Peabody Award Winners

Peabody Award winners

  • 20th Century Fox Television 20th Century Fox Television
    Twentieth Century Fox Television is the television production subsidiary of 20th Century Fox, and a production arm of the Fox Television Group. 20th Television is the syndication and distribution arm of 20th Century Fox Television.
  • A21TV (Armenia)
    ART21 TV The Only Cultural Television company of Armenia.
  • Aardman Animations Aardman Animations
    Aardman Animations, Ltd., also known as Aardman Studios, or simply as Aardman, is a British animation studio based in Bristol. Aardman is known for films made using stop-motion clay animation techniques, particularly those featuring Plasticine characters Wallace and Gromit.
  • ABC Studios ABC Studios
    Touchstone Television Productions, LLC, is the television production unit of ABC Entertainment Group, part of Disney–ABC Television Group. ABC Studios was established as the Touchstone Television banner in 1984 and given its current name on May 21, 2007.
  • ABC World News Tonight
    ABC World News Tonight is the flagship daily evening television news program of ABC News, the news division of the American Broadcasting Company television network in the United States. Since 2014, the program's weekday broadcasts have been anchored by David Muir.
  • Adam Ciralsky
    Adam Ciralsky is an American award-winning journalist, TV and film producer and attorney.
  • Adi Gevins
    Adi Gevins is a San Francisco Bay Area-based radio documentarian who has been referred to as the "fairy godmother of community radio".
  • Adrian Malone
    Hugh Adrian Malone was a British documentary filmmaker who produced and directed a number of documentaries, including The Ascent of Man, The Age of Uncertainty, and '.
  • Adrian Taylor (producer)
    Adrian Clemens "Clem" Taylor was an American television news producer, noted for his work on 60 Minutes, The Early Show and CBS News.
  • Alan Yang
    Alan Michael Yang is an American screenwriter, producer and actor. He was a writer and producer for the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, for which he received his first Emmy nomination. With Aziz Ansari, Yang co-created the Netflix series Master of None, which premiered in 2015 to critical acclaim.
  • Alfred Wallenstein
    Alfred Wallenstein was an American cellist and conductor, born in Chicago, Illinois. At the age of 17, he joined the San Francisco Symphony as a cellist.
  • Alison Stewart Alison Stewart
    Alison Stewart is a journalist and author. Stewart first gained widespread visibility as a political correspondent for MTV News in the 1990s.
  • Alistair Cooke Alistair Cooke
    Alistair Cooke was a British-American journalist, television personality and broadcaster. Outside his journalistic output, which included Letter from America and Alistair Cooke's America, he was well known in the United States as the host of PBS Masterpiece Theatre from 1971 to 1992.
  • Al Jazeera America Al Jazeera America
    Al Jazeera America was an American basic cable and satellite news television channel owned by the Al Jazeera Media Network, Doha. The channel was launched on August 20, 2013 to compete with CNN, HLN, MSNBC, Fox News Channel, and in certain markets, RT America.
  • American Forces Network American Forces Network
    The American Forces Network is the broadcast service operated by the United States Armed Forces' American Forces Radio and Television Service for its entertainment and command internal information networks worldwide.
  • Andrew Lack (executive)
    Andrew Lack is the chairman of NBC News and MSNBC.
  • Andy Cohen (television personality) Andy Cohen (television personality)
    Andrew Joseph "Andy" Cohen is an American talk show and radio host, author and producer. Cohen hosts the Bravo nightly series Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. He is the first openly gay host of an American late-night talk show.
  • Anthony Radziwill
    Prince Anthony Stanislaw Albert Radziwill was an American television executive and filmmaker.
  • Arch Oboler Arch Oboler
    Arch Oboler was an American playwright, screenwriter, novelist, producer, and director who was active in radio, films, theater, and television.
  • Arte Arte
    ARTE is a public Franco-German TV network, a European channel, that promotes programming in the areas of culture and the arts.
  • Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey
    Arthur Morton Godfrey was an American radio and television broadcaster and entertainer who was sometimes introduced by his nickname, The Old Redhead. An on-air incident undermined his folksy image and resulted in a gradual decline.
  • Aziz Ansari Aziz Ansari
    Aziz Ansari is an American actor, comedian and filmmaker. He is known for his role as Tom Haverford on the NBC series Parks and Recreation and as creator, writer and star of the Netflix series Master of None, which debuted in 2015.
  • Bang Bang You're Dead (film) Bang Bang You're Dead (film)
    Bang Bang You're Dead is a 2002 American drama film starring Tom Cavanagh and Ben Foster. It is based on the play of the same name by William Mastrosimone. The film was first screened publicly at the Seattle International Film Festival in June 2002.
    The British Broadcasting Corporation is a British public service broadcaster with its headquarters at Broadcasting House in London. The BBC is the world's oldest national broadcasting organisation and the largest broadcaster in the world by number of employees.
  • BBC News BBC News
    BBC News is an operational business division of the British Broadcasting Corporation responsible for the gathering and broadcasting of news and current affairs.
  • BBC Radio BBC Radio
    BBC Radio is an operational business division and service of the British Broadcasting Corporation. The service provides national radio stations covering the majority of musical genres, as well as local radio stations covering local news, affairs and interests. It also oversees online audio content.
  • BBC Radio 4 BBC Radio 4
    BBC Radio 4 is a radio station owned and operated by the British Broadcasting Corporation that broadcasts a wide variety of spoken-word programmes including news, drama, comedy, science and history. It replaced the BBC Home Service in 1967.
  • BBC Television BBC Television
    BBC Television is a service of the British Broadcasting Corporation. The corporation has operated in the United Kingdom under the terms of a royal charter since 1927.
  • BBC Two BBC Two
    BBC Two is the second television channel operated by the British Broadcasting Corporation in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Channel Islands. It covers a wide range of subject matter, but tending towards more "highbrow" programmes than the more mainstream and popular BBC One.
  • BBC Worldwide BBC Worldwide
    BBC Worldwide Ltd. is the wholly owned commercial subsidiary of the BBC, formed out of a restructuring of its predecessor BBC Enterprises in 1995.
  • Ben Bagdikian
    Ben Haig Bagdikian was an Armenian-American educator and journalist. He was a significant American media critic and the dean of the University of California, Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.
  • Bergen Evans
    Bergen Baldwin Evans was a Northwestern University professor of English, and a television host. He received a George Foster Peabody Award in 1957 for excellence in broadcasting for his CBS TV series The Last Word.
  • Betty Furness
    Elizabeth Mary Furness was an American actress, consumer advocate and current affairs commentator.
  • Bill Hader Bill Hader
    William Thomas Hader Jr. is an American comedian, actor, voice actor and writer. He is best known for his work on Saturday Night Live, for which he has received three Emmy nominations, South Park, and his parody series Documentary Now!.
  • Bill Lawrence (news personality) Bill Lawrence (news personality)
    William H. "Bill" Lawrence was an American journalist and television news personality whose 40-year career as a reporter began in 1932 and included a 20-year stint with The New York Times, for which he reported from major fronts of World War II, Korean War and, subsequently, as the newspaper's...
  • Bill McGlaughlin Bill McGlaughlin
    William "Bill" McGlaughlin is an American composer, conductor, music educator, and Peabody Award-winning classical music radio host. He is the host and music director of the public radio programs Exploring Music and Saint Paul Sunday.
