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  • kenanmath posted a photo:

    Kenan's Pic

  • kenanmath posted a photo:


  • Dragonmag170 posted a photo:

    The number 1

    The number one can describe almost anything. There is one of me, one of you, one universe, one tree in this picture. The tree is like a line on a plane, and also looks like the number 1.

  • Josh Rowan posted a photo:

    Pi Pizza Skeleton

    Shirt graphic developed for Pi PIzza

  • bekah4926 posted a photo:


    A whole bunch of pentagons on the pattern of the american flag.

  • bekah4926 posted a photo:


    This is two sets of parallelograms that are parallel to each other.

  • bekah4926 posted a photo:

    Squares Pattern

    This is a picture of a of a platter my mom got in Guatemala. It is a whole bunch of rectangular shapes in a pattern. And I think it looks really cool.

  • Tombarrow88 posted a photo:

    8 Rays Form 8

    8 rays forming an 8
    I chose this number because it never ends and you can flip it over turn it on its side do what ever its still an 8.

  • Kitkat310 posted a photo:


    I particularly like this number because it includes several 'superstitious' numbers. Also, I've always liked numbers that are palindromes.

  • MACK.DADDY.3 posted a photo:

    3! allen iverson!


  • MACK.DADDY.3 posted a photo:

    24! kobe¡!¡


  • andrew359 posted a photo:

    Photo 526

  • noahgoetsch posted a photo:

    xxviii, 28

    This photo represents the number 28, in roman numerals. i thought it was different and a clever way to represent my favorite number. In the roman numeral number, you can see intersecting lines, line segments, and a couple of angles :)

  • MACK.DADDY.3 posted a photo:

    number 3.

    see the number on my jersey? thats my favorite number! #3!

  • bekah4926 posted a photo:

    Octagons and Triangles.

    I thought that this was just a really cool picture, with the dark blue-black color going on. It's also just a very nice simple pattern with a repetition of two simple forms of polygons. 1. An Octagon and 2. a triangle.

  • bekah4926 posted a photo:

    Quadrilateral Polygon Inside of a Hexadecagon.

    I think it's interesting because it has two shapes within the one pictures. The Hexadecagon is also an interesting shape to see look at and figure out how many interior angles are in it, (if you were to take out the Quadrilateral Polygon.)

  • Roughton686 posted a photo:


  • Brian306 posted a photo:

    Bed Time

    This is interesting to me because it shows how important math is in our everyday lives. Numbers dictates when we go to bed, when we wake up, when our classes are, and everything else we do through out the day. Without math we would live in a very different world. These are my favorite numbers because they represent what time I would like to go to bed.

  • crazyc1993 posted a photo:

    Volume 8

    This is a picture of the volume knob on a guitar. It contains several circles as well as line segments or hatch marks which relates to the activity we did in class. (see charles' scribe post for details on activity)

  • Jco2011 posted a photo:


    I like the number 0 because back when I played basketball for Paideia it was my number, and now it is my number for Ultimate. I also remember having the number 0 on my jerseys now and then back when I played little league. I also liked this 0 not only because it is the back of my jersey but also because it is a polygon, an Octagon to be specific.