. You decide. 👽…
    claramunt01, Catalonia at Fri, 23 Mar 05:23:20

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  • dmitryzhkov posted a photo:


  • dmitryzhkov posted a photo:


  • dmitryzhkov posted a photo:


  • AlfaKiloRomeo posted a photo:

    A Potential Customer?

    Southern India

  • jeffcbowen posted a photo:


    She stood out from the crowd of students who were filling Gould Street in downtown Toronto as Ryerson University came to life for the fall term. It was not just her impressive height that made her stand out; it was also her beauty and great sense of style. When I approached her, she was conversing with friends but she politely listened to my introduction and my request to photograph her for my photo project. She smiled, looked at my contact card, and said she could spare the couple of minutes I had requested. “Where do you want to do it?” she asked. I pointed to the space between campus buildings next to where we were standing. Coincidentally, it was the same location as the one used for my most recent project photo a week ago. I told her a bit more about the project as we walked. Meet Max.

    Max handed her coffee to her friend who had accompanied us to the narrow, backlit space between two brick walls. He waited patiently while we did the photos. I didn’t ask if Max had modeled before but her ease in front of my camera, and her striking presence suggested she may have. After a test shot, we could both see the potential of the brief session and I pulled out my reflector to balance out the light and make the most of Max’s great eyes. She held it as I clicked off a half-dozen more photos.

    I explained I would like to ask her a few questions to complete the interpersonal aspect of the project and told her she could decline answering any questions if she wished. She said “No problem” with a smile. Max is 20 and came to Toronto for university from Barrie, a city an hour and a half north but considers Toronto her home now. She is studying Fashion Journalism and is in the Creative Industries program. I told her I had met another student in this interesting program which is described by the university as follows: “Unique among Canadian universities, Ryerson’s Creative Industries program studies the creative fields from the perspective of enterprise development and entrepreneurship, and blends artistic, media, communication, cultural and business studies to prepare students for employment opportunities or advanced education in today’s creative economy.”

    Max’s advice to her younger self is “don’t share everything about yourself on social media.” She went on to say she used to have a tendency to overshare which I know to be an issue these days. A challenge she has faced in life is “Identity. Reconciling the difference between who I want to be and who I am.” I thought it was an interesting and thoughtful response which would have been interesting to pursue if I wasn’t aware that her friend was waiting with Max’s rapidly-cooling cup of coffee. Her message to the project is “Don’t let compassion become a lost art. Care about others.”

    In our final shared moments, Max said she has had to do projects that involved approaching strangers and asking for cooperation and is sympathetic to how difficult it can me. This motivated her to want to help me with my project, for which I am thankful. I told her that I’ve become much more comfortable in approaching strangers as I’ve become more experienced with it but I still go through times when I get a “project block,” something I have been experiencing this last couple of weeks. “The reasons for this are somewhat mysterious” I said,
    “but I’m sure they are internal. Thank you for helping me break through the block today.”

    We parted with a warm handshake and with Max wishing me much success with the project. I thanked her friend for his patience. This is my 531st submission to The Human Family Group on Flickr.

    You can view more street portraits and stories by visiting The Human Family.

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  • dmitryzhkov posted a photo:


  • dmitryzhkov posted a photo:


  • dmitryzhkov posted a photo:


  • dmitryzhkov posted a photo:


  • dmitryzhkov posted a photo:


  • dmitryzhkov posted a photo:


  • Quiro´s posted a photo:

    just run!

    Candid capture some years ago

    better on black (press "L")
    better on zoom (press "Z")

  • nicklaborde posted a photo:

    Streets of Bundi - India

    via 500px

  • dmitryzhkov posted a photo:


  • 人間觀察 posted a photo:

    Night out

  • dmitryzhkov posted a photo:


  • Andrew The Professor posted a photo:

    Stranger 422 - Rindert

    Rindert’s parents are Dutch. His mother was visiting a friend in Glastonbury when she met Rindert’s Father. He was working as a gardener. They fell for one another and Rindert was conceived in a house on Wearyall Hill.

    Rindert was born in Holland and was brought up there but has been back to Glastonbury regularly. This summer, he spent 3 weeks in the town before embarking on a walk to Avebury. The 75 mile journey, along the Michael and Mary ley line, took him 10 days. At around 9pm each evening he would set up camp with the tent that he had been carrying. He was blessed with dry weather; something that, with hindsight, he appreciates. It has been quite wet since.

    After his journey Rindert returned to Amsterdam, to set some things in order, before coming back to live in the UK. He now has a job in Glastonbury. He works at Earthfare. Marianne also works there. She was with Rindert, when I met him today. The staff seem friendly. Marianne said that they are a fun crowd.

    When Rindert and I had finished making portraits, he told me that he had been a model before. He had dressed as a clown and been photographed; clothed and nude.

    Thank you Rindert for being part of my project. It was good to meet you today. Best wishes for your new life in the UK

    You can view more portraits and stories by visiting The Human Family

  • florviadana posted a photo:

    stranger things

    tiergarten, berlin
    july 2017

    minolta x-370
    some expired film

  • florviadana posted a photo:

    stranger things

    tiergarten, berlin
    july 2017

    minolta x-370
    some expired film