  • Bill Monroe Bill Monroe
    William Smith Monroe was an American mandolinist, singer, and songwriter who created the style of music known as bluegrass. Because of this he is commonly referred to as the "Father of Bluegrass". The genre takes its name from his band, the Blue Grass Boys, named for Monroe's home state of Kentucky.
  • Bill Moyers Bill Moyers
    Billy Don "Bill" Moyers is an American journalist and political commentator. He served as White House Press Secretary in the Johnson administration from 1965 to 1967. He also worked as a network TV news commentator for ten years.
  • Bing Crosby Bing Crosby
    Harry Lillis "Bing" Crosby Jr. was an American singer and actor. Crosby's trademark warm bass-baritone voice made him the best-selling recording artist of the 20th century, having sold over one billion records, tapes, compact discs and digital downloads around the world.
  • Bobbie Battista
    Barbara Ann "Bobbie" Battista is an American journalist and a former prominent newscaster with the Cable News Network. During her 20-year career with the cable news company, Battista anchored numerous programs on CNN, CNN Headline News and CNN International.
  • Bob Edwards Bob Edwards
    Robert Alan "Bob" Edwards is an American broadcast journalist, a Peabody Award-winning member of the National Radio Hall of Fame. He gained reputation as the first host of National Public Radio's flagship program, Morning Edition.
  • Bob Geldof Bob Geldof
    Robert Frederick Zenon "Bob" Geldof, KBE, is an Irish singer-songwriter, author, political activist and occasional actor. He rose to prominence as the lead singer of the Irish rock band The Boomtown Rats in the late 1970s and early 1980s, alongside the punk rock movement.
  • Bob Hope Bob Hope
    Bob Hope, KBE, KCSG, KSS was a British-American comedian, vaudevillian, actor, singer, dancer, athlete and author. With a career spanning nearly 80 years, Hope appeared in more than 70 short and feature films, including a series of "Road" movies.
  • Bob Keeshan Bob Keeshan
    Robert James "Bob" Keeshan was an American television producer and actor. He created and played the title role in the children's television program Captain Kangaroo, which ran from 1955 to 1984, the longest-running nationally broadcast children's television program of its day.
  • Bob Simon
    Robert David "Bob" Simon was an American television correspondent for CBS News. During his career, he covered crises, war, and unrest in 67 countries.
  • Boris Goldovsky
    Boris Goldovsky was a Russian conductor and broadcast commentator, active in the United States. He has been called an important "popularizer" of opera in America.
  • Brian Lehrer Brian Lehrer
    Brian Lehrer is an American radio talk show host on New York City's public radio station WNYC. His daily two-hour 2007 Peabody Award-winning program, The Brian Lehrer Show, features interviews with newsmakers and experts about current events and social issues.
  • Brian Ross (journalist) Brian Ross (journalist)
    Brian Elliot Ross is an American investigative journalist who serves as Chief Investigative Correspondent for ABC News. He reports for ABC World News Tonight with David Muir, Nightline, Good Morning America, 20/20, and ABC News Radio. Ross joined ABC News in July 1994.
  • Brian Williams Brian Williams
    Brian Douglas Williams is an American journalist at NBC News, currently serving as chief anchor on the cable network MSNBC and host of the network's nightly flagship program, The 11th Hour with Brian Williams.
  • Brigada Siete
    Brigada Siete was an investigative news television show in the Philippines on GMA Network from December 5, 1993 to September 29, 2001. The show was revived in 2011 and retitled as Brigada.
  • Brooke Gladstone
    Brooke Gladstone is an American journalist, author and media analyst. She is co-host and managing editor of the WNYC radio program On the Media, and has been a contributor to The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Observer, and Slate.
  • Bud Greenspan
    Jonah J. "Bud" Greenspan was a film director, writer, and producer known for his sports documentaries. His distinctive appearance in later years included wearing his large, dark-framed glasses atop his shaved head.
  • Burr Tillstrom Burr Tillstrom
    Franklin Burr Tillstrom was a puppeteer and the creator of Kukla, Fran and Ollie.
  • Burton Benjamin
    Burton Richard Benjamin was a vice president and director of CBS News. He worked at CBS for 29 years, as a writer, producer, and executive. In that time, he was director of CBS News from 1978 to 1981 and executive producer of CBS Evening News from 1975 to 1978.
  • Callie Crossley Callie Crossley
    Callie Crossley is an American broadcast journalist and radio presenter in the Boston area.
  • Carl Folta
    Carl Folta is Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications for Viacom. He has served at this post since November 2006. Before that, he served as Executive Vice President, Office of the Chairman, from January 1, 2006, where he served as Sumner Redstone's senior adviser and spokesman.
  • Carl Quintanilla
    Carl Quintanilla is an American journalist working for CNBC. He is co-anchor and anchor, respectively, of CNBC's morning programs Squawk on the Street and Squawk Alley, both of which broadcast live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Previously at CNBC he was anchor of Squawk Box.
  • Carol Burnett
    Carol Creighton Burnett is an American actress, comedienne, singer and writer, whose career spans six decades of television.
  • Carole Radziwill Carole Radziwill
    Carole Ann Radziwill is an American journalist, author, and reality television personality.
  • Carol Marin Carol Marin
    Carol Marin is a television and print journalist based in Chicago, Illinois.
    CBS is an American English language commercial broadcast television network that is a flagship property of CBS Corporation. The company is headquartered at the CBS Building in New York City with major production facilities and operations in New York City and Los Angeles.
  • CBS News CBS News
    CBS News is the news division of American television and radio service CBS. The president of CBS News is David Rhodes.
  • Cecil Brown (journalist)
    Cecil Brown was a war correspondent who worked closely with Edward R. Murrow during World War II. He was the author of the book Suez to Singapore, which describes the sinking of HMS Repulse in December 1941. He also has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to radio.
  • Channel 4 Channel 4
    Channel 4 is a British public-service television broadcaster that began transmission on 2 November 1982.
  • Channel One News Channel One News
    Channel One News is a digital content provider. The daily news program has been accompanied by commercial advertising for marketing in schools, with supplementary educational resources.
  • Charlayne Hunter-Gault
    Charlayne Hunter-Gault is an American journalist and former foreign correspondent for National Public Radio, and the Public Broadcasting Service.
  • Charles Barthold
    Charles Barthold is a news photographer for WHO-TV of Des Moines, Iowa, who won the 1976 Peabody Award for his film and photography of the Jordan Tornado in Jordan, Iowa.
  • Charles Collingwood (journalist) Charles Collingwood (journalist)
    Charles Collingwood was an American journalist and war correspondent. He was an early member of Edward R. Murrow's group of reporters known as the "Murrow Boys." He was also among the early ranks of television journalists that included Walter Cronkite, Eric Sevareid, and Murrow himself.
  • Charles Kuralt Charles Kuralt
    Charles Bishop Kuralt was an American journalist. He was most widely known for his long career with CBS, first for his "On the Road" segments on The CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite, and later as the first anchor of CBS News Sunday Morning, a position he held for fifteen years.
  • Chet Huntley Chet Huntley
    Chester Robert "Chet" Huntley was an American television newscaster, best known for co-anchoring NBC's evening news program, The Huntley-Brinkley Report, for 14 years beginning in 1956.
