• Urban renewal Urban renewalA program of land redevelopment in areas of moderate to high density urban land use.
  • Catholic Charismatic Renewal Catholic Charismatic RenewalA spiritual movement within the Catholic Church that incorporates aspects of both Catholic and...
  • Jewish Renewal Jewish RenewalA recent movement in Judaism which endeavors to reinvigorate modern Judaism with Kabbalistic...

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  • Completed:RENEWAL #RENEWAL
    MyTaskHelperCom, United States at Sun, 17 Dec 09:02:02
  • RT @A_M_S_Group: So then maybe look at the secretive offshore company called #RENEWAL who lewisham seem to really like the land banking the…
    joannewindsor, LONDON SE at Sun, 17 Dec 07:20:18
  • Wow. I just completely refilled my #creativity tank! @WTTheatre The Great Distance Home should run for another mont…
    ThomChesney, Brookhaven College at Sun, 17 Dec 03:28:40
    CyberDomain, Cyber Domain at Sun, 17 Dec 02:19:06
    pinkbassist, Toronto Canada/LI,NY at Sun, 17 Dec 02:04:30
  • RT @AbundantNigeria: #ANRPisOne #Transperency #Openess #Renewal #Renaissance #Respect
    T_Akaade, at Sat, 16 Dec 23:46:21
  • Sentiment technology is a big #Plus for our new PRIVATE golf course clients. #renewal #membership
    GolfNowPlus, Orlando, FL at Sat, 16 Dec 23:31:01
  • Under $2,000 guys! 5 days of love and sharing is paying off to help those affected by the #ThomasFires Everything h…
    GypsyShelly, Vacaville, CA at Sat, 16 Dec 22:24:21
  • #Weekend Wish: Work on continuously improving yourself. Renew yourself this weekend whether with exercise, meditati…
    HenryJEvans, most often in San Francisco at Sat, 16 Dec 21:05:05
  • The World signifies completion and mastery of one phase of your life. What are you going to focus on for the new ph…
    elliot_oracle, Des Moines, IA at Sat, 16 Dec 19:06:40
  • Comme ça c'est clair : Marvel's The Punisher aura bien une saison 2 ! #Marvel #Netflix #Punisher #renewal
    SerialBloggeur, Lyon at Sat, 16 Dec 18:58:34
  • To see a fire hydrant in your #dream symbolizes #renewal—you are ready to make a #freshstart. What about a #purple…
    1800PALACIOS, Corona, CA at Sat, 16 Dec 18:49:54
  • RT @AbundantNigeria: #ANRPisOne #Transperency #Openess #Renewal #Renaissance #Respect
    MallamProf, Nigeria at Sat, 16 Dec 17:17:29
  • RT @AbundantNigeria: BREAKING NEWS!!! We are now a fully registered political party. Congratulations #ANRP #ThisIsOurOwn #Renewal #Renais…
    XtianaOjo, Nigeria at Sat, 16 Dec 16:48:23
  • tomorrow is the first day of the #yule #moon #Julmond the #month of the #year #wheel's #renewal containing the…
    tar_odinsson, World Aryan Nation at Sat, 16 Dec 16:33:32
  • Learn how to share your #renewal story on #SharingYOURFaithStory DVD Christmas Sale! Now through December 31, 20%…
    NancyHCWard, Dallas at Sat, 16 Dec 16:20:13
  • An experience deeply shared by many who have lost friends in the most painful way. #Deception #Betrayal #Renewal
    IranLawrence, USA - A premium collection of Iran Lawrence Abstract Fine Art Giclee Prints on Canvas will soon be available on Amazon. Stay tuned. at Sat, 16 Dec 14:36:30
  • RT @AbundantNigeria: #ANRPisOne #Transperency #Openess #Renewal #Renaissance #Respect #Rebirth are our watch words. Nigeria will never rem…
    Ayodeji_Alabi, Lagos, Nigeria at Sat, 16 Dec 13:44:12
  • RT @AbundantNigeria: #ANRPisOne #Transperency #Openess #Renewal #Renaissance #Respect #Rebirth are our watch words. Nigeria will never rem…
    KSanusi_NG, Abuja at Sat, 16 Dec 13:12:46
  • RT @AbundantNigeria: #ANRPisOne #Transperency #Openess #Renewal #Renaissance #Respect
    KSanusi_NG, Abuja at Sat, 16 Dec 13:12:09

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  • Honevo posted a photo:


    Honevo Photography

  • GeoJuice posted a photo:


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  • GeoJuice posted a photo:


    The dry run....

