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  • Brian Aslak posted a photo:

    Карпош Karpoš

    Skopje, Macedonia

  • krojacot posted a photo:

    Nazlifatma and Baklava.

    Bugatti Bistro, Skopje.

  • Prince Roy posted a photo:

    Skopje City Mall

    Designed by a US architect firm, Skopje City Mall opened this month, and it is just as soul-numbing as any American mall.

    They weren't thinking of families with small children in strollers, because the elevators are few, narrow, tiny, and god-awful slow. And of course, all the toy and baby stores are on the upper levels...

  • BesnikMatoshi posted a photo:

    Electrit Track

    A quick shot over the electric tracks , i had this idea for a while but i didnt have the time to do it so this time i was lucky to carry the camera with me and took this wonderfull shot :)