  • Chevron Corporation Chevron Corporation
    Chevron Corporation is an American multinational energy corporation. One of the successor companies of Standard Oil, it is headquartered in San Ramon, California, and active in more than 180 countries.
  • Chris Kelly (writer)
    Chris Kelly is an American writer and director known for his work on Saturday Night Live, and writing and directing the autobiographical film Other People that premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. He has received five Emmy nominations for his work on SNL.
  • Chris Nee
    Chris Nee is a Peabody Award and Humanitas Prize-winning Irish-American Children's television screen writer and producer. Nee is most notable as the creator of Doc McStuffins, which she describes as "Cheers for Preschoolers."
  • Christiane Amanpour Christiane Amanpour
    Christiane Amanpour, CBE is a British-Iranian journalist and television host. Amanpour is the Chief International Correspondent for CNN and host of CNN International's nightly interview program Amanpour. Amanpour is also a Global Affairs Anchor of ABC News.
  • Cinemax Cinemax
    Cinemax is an American pay cable and satellite television network that is owned by the Home Box Office Inc. operating subsidiary of Time Warner.
  • Claire Shipman
    Claire Shipman is an American television journalist, currently the senior national correspondent for the ABC program, Good Morning America. She also blogs at the website True/Slant. She is married to Jay Carney, President Barack Obama's former White House Press Secretary.
  • Clarissa Ward
    Clarissa Ward is an American television journalist who is currently a foreign correspondent for CNN. She was formerly with CBS News, based in London. Before her CBS News position, Ward was a Moscow-based news correspondent for ABC News program.
    CNBC is an American basic cable, internet and satellite business news television channel that is owned by NBCUniversal News Group, a division of NBCUniversal, owned by Comcast.
    Cable News Network is an American basic cable and satellite television news channel owned by the Turner Broadcasting System, a division of Time Warner. CNN was founded in 1980 by American media proprietor Ted Turner as a 24-hour cable news channel.
  • Colin Jost
    Colin Kelly Jost is an American actor, comedian, and screenwriter. He is known for his work on Saturday Night Live, where he has served as a writer since 2005 and "Weekend Update" co-anchor since 2014. He also served as one of the show's co-head writers from 2012 to 2015.
  • Comedy Central Comedy Central
    Comedy Central is an American basic cable and satellite television channel owned by Viacom Global Entertainment Group, a unit of the Viacom Media Networks division of Viacom.
  • Craig Ferguson Craig Ferguson
    Craig Ferguson is a Scottish-American television host, comedian, and actor. He is the host of both the syndicated game show Celebrity Name Game, for which he has won two Daytime Emmy Awards, and of Join or Die with Craig Ferguson on History.
  • Crusade in Europe
    Crusade in Europe is a book of wartime memoirs by General Dwight D. Eisenhower published by Doubleday in 1948. Maps were provided by Rafael Palacios.
    C-SPAN, an acronym for Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network, is an American cable and satellite television network that was created in 1979 by the cable television industry as a public service.
  • Curt Gowdy
    Curtis Edward Gowdy was an American sportscaster, well known as the longtime "voice" of the Boston Red Sox and for his coverage of many nationally televised sporting events, primarily for NBC Sports in the 1960s and 1970s.
  • Dalton Delan
    Dalton Delan is an American writer, editor, and television producer. His works with WETA, PBS and Sundance have won him numerous awards for his documentaries and primetime shows. A number of his projects include working alongside Robert Redford.
  • Daniel Schorr Daniel Schorr
    Daniel Louis Schorr was an American journalist who covered world news for more than 60 years. He was most recently a Senior News Analyst for National Public Radio. Schorr won three Emmy Awards for his television journalism.
  • Daniel Zwerdling
    Daniel Zwerdling is an American investigative journalist and reserve radio broadcasting reporter for NPR News.
  • Danny Arnold Danny Arnold
    Danny Arnold was an American producer, writer, comedian, actor and director known for producing Barney Miller, That Girl and Bewitched.
  • Danny Kaye Danny Kaye
    David Daniel Kaminsky, better known by his screen name Danny Kaye, was an American actor, singer, dancer, comedian, and musician. His performances featured physical comedy, idiosyncratic pantomimes, and rapid-fire novelty songs.
  • Dan Rather Dan Rather
    Daniel Irvin Rather Jr. is an American journalist and the former news anchor for the CBS Evening News.
  • David Brinkley David Brinkley
    David McClure Brinkley was an American newscaster for NBC and ABC in a career lasting from 1943 to 1997.
  • David Grubin David Grubin
    David Grubin is an American documentary filmmaker, who has produced and directed numerous films, many of which are best known from airing on PBS.
  • David Isay David Isay
    David Avram "Dave" Isay is an American radio producer and founder of Sound Portraits Productions. He is also the founder of StoryCorps, an ongoing oral history project. He is the recipient of numerous broadcasting honors, including six Peabody Awards and a MacArthur "Genius" Fellowship.
  • David Manson (producer)
    David Manson is an American film and television producer, screenwriter and director.
  • David Mirkin David Mirkin
    David Mirkin is an American feature film and television director, writer and producer. Mirkin grew up in Philadelphia and intended to become an electrical engineer, but abandoned this career path in favor of studying film at Loyola Marymount University.
  • Deeyah Khan Deeyah Khan
    Deeyah Khan, is a Norwegian film director and human rights defender of Punjabi/Pashtun descent.
  • Diane Rehm Diane Rehm
    Diane Rehm is a former American public radio talk show host. Her program, The Diane Rehm Show, was distributed nationally and internationally by National Public Radio. The show was produced at WAMU, which is licensed to American University in Washington, D.C.
  • Diane Sawyer Diane Sawyer
    Lila Diane Sawyer is an American television journalist.
  • Dick Clark Dick Clark
    Richard Wagstaff Clark was an American radio and television personality, as well as a cultural icon who remains best known for hosting American Bandstand from 1957 to 1987.
  • Dinah Shore Dinah Shore
    Dinah Shore was an American singer, actress, and television personality, and the top-charting female vocalist of the 1940s.
  • Discovery Channel Discovery Channel
    Discovery Channel is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is the flagship television property of Discovery Communications, a publicly traded company run by CEO David Zaslav., Discovery Channel is the third most widely distributed cable channel in the United States, behind...
  • Don Hewitt Don Hewitt
    Donald Shepard "Don" Hewitt was an American television news producer and executive, best known for creating 60 Minutes, the CBS television news magazine, in 1968, which at the time of his death, was the longest-running prime-time broadcast on American television.
  • Dora the Explorer Dora the Explorer
    Dora the Explorer is an American educational animated TV series created by Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh, and Eric Weiner. Dora the Explorer became a regular series in 2000. The show is carried on the Nickelodeon cable television network, including the associated Nick Jr. channel.
  • Dorothy Bullitt Dorothy Bullitt
    Dorothy Stimson Bullitt was a radio and television pioneer who founded King Broadcasting Company, a major owner of broadcast stations in Seattle, Washington. She was the first woman in the United States to buy and manage a television station.
  • Douglas Edwards Douglas Edwards
    Douglas Edwards was an American network news television anchor. He anchored CBS's first nightly news broadcast from 1948–1962, which was later to be titled CBS Evening News.