  • GeoJuice posted a photo:


  • GeoJuice posted a photo:


  • GeoJuice posted a photo:


    The cutting starts...

  • GeoJuice posted a photo:


    The last of the old slabs...

  • GeoJuice posted a photo:


    The big right angle!

  • GeoJuice posted a photo:


    The mortar bed.

  • GeoJuice posted a photo:


  • GeoJuice posted a photo:


    The slabs arrive.

  • Amsterdam New York posted a photo:

    Burglary in Unsafe Amsterdam New York

    While the neighborhood watch group is busy misusing the program to stalk, harass, invade privacy and chase out new comers, the Criminals run rampant.

    On August 23 2017

    James Street


    The resident stated there was forced entry and 50-inch RCA television was stolen.

  • David Thompson Stills posted a photo:

    Reptilian Skeletal Engineering - DSC8513

    MRT Zhonhe

  • Amsterdam New York posted a photo:

    Pillar and Sex Predator in Unsafe Amsterdam New York Keith Graham

    Amsterdam, NY has a ratio of 29.21 sex offenders per 10,000 residents. This is higher than the national average of 14.07 offenders per 10,000 residents.

    BRUNSWICK, NY (WRGB) --- An Amsterdam man is facing an aggravated harassment charge after sending several messages to someone on Craigslist, including a naked picture of himself.

    According to State Police, troopers arrested Keith Graham, 26, of Amsterdam after a six-week long investigation. They said troopers received a complaint on August 1st from a woman in Schaghticoke. They said the woman is a house cleaner and advertises her business on Craigslist.

    State police said she received several annoying text message responses from the same number, including one photo of Graham exposing himself. They said troopers traced the number to Graham and located him at his home.

    Graham was arrested and taken to the State Police barracks in Brunswick for processing.

  • Amsterdam New York posted a photo:

    Drugs Resisting Arrest Obstruction in Violent Unsafe Amsterdam New York

    Two people were charged on Wednesday by city police.

    Depree B. Faulks, 26, of 100 Virginia Lane H-5, Amsterdam, was charged with third-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance and resisting arrest.

    Johanna L. Ronquillo, 33, of Apartment 1-42, Mathias Ave., Amsterdam, was charged with second-degree obstructing governmental administration.

    Officers were called to Mathias Ave for complaint of a large gang of people in the street. On arrival, they saw the people in the street. The officers recognized one of the individuals as having an outstanding arrest warrant for sale of controlled substances. When the officers approached him, he locked the door of the apartment at 42 Mathias Ave.

  • Amsterdam New York posted a photo:

    Gang Fight in Violent Unsafe Amsterdam New York

    “Violent Crime in my Opinion has spiked,… areas with plight become hotbeds for crime” says Mayor Michael Villa

    On August 24 2017

    Division Street

    Gang Fight

    Police were called to Division Street for a large fight. Police located a large group of individuals. Everyone declined to pursue charges against anyone and the group was dispersed.

  • Amsterdam New York posted a photo:

    DUI Leaving an Accident in Unsafe Amsterdam New York

    Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department

    On August 31 2017

    Town of Florida

    DUI, leaving the scene of a property damage accident

    Tracey J. Miller, 36, of 280 W. Main St., Amsterdam, was arrested for driving while intoxicated, a blood-alcohol-content of 0.08 or more, third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle, leaving the scene of the property damage accident and moving from lane unsafely.

    Deputies said they responded to Route 30 in the town of Florida for a property damage accident where the suspect fled the area. Deputies said while investigating, the suspect vehicle was located and the driver was found to be operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated.

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    Photo by [email protected]

  • kwpjewjhcf posted a photo:


    Photo by [email protected]