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  • Dan Haug posted a photo:

    Yeah, keep your eyes on the road, your hand upon the wheel

    No, I wasn't driving distracted. For once I was a passenger.

  • Silkа posted a photo:

    OPI Road House Blues

    2 coats, direct sunlight

  • Harleynik Rides Again. posted a photo:

    Roadhouse blues..

    Roadhouse blues..

  • ArtFan70 posted a photo:

    Roadhouse Blues  [from GuitarTown]

    RISK, 2012, West Hollywood, California, USA, sculpture. Photo 2 of 2.

  • ArtFan70 posted a photo:

    Roadhouse Blues  [from GuitarTown]

    RISK, 2012, West Hollywood, California, USA, sculpture. Photo 1 of 2.

  • scottks1 posted a photo:

    Kylie greets her kin -- Dusty Brae aka JJ

    Roadhouse Blues cattle dog at the dog show in South Jordan, Utah.

  • scottks1 posted a photo:

    Kylie greets relatives

    Roadhouse Blues family reunion at the dog show in South Jordan, Utah.

  • harmonica pete posted a photo:

      "Woke Up This Morning And Got Myself A Beer " Harmonica Pete

    Last Night (For A Short Time) I Traded My Camera For A Harmonica.. I have Been Playing a Harmonica as long As I have Been A Photographer ,40+ Years !!

  • kristinized posted a photo:

    OPI - Roadhouse Blues

  • Reflective Kiwi %-) posted a photo:

    Dec 14 The Animals & The Doors

    December 14th 2011

    Day fourteen of the December Diary 2011 Project This years Theme... 'MUSIC' %-)

    I am such a big fan of the blues... and have a special tribute to some of the old blues men coming up in the next day or so... once I've rounded up all my records and CD's... but for today I've decided to make a start with two of my favourite bands growing up... and two of the most amazing voices in rock/blues history.... Eric Burden from The Animals... and Jim Morrison from The Doors!

    Jim Morrison was SO charismatic! I had a fantastic poster of him on my wall when I was young, which is probably still up in Mum's attic somewhere! LOL! When I was travelling around Europe in 1991, I visited Paris and did the classic thing of visiting his grave at the famous "Père Lachaise Cemetery". Unknown to me at the time, it was actually the week of the 20th Anniversary of his death. The place (which is huge) seemed pretty deserted until I approached his plot... and there were dozens of people there almost camped out on a vigil... playing his music and with flowers and trinkets and candles. It was quite touching and an interesting experience. I also remember seeing the movie "The Doors" (With Val Kilmer in the lead role) while in Niece around the same time too, which had just been released! %-)

    The Animals were another band that I just LOVED and still do. It always AMAZED me how THAT voice could come out of a young white guy! Especially when you look back at early videos. Eric Burden was so young but his voice was just amazing. "The Most of the Animals" was one of my favourite albums at the time... and I was lucky to find it on CD many years later. There's also one there with the legendary "Sonny Boy Williams" on harmonica.

    I've LOVED pulling out this music again... and hope you find something you enjoy here too! %-)

    THE DOORS...

    Riders on the Storm (I remember this being one of the first songs I tested out on my new turntable back in 1988. The sound was amazing.. that piano is just magical... and his voice too of course!)
    Love Her Madly
    Hello I Love You
    Roadhouse Blues (Live Version with John Lee Hooker)
    People Are Strange
    When The Music's Over

    I Believe To My Soul
    Bring It On Home To Me
    Worried Life Blues
    Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (Before Elvis Costello did his fantastic version...)
    House of the Rising Sun (Probably their biggest hit.. so I thought I'd better throw it in here)
    Night Time is the Right Time (classic blues with Sonny Boy Williamson singing and on Harmonica)
    My Babe (Another with Sonny Boy Williams)

  • AimsterSkitz0rz posted a photo:

    I growed myself a Beard meme

    I growed myself a Beard meme:

  • _MrQ*s_ (Marcus) posted a photo:

    Roadhouse Blues

    sur la route du Madrid / on the road to the Madrid restaurant

    Pour ceux qui aiment la version originale
    for those who loves the original version :

    et la version electronique de crystal method
    and the crystal method remix

    Thanks for the views , comments and faves guys !
    Merci pour les vues, commentaires et favoris a tous !

    Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. © All rights reserved

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  • lextard posted a photo:

    OPI - Road House Blues

    2 coats, no top coat

  • MuccaMu (in una terza vita!!!) posted a photo:

    On the Route 66

    The Mother road - Rout 66 - Peace Island

    Da visitare rigorosamente con questa come sottofondo:

    Che cos'è quella sensazione quando ci si allontana dalle persone e loro restano sulla pianura finché le si vede appena come macchioline che si disperdono?...È il mondo troppo vasto che ci sovrasta, ed è l'addio. Ma noi puntiamo avanti verso la prossima pazzesca avventura sotto i cieli.
    A quel tempo danzavano per le strade come pazzi, e io li seguivo a fatica come ho fatto tutta la vita con le persone che mi interessano, perchè le uniche persone che esistono per me sono i pazzi, i pazzi di voglia di vivere, di parole, di salvezza, i pazzi del tutto e subito, quelli che non sbadigliano mai e non dicono mai banalità ma bruciano, bruciano, bruciano come favolosi fuochi d'artificio gialli che esplodono simili a ragni sopra le stelle e nel mezzo si vede scoppiare la luce azzurra e tutti fanno Ohhhhhh!

    by On the road , Jack Kerouac, 1951

    Ah Keep your eyes on the road,
    Your hands upon the wheel.
    Keep your eyes on the road
    Your hands upon the wheel.
    Yeah, we're going to the roadhouse,
    Gonna have a real good-time

    By Roadhouse blues , The Doors

  • rslund78 posted a photo:

    Morrison Hotel

    Love the Roadhouse Blues....!

  • Third Gear Photography LLC posted a photo:

    Keep your Ion the road.......

  • Paul McRae (Delta Niner) posted a photo:


    I'm sure this place is exactly what Jim Morrison was singing about.

    Actually, not bad for a wipedown steakhouse.

  • Max Lordag posted a photo:


    Samsung digital camera

  • Max Lordag posted a photo:


    Samsung digital camera

  • Max Lordag posted a photo:


    Samsung digital camera