  • Eason Jordan Eason Jordan
    Eason T. Jordan is the director of special projects at the Malala Fund, the education-focused foundation launched by Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai. He joined the Malala Fund in January 2014, initially serving as the upstart organization's director of operations and communications.
  • Edgar Bergen Edgar Bergen
    Edgar John Bergen was an American actor, comedian and radio performer, best known for his proficiency in ventriloquism and his characters Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd. He is also the father of actress Candice Bergen.
  • Edith Chapin
    Edith Chapin is an American journalist and the current executive editor of NPR News. She was previously the senior supervising editor of the NPR News Foreign Desk; prior to working at NPR, she spent 25 years at CNN.
  • Edward P. Morgan
    Edward Paddock Morgan was an American journalist and writer who reported for newspapers, radio, and television media services including ABC, CBS networks, and the Public Broadcasting Service.
  • Edward R. Murrow Edward R. Murrow
    Edward R. Murrow was an American broadcast journalist. He was generally referred to as Ed Murrow.
  • Elaine Green
    L. Elaine Green was an American TV reporter who worked for WCPO-TV for 14 years.
  • Elie Abel
    Elie Abel was a Canadian-American journalist, author and academic. He lived in Palo Alto, California, United States.
  • Ellen Weiss
    Ellen Weiss is an American journalist and four-time Peabody Award winner. She joined National Public Radio in 1982, eventually running the NPR News national desk and serving as executive producer of the NPR News magazine All Things Considered.
  • Elmer Davis Elmer Davis
    Elmer Davis was a news reporter, author, the Director of the United States Office of War Information during World War II and a Peabody Award recipient.
  • Endemol Shine North America
    Endemol Shine North America is the American division of Endemol Shine Group that was founded on March 15, 2012 as a merger of Shine Americas, Shine USA, and Reveille Productions.
  • Eric Sevareid Eric Sevareid
    Arnold Eric Sevareid was an American author and CBS news journalist from 1939 to 1977. He was one of a group of elite war correspondents hired by pioneering CBS newsman Edward R. Murrow, and thus dubbed "Murrow's Boys".
  • Eric Stough
    Eric "Butters" Stough is an American animator and producer. He is best known as the animation director and a producer on the television series South Park. Born in Evergreen, Colorado, Stough attended the University of Colorado at Boulder and graduated in 1995 with a degree in film.
  • Ernest Leiser
    Ernest Leiser was executive producer of The CBS Evening News. He was recognized with Emmy and Peabody awards for coverage of post-war Europe, civil rights, and Vietnam.
    ESPN is a U.S.-based global cable and satellite sports television channel owned by ESPN Inc., a joint venture between The Walt Disney Company and the Hearst Corporation The company was founded in 1979 by Bill Rasmussen along with his brother Scott and Ed Egan.
  • E. W. Ziebarth
    E. W. Ziebarth was a Peabody Award winning radio broadcaster as well as a professor and administrator at the University of Minnesota.
  • Fiorello H. La Guardia Fiorello H. La Guardia
    Fiorello Henry La Guardia was an American politician. He is best known for being the 99th Mayor of New York City for three terms from 1934 to 1945 as a Republican. Previously he had been elected to Congress in 1916 and 1918, and again from 1922 through 1930.
  • Forrest Sawyer
    Forrest Sawyer is an American broadcast journalist. Sawyer worked 11 years with ABC News, where he frequently anchored ABC World News Tonight and Nightline and reported for all ABC News broadcasts.
  • Fox 21 Television Studios
    Fox 21 Television Studios, Inc. is an American television production company that is a subsidiary of 21st Century Fox's Fox Entertainment Group and a division of 20th Century Fox Television.
  • Frances Horwich Frances Horwich
    Frances Rappaport Horwich was, as Miss Frances, the host of the US children's television program, Ding Dong School.
  • Frank Chirkinian
    Frank Chirkinian was an Armenian-American CBS Sports producer and director.
  • Frank McGee (journalist) Frank McGee (journalist)
    Frank McGee was an American television journalist, best known for his work with NBC from the late 1950s into the early 1970s.
  • Frank Reynolds Frank Reynolds
    Frank James Reynolds was an American television journalist for CBS and ABC News.
  • Frank Sinatra Frank Sinatra
    Francis Albert Sinatra was an American singer, actor, and producer who was one of the most popular and influential musical artists of the 20th century. He is one of the best-selling music artists of all time, having sold more than 150 million records worldwide.
  • Frank Snepp Frank Snepp
    Frank Warren Snepp is a journalist and former chief analyst of North Vietnamese strategy for the Central Intelligence Agency in Saigon during the Vietnam War.
  • Frank Stanton (executive) Frank Stanton (executive)
    Frank Nicholas Stanton was an American broadcasting executive who served as the president of CBS between 1946 and 1971 and then as vice chairman until 1973. He also served as the chairman of the Rand Corporation from 1961 until 1967.
  • Fred Allen Fred Allen
    John Florence Sullivan, known professionally as Fred Allen, was an American comedian whose absurdist, topically-pointed radio program The Fred Allen Show made him one of the most popular and forward-looking humorists in the Golden Age of American radio.
  • Frederick Wiseman Frederick Wiseman
    Frederick Wiseman is an American filmmaker, documentarian, and theatre director. His work is "devoted primarily to exploring American institutions". He has been called "one of the most important and original filmmakers working today".
  • Fred Rogers Fred Rogers
    Fred McFeely Rogers was an American television personality, musician, puppeteer, writer, producer, and Presbyterian minister.
  • FX (TV channel) FX (TV channel)
    FX is an American basic cable and satellite television channel launched on June 1, 1994, based in Los Angeles, California and owned by 21st Century Fox through FX Networks, LLC. FX's programming primarily includes original drama and comedy series and reruns of theatrical films and "broadcast...
  • Gabe Pressman Gabe Pressman
    Gabriel Stanley "Gabe" Pressman was an American journalist who was a reporter for WNBC-TV in New York City for more than 60 years.
  • George Gobel George Gobel
    George Leslie Gobel was an American comedian and actor. He was best known as the star of his own weekly NBC television show, The George Gobel Show, which ran from 1954 to 1960. He was also well known as a panelist on the popular NBC game show Hollywood Squares.
  • George Knapp (journalist)
    George Knapp is an American television investigative journalist, news anchor, and talk radio host. Knapp is recognized with an Edward R. Murrow Award, Peabody Award, and as a recipient of over a dozen Emmys. He is a member of the Democratic Party.
  • George Stevens Jr.
    George Cooper Stevens Jr. is an American writer, author, playwright, director and producer. He is the founder of the American Film Institute, creator of the AFI Life Achievement Award and instigator/producer of the Kennedy Center Honors.
  • George V. Denny, Jr.
    George V. Denny, Jr. was the long-time moderator of one of radio's first talk shows, America's Town Meeting of the Air, as well as the executive director of the League for Political Education/Town Hall, which produced the program.
  • Geraldo Rivera Geraldo Rivera
    Geraldo Rivera is an American attorney, reporter, author, and talk show host. He was the host of the talk show Geraldo from 1987 to 1998.
  • Gian Carlo Menotti Gian Carlo Menotti
    Gian Carlo Menotti was an Italian-American composer and librettist. Although he often referred to himself as an American composer, he kept his Italian citizenship.
  • GMA Network GMA Network
    GMA Network is a major commercial broadcast television and radio network in the Philippines.
  • GMA Network (company)
    GMA Network Inc. is a Filipino media company based in Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines. It is primary involved in radio and television broadcasting, with subsidiaries dealing in various media related businesses.
  • GMA News TV GMA News TV
    GMA News TV is a commercial broadcast television network in the Philippines. Owned and operated by GMA Network Inc. and ZOE Broadcasting Network Inc. of Jesus Is Lord Church leader Eddie Villanueva.
  • GMA News TV International
    GMA News TV International is a Filipino television news channel incorporated in July 1, 2011 by GMA Network and its subsidiaries, GMA International and GMA Worldwide Inc. It was launched in 2011, as a 24-hour international Filipino television station.
  • Grand Ole Opry Grand Ole Opry
    The Grand Ole Opry is a weekly country-music stage concert in Nashville, Tennessee, which was founded on November 28, 1925, by George D. Hay as a one-hour radio "barn dance" on WSM. Currently owned and operated by Opry Entertainment, it is the longest-running radio broadcast in US history, albeit...
  • Grant Tinker
    Grant Almerin Tinker was an American television executive who served as Chairman and CEO of NBC from 1981 to 1986. Additionally, he was the co-founder of MTM Enterprises and a television producer. Tinker was the husband of actress and producer Mary Tyler Moore for 19 years.
  • Harold Ross Harold Ross
    Harold Wallace Ross was an American journalist who co-founded The New Yorker magazine in 1925 and served as editor-in-chief of the publication from its inception until his death.
  • Harry Reasoner Harry Reasoner
    Harry Truman Reasoner was an American journalist for ABC and CBS News, known for his inventive use of language as a television commentator, and as a founder of the 60 Minutes program.
    Home Box Office is an American premium cable and satellite television network that is owned by Time Warner through its respective flagship company Home Box Office, Inc. Programming featured on the network consists primarily of theatrically released motion pictures and original television series...
  • Henry Morgan (humorist)
    Henry Morgan was an American humorist. He is remembered best in two modern media: radio, on which he first became familiar as a barbed but often self-deprecating satirist; and television, where he was a regular and cantankerous panelist for the game show I've Got a Secret.
  • Highrise (documentary) Highrise (documentary)
    Highrise is a multi-year, multimedia documentary project about life in residential highrises, directed by Katerina Cizek and produced by Gerry Flahive for the National Film Board of Canada.
  • Himan Brown Himan Brown
    Himan Brown, also known as Hi Brown, was an American producer of radio programs.
  • History (U.S. TV channel)
    History is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by A&E Networks, a joint venture between the Hearst Corporation and the Disney–ABC Television Group division of the Walt Disney Company.
  • History (U.S. TV network)
    History is an American digital cable and satellite television network that is owned by A&E Networks, a joint venture between the Hearst Corporation and the Disney–ABC Television Group division of the Walt Disney Company.
  • Hoda Kotb Hoda Kotb
    Hoda Kotb is an American television news anchor and TV host known as the co-host of NBC's Today Shows fourth hour with Kathie Lee Gifford. An Egyptian American, she won a Daytime Emmy Award in 2010 as part of the Today Show team. Kotb is also a correspondent for Dateline NBC.
  • Hughes Rudd Hughes Rudd
    Hughes Day Rudd was a television journalist and CBS News correspondent. Rudd was known for his folksy style, gravelly voice, and unimposing sense of humor, often ending his newscasts with human interest stories that sometimes made him break into a chuckle on camera.
  • Iain Overton
    Iain Overton is the author of Gun Baby Gun: a bloody journey into the world of the gun.
  • Ian Cheney Ian Cheney
    Ian Cheney is an American documentary filmmaker, cinematographer, and producer.
  • Ian James Lee
    Ian Lee is an American journalist based in Cairo, Egypt for CNN. Prior to working for CNN, Ian was the multimedia editor at the Daily News Egypt from 2009 to 2011. During that time, he also was a freelance video journalist for Time Magazine and spent a year as a package producer for Reuters.
  • Ici Radio-Canada Première Ici Radio-Canada Première
    Ici Radio-Canada Première is a Canadian French-language radio network, the news and information service of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the public broadcaster of Canada. It is the French counterpart of CBC Radio One, the CBC's similar English-language radio network.
  • Imogene Coca Imogene Coca
    Imogene Coca was an American comic actress best known for her role opposite Sid Caesar on Your Show of Shows.
  • Ireene Wicker Ireene Wicker
    Ireene Wicker was an American singer and actress, best known to young radio listeners in the 1930s and 1940s as "The Singing Lady", which was the title of her radio program. She added the second 'e' in her first name on the advice of an astrologer.
  • Irish Film Board Irish Film Board
    The Irish Film Board is Ireland's national film agency and major film funding body. It provides funds for the development and production of Irish film, television drama, documentary and animation.
  • Iris Kelso
    Iris Turner Kelso was a Mississippi-born journalist best known for her association with three newspapers in New Orleans, Louisiana, culminating with the remaining publication, New Orleans Times-Picayune.
  • Irv Kupcinet Irv Kupcinet
    Irving "Irv" Kupcinet was an American newspaper columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times, television talk-show host, and radio personality based in Chicago, Illinois. He was popularly known by the nickname "Kup".
  • ITV Granada ITV Granada
    ITV Granada is the Channel 3 regional service for North West England. The licence for the region has been held by ITV Broadcasting Limited since November 2008.
  • ITVS
    ITVS is a service in the United States which funds and presents documentaries on public television through distribution by PBS and American Public Television, new media projects on the Internet, and the weekly series Independent Lens on PBS. Some ITVS programs are produced along with...
  • ITV Studios ITV Studios
    ITV Studios is a television production company owned by the British television broadcaster ITV plc. It is primarily based in Greater Manchester and London in the United Kingdom. It was formerly ITV Productions, and originally Granada Productions.
  • ITV Yorkshire ITV Yorkshire
    ITV Yorkshire is the British television service provided by ITV Broadcasting Limited for the Yorkshire franchise area on the ITV network.
  • Jack Benny Jack Benny
    Jack Benny was an American comedian, vaudevillian, radio, television and film actor, and violinist. Recognized as a leading American entertainer of the 20th century, Benny portrayed his character as a miser, playing his violin badly.
  • Jackie Gleason Jackie Gleason
    John Herbert "Jackie" Gleason was an American comedian, actor, musician and writer who developed a style and characters in his career from growing up in Brooklyn, New York.
  • Jac Venza
    Jac Venza is a public television producer who is directly responsible for most of the theatre and music programs that have been seen on PBS since its creation in 1970.
  • James Miller (filmmaker) James Miller (filmmaker)
    James Henry Dominic Miller was a Welsh cameraman, producer, and director, and recipient of numerous awards, including five Emmy Awards. He was killed by a soldier from the Israel Defense Forces.
  • James Moll James Moll
    James Moll is an American film director and producer. His documentary work has earned him an Academy Award, two Emmys, and a Grammy.
  • James Rhyne Killian
    James Rhyne Killian, Jr. was the 10th president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, from 1948 until 1959.
  • Jane Wagner Jane Wagner
    Jane Wagner is an American writer, director and producer. Wagner is best known as Lily Tomlin's comedy writer, collaborator and wife.
  • Jane Wells Jane Wells
    Jane Wells is a CNBC business news reporter, based in Los Angeles, where she covers the defense and technology news stories.
  • Jeffrey Bushell
    Jeffrey "Jeff" Bushell is an American screenwriter who has written for The Bernie Mac Show, Drawn Together, MADtv, What I Like About You, and Zoey 101. He created and wrote the film Beverly Hills Chihuahua which was inspired by his dog, Maggie.
  • Jerry Nachman
    Jerome A. "Jerry" Nachman was the editor-in-chief and vice president of MSNBC cable news network.
  • Jessica Soho Jessica Soho
    Jessica Soho is a Filipina broadcast journalist known as the host of the news magazine program Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho on GMA Network and the newscast State of the Nation with Jessica Soho on GMA News TV.
  • Jim Earl
    Jim Earl is a stage and radio comedian, comedy writer, musician and cartoonist from California.
  • Jim Henson Jim Henson
    James Maury "Jim" Henson was an American puppeteer, artist, cartoonist, inventor, screenwriter & filmmaker who achieved international fame as the creator of the Muppets.
  • Jim Laurie
    James Andrew Laurie is an American writer, journalist, and broadcaster who is known principally for his work in Asia.
  • Jim McKay Jim McKay
    James Kenneth McManus, better known by his professional name of Jim McKay, was an American television sports journalist.
  • Jim Metcalf Jim Metcalf
    James M. Metcalf was a journalist for WWL-TV in New Orleans, Louisiana where he served as anchor/reporter.
  • Jimmy Durante Jimmy Durante
    James Francis Durante was an American singer, pianist, comedian, and actor.
  • Joe Frank Joe Frank
    Joe Frank is an American radio artist known best for his often philosophical, humorous, surrealist, and sometimes absurd monologues and radio dramas.
  • Joe Garagiola Sr.
    Joseph Henry Garagiola Sr. was an American professional baseball catcher, later an announcer and television host, popular for his colorful personality.
  • John Callaway (journalist)
    John Callaway was an American journalist, who appeared on radio and television as a host, interviewer and moderator. He was the original host of Chicago Tonight, a nightly news program broadcast on the Chicago, Illinois television station WTTW, serving in that role from 1984 to 1999.
  • John Charles Daly
    John Charles Patrick Croghan Daly, generally known as John Charles Daly or simply John Daly, was an American radio and television personality, CBS News radio journalist, ABC News executive and TV anchor and game show host, best known for hosting the television panel show What's My Line?.
  • John Green (producer)
    John Robert Green is executive Producer of Special Programming and Development at ABC News in New York City. John is a three-time Emmy and prestigious Peabody Award winner.
  • John Miller (journalist) John Miller (journalist)
    John Miller is the Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence & Counter-terrorism of the NYPD. He is the former Associate Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Analytic Transformation and Technology.
  • Johnny Carson Johnny Carson
    John William Carson was an American talk show host and comedian, best known for his 30 years as host of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Carson received six Emmy Awards, the Television Academy's 1980 Governor's Award, and a 1985 Peabody Award.
  • John Stossel John Stossel
    John Frank Stossel is an American consumer television personality, author, and libertarian pundit, known for his career on both ABC News and Fox Business Channel.
  • John Yang (journalist)
    John Yang is an American Peabody Award-winning television news correspondent, commentator and as of February 2016, a special correspondent for the PBS NewsHour.
  • Jon Palfreman
    Jon Palfreman is a reporter, writer, producer, director and educator best known for his documentary work on Frontline and Nova.
  • Jon Stewart Jon Stewart
    Jon Stewart is an American comedian, writer, producer, television host, and occasional actor. He is best known for being the host of The Daily Show, a satirical news program on Comedy Central, from 1999 to 2015.
  • Jordan Peele Jordan Peele
    Jordan Haworth Peele is an American actor, comedian, writer, producer, and director. He is best known for starring in the Comedy Central sketch series Key & Peele and for his five seasons as a cast member on MADtv.
  • Josh Levs
    Joshua Levs, commonly known as Josh Levs, is an American broadcast journalist. Born in Albany, New York, he reports for the CNN news television network.
  • Josh Weinstein Josh Weinstein
    Josh Weinstein is an American television writer and producer, known for his work on the animated comedy series The Simpsons.
  • Judith Ann Mayotte
    Judith Ann Mayotte is an American humanitarian, author, theologian, producer, former Catholic religious sister, ethicist, and university professor.
  • Julia Child Julia Child
    Julia Carolyn Child was an American chef, author and television personality.
  • Julian Goodman
    Julian Goodman was an American broadcasting executive and journalist.
  • Kaiser Family Foundation Kaiser Family Foundation
    The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, or just Kaiser Family Foundation, is an American non-profit organization, headquartered in Menlo Park, California. It focuses on major health care issues facing the nation, as well as U.S. role in global health policy.
  • Kara David Kara David
    Kara David is a Filipino journalist and television host. She is the news anchor of News to Go at GMA Network, as well as a host and writer for i-Witness. She recently began hosting Power House.
  • Karl Haas Karl Haas
    Karl Haas was a German-American classical music radio host, known for his sonorous speaking voice, humanistic approach to music appreciation, and popularization of classical music.
  • Kate O'Brian
    Kate O'Brian is a television news executive. She was previously with Al Jazeera America as president of the network and before ABC News, where she spent most of her career.
  • Katerina Cizek
    Katerina Cizek is a Canadian documentary director and a pioneer in digital documentaries.
  • Katie Couric Katie Couric
    Katherine Anne "Katie" Couric is an American journalist and author. She recently served as Yahoo!.
    KCNC-TV, virtual channel 4, is a CBS owned-and-operated television station licensed to Denver, Colorado, United States. The station is owned by the CBS Television Stations subsidiary of CBS Corporation.
    KCTS-TV, channel 9, is a non-commercial educational television station licensed to Seattle, Washington, USA. KCTS-TV is the primary member station of the Public Broadcasting Service for the Seattle-Tacoma television market.
    KDTV-DT, virtual channel 14, is a Univision owned-and-operated television station located in San Francisco, California, United States.
  • Keegan-Michael Key Keegan-Michael Key
    Keegan-Michael Key is an American actor, comedian, writer, and producer. He starred in the Comedy Central sketch series Key & Peele and co-stars in the USA Network comedy series Playing House.
  • Kevin Brownlow
    Kevin Brownlow is a British film historian, television documentary-maker, filmmaker, author, and film editor. Brownlow is best known for his work documenting the history of the silent era. Brownlow became interested in silent film at the age of eleven.
    KFOR-TV, virtual channel 4, is an NBC-affiliated television station licensed to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States.
    KING-TV, channel 5, is an NBC-affiliated television station located in Seattle, Washington, United States.
    KIRO-TV, channel 7, is a CBS-affiliated television station located in Seattle, Washington, United States. The station is owned by the Cox Media Group subsidiary of Atlanta-based Cox Enterprises.
    KMEX-DT, channel 34, is a Univision owned-and-operated television station located in Los Angeles, California, United States, which serves as the West Coast flagship station of the network.
    KMGH-TV, virtual and VHF digital channel 7, is an ABC-affiliated television station licensed to Denver, Colorado, United States.
    KMOV, virtual channel 4, is a CBS-affiliated television station licensed to St. Louis, Missouri, United States.
    KOCO-TV, virtual channel 5, is an ABC-affiliated television station licensed to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States.
    KOMO-TV, channel 4, is an ABC-affiliated television station located in Seattle, Washington, United States. KOMO-TV is owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group as part of a duopoly with Univision affiliate KUNS-TV, licensed to Bellevue.
  • Krista Tippett
    Krista Tippett is an American journalist, author, and entrepreneur. She created and hosts the public radio program and podcast On Being. In 2014, Tippett was awarded the National Humanities Medal by U.S. President Barack Obama.
    KRON-TV, virtual channel 4, is a MyNetworkTV-affiliated television station licensed to San Francisco, California, United States. The station is owned by Nexstar Media Group.
    KSTP is a Sports radio station. It is the flagship AM radio station of Hubbard Broadcasting, which also owns several other television and radio stations across the United States and some other media properties. It is the ESPN Radio affiliate for Minneapolis-St. Paul.
    KWTV-DT, virtual channel 9, is a CBS-affiliated television station licensed to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States.
  • Larry King Larry King
    Larry King is an American television and radio host, whose work has been recognized with awards including two Peabodys and 10 Cable ACE Awards.
  • Laura Sullivan
    Laura Sullivan is a correspondent and investigative reporter for National Public Radio. She covers crime, punishment and prisons for Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Talk of the Nation and other NPR programs.
  • Lea Thau
    Lea Thau is a Peabody Award-winning producer and director. She is the producer and host of the podcast Strangers and the former Executive and Creative Director of The Moth.
  • Lee Mendelson
    Lee Mendelson is an American television producer. He is best known as the executive producer of the many Peanuts animated specials.
  • Leonard Reiffel
    Leonard Reiffel was an American physicist, author and educator. Born in Chicago, Reiffel was an electrical engineering student for a number of years before entering into research fields. He collaborated with Enrico Fermi, Carl Sagan, and members of Operation Paperclip.
  • Linda Ellerbee Linda Ellerbee
    Linda Ellerbee is an American journalist who is most known for several jobs at NBC News, including Washington, D.C. correspondent, and also as host of the Nickelodeon network's Nick News with Linda Ellerbee.
  • Link TV Link TV
    Link TV, original WorldLink TV, is a non-commercial liberal / progressive American satellite television network providing what it describes as "diverse perspectives on world and national issues." It is carried nationally on DirecTV and Dish Network.
  • Lisa Fletcher Lisa Fletcher
    Lisa Fletcher is an American television journalist. She is an investigative reporter and news anchor who has covered stories around the world - both for ABC News as a correspondent and various major-market television stations.
  • Lloyd Dobyns
    Lloyd Allen Dobyns, Jr. born is a former NBC news reporter and correspondent.
  • London Weekend Television London Weekend Television
    London Weekend Television was the ITV network franchise holder for Greater London and the Home Counties at weekends, broadcasting from Fridays at 5.15 pm to Monday mornings at 6:00am.
  • Lowell Thomas Lowell Thomas
    Lowell Jackson Thomas was an American writer, broadcaster, and traveler, best remembered for publicising T. E. Lawrence. He was also involved in promoting the Cinerama widescreen system.
  • Lynn Sherr
    Lynn Sherr is an American broadcast journalist and author, best known as a correspondent for the ABC news magazine 20/20.
  • Mariana Atencio Mariana Atencio
    Mariana Atencio is a 4'9" Peabody-Award winning journalist and news personality working for MSNBC and NBC News, where she covers domestic and international issues doing breaking news and special reports.
  • Mariana van Zeller Mariana van Zeller
    Mariana van Zeller is a Peabody Award winning Portuguese journalist and correspondent for National Geographic Channel. She is also chief correspondent for Fusion. She is a former correspondent for the Vanguard documentary series on the former Current TV.
  • Marian McPartland Marian McPartland
    Margaret Marian McPartland, OBE, was an English-American jazz pianist, composer and writer. She was the host of Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz on National Public Radio from 1978 to 2011.
  • Maria Shriver Maria Shriver
    Maria Owings Shriver is an American journalist and activist. She is the former First Lady of California, and the estranged wife of former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. She has received a Peabody Award and was co-anchor for NBC's Emmy-winning coverage of the 1988 Summer Olympics.
  • Mark Shapiro (media executive) Mark Shapiro (media executive)
    Mark Shapiro is an American television and media executive.
  • Martha Raddatz Martha Raddatz
    Martha Raddatz is an American reporter with ABC News. She is the network's Chief Global Affairs Correspondent. She reports for ABC's World News Tonight with David Muir, Nightline, and other network broadcasts.
  • Martin Agronsky
    Martin Agronsky was an American journalist and host of the television program Agronsky & Company.
  • Martin Smith (documentarian) Martin Smith (documentarian)
    Martin Smith is a producer, writer, director and correspondent. Smith has directed dozens of nationally broadcast documentaries for CBS News, ABC News and PBS Frontline. His films range in topic from war in the Middle East to the 2008 financial crisis.
  • Marty Haag
    H. Martin "Marty" Haag, Jr. was the news director at the perennially dominant ABC station, WFAA-TV, in Dallas, Texas from 1973 to 1989.
  • Marvin Worth
    Marvin Worth was an American film producer, screenwriter and actor perhaps best known for his efforts to bring the biography of Malcolm X to the big screen.
  • Mary Carillo
    Mary Carillo is an American sportscaster and former professional tennis player. She is a reporter for NBC Sports and NBC Olympics.
  • Mary Nissenson
    Mary Nissenson is an award-winning American television journalist, who also has been an entrepreneur, social activist and university instructor.
  • Matt Groening Matt Groening
    Matthew Abraham "Matt" Groening is an American cartoonist, writer, producer, animator, and voice actor. He is the creator of the comic strip Life in Hell and the television series The Simpsons, Futurama, and the upcoming Disenchantment.
  • Matt Stone Matt Stone
    Matthew Richard Stone is an American actor, animator, writer, director, producer, singer, and songwriter. He is known for co-creating South Park along with his creative partner Trey Parker, as well as co-writing the Tony Award-winning musical The Book of Mormon.
  • Metropolitan Opera Metropolitan Opera
    The Metropolitan Opera, commonly referred to as "The Met", is a company based in New York City, resident at the Metropolitan Opera House at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. The company is operated by the non-profit Metropolitan Opera Association, with Peter Gelb as general manager.
  • Minnesota Public Radio Minnesota Public Radio
    Minnesota Public Radio, is a public radio network for the state of Minnesota. With its three services, News & Information, Classical Music and The Current, MPR operates a 44-station regional radio network in the upper Midwest serving over 9 million people.
  • Miss Moon
    Miss Moon is a French animated children's television series created by Sébastien Dorsey and Laure Doyonnax. The series debuted on TFOU TV in France on April 17, 2016.
  • Mohamed Fahmy
    Mohamed Fadel Fahmy is an Egyptian-born Canadian award-winning journalist, war correspondent and author. Fahmy has worked extensively in the Middle East, North Africa, for CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera English.
  • Morley Safer Morley Safer
    Morley Safer was a Canadian-American broadcast journalist, reporter, and correspondent for CBS News. He was best known for his long tenure on the news magazine 60 Minutes, whose cast he joined in 1970 after its second year on television.
  • Nancy Dickerson
    Nancy Dickerson was a pioneering American radio and television journalist. As famous as a celebrity and socialite as she was for her journalism, she later became an award-winning independent producer of documentaries.
  • Nate Thayer Nate Thayer
    Nate Thayer is a freelance journalist, whose journalism has focused on international organized crime, narcotics trafficking, human rights, and areas of military conflict. He is notable for having interviewed Pol Pot, in his capacity as Cambodia correspondent for the Far Eastern Economic Review.
  • National Educational Television National Educational Television
    National Educational Television was an United States educational broadcast television network that was owned by the Ford Foundation and later co-owned by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
  • National Film Board of Canada National Film Board of Canada
    The National Film Board of Canada is Canada's public film and digital media producer and distributor. An agency of the Government of Canada, the NFB produces and distributes documentary films, animation, web documentaries and alternative dramas.
  • National Geographic (U.S. TV channel)
    National Geographic is an American digital cable and satellite television network that is owned by National Geographic Partners, majority-owned by 21st Century Fox with the remainder owned by the National Geographic Society.
  • National Radio Theater
    The National Radio Theater was a non-profit independent producer of radio plays created in Chicago by Yuri Rasovsky and Michelle M. Faith. Long affiliated with classical FM station WFMT, NRT was active from January 1973 to April 1986.
  • Neal Conan
    Neal Conan is an American radio journalist, producer, editor, and correspondent. He worked for National Public Radio for over 36 years and was the senior host of its talk show Talk of the Nation. Conan hosted Talk of the Nation from 2001 to June 27, 2013, when the program was discontinued.
  • Neil Diamond (filmmaker)
    Neil Diamond is a Cree-Canadian filmmaker based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, born and raised in Waskaganish, Quebec.
  • New York Public Radio
    New York Public Radio is the owner of WNYC, WNYC-FM, WNYC Studios, WQXR-FM, New Jersey Public Radio, and the Jerome L. Greene Performance Space. Combined, New York Public Radio owns WNYC, WNYC-FM, WQXR-FM, WQXW, WNJT-FM, WNJP, WNJY, and WNJO.
    NHK is Japan's national public broadcasting organization. NHK, which has always identified itself to audiences by the English pronunciation of its initials, is a publicly owned corporation funded by viewers' payments of a television license fee.
  • Nila Mack Nila Mack
    Nila Mack was the creator and director of Let's Pretend, the long-running CBS radio series for children. She was the Director of Children's Programs for CBS from 1930 to 1953.
  • Norman Corwin Norman Corwin
    Norman Lewis Corwin was an American writer, screenwriter, producer, essayist and teacher of journalism and writing. His earliest and biggest successes were in the writing and directing of radio drama during the 1930s and 1940s.
  • Norman Lear Norman Lear
    Norman Milton Lear is an American television writer and producer who produced such 1970s sitcoms as All in the Family, Sanford and Son, One Day at a Time, The Jeffersons, Good Times, and Maude.
    National Public Radio is an American privately and publicly funded non-profit membership media organization that serves as a national syndicator to a network of 900 public radio stations in the United States.
  • Oprah Winfrey Oprah Winfrey
    Oprah Winfrey is an American media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist.
  • Oregon Public Broadcasting Oregon Public Broadcasting
    Oregon Public Broadcasting is the primary television and radio public broadcasting network for most of Oregon as well as southern Washington. OPB consists of five full-power television stations, dozens of VHF or UHF translators, and over 20 radio stations and frequencies.
  • Oscar Brand Oscar Brand
    Oscar Brand was a Canadian-born American folk singer-songwriter and author. In his career, spanning 70 years, he composed at least 300 songs and released nearly 100 albums, among them Canadian and American patriotic songs.
  • Paul Hume Paul Hume
    Paul Chandler Hume was the music editor for The Washington Post from 1946 to 1982.
  • Pauline Frederick (journalist) Pauline Frederick (journalist)
    Pauline Frederick was an American journalist in newspapers, radio and television, as well as co-author of a book in 1941 and sole author of a book in 1967.
  • Paul White (journalist)
    Paul Welrose White was an American journalist and news director who founded the Columbia Broadcasting System's news division in 1933 and directed it for 13 years. His leadership spanned World War II and earned a 1945 Peabody Award for CBS Radio.
    The Public Broadcasting Service is an American public broadcaster and television program distributor.
  • Peggy Charren
    Peggy Sundelle Charren was an American activist, known as the founder of Action for Children's Television, a national child advocacy organization, in 1968. The organization was founded in an effort to encourage program diversity and eliminate commercial abuses in children's television programming.
  • Perry Como Perry Como
    Pierino Ronald "Perry" Como was an American singer and television personality. During a career spanning more than half a century, he recorded exclusively for RCA Victor for 44 years after signing with the label in 1943.
  • Peter Greste
    Peter Greste is a Latvian-Australian journalist and correspondent. He has worked as a correspondent for Reuters, CNN and the BBC, predominantly in the Middle East, Latin America and Africa.
  • Peter Gzowski Peter Gzowski
    Peter John Gzowski was a Canadian broadcaster, writer and reporter, most famous for his work on the CBC radio shows This Country in the Morning and then Morningside.
  • Peter Jennings Peter Jennings
    Peter Charles Archibald Ewart Jennings, CM was a Canadian-American journalist who served as the sole anchor of ABC World News Tonight for 22 years from 1983 until his death from lung cancer in 2005.
  • Peter Lisagor
    Peter Lisagor was Washington bureau chief of the Chicago Daily News from 1959 to 1976 and was one of the most respected and best-known journalists in the United States.
  • Phil Donahue Phil Donahue
    Phillip John "Phil" Donahue is an American media personality, writer, and film producer best known as the creator and host of The Phil Donahue Show. The television program, also known as Donahue, was the first talk show format that included audience participation.
  • Public Radio International Public Radio International
    Public Radio International is an American public radio organization.
  • Radio Philippines Network Radio Philippines Network
    Radio Philippines Network, Inc. is a Filipino-based media company co-owned by Government Communications Group under the Presidential Communications Operations Office, Nine Media Corporation, Far East Managers and Investors Inc., and several private stockholders.
  • Raidió Teilifís Éireann Raidió Teilifís Éireann
    Raidió Teilifís Éireann is a semi-state company and the national public service broadcaster of the Republic of Ireland. It both produces programmes and broadcasts them on television, radio and the Internet.
  • Rawya Rageh
    Rawya Rageh is a Senior Crisis Adviser for Amnesty International.
  • Ray Miller (journalist)
    Ray Elvin Miller was the creator and host of The Eyes of Texas, a television anthology series, syndicated through KPRC-TV, the NBC outlet in Houston. A native of Fort Worth, Miller began his career in radio there in 1938 and thereafter relocated to Houston.
  • Red Barber Red Barber
    Walter Lanier "Red" Barber was an American sports commentator. Barber, nicknamed "The Ol' Redhead", was primarily identified with radio broadcasts of Major League Baseball, calling play-by-play across four decades with the Cincinnati Reds, Brooklyn Dodgers, and New York Yankees.
  • Rhythm and Blues Foundation Rhythm and Blues Foundation
    The Rhythm and Blues Foundation is an independent American nonprofit organization dedicated to the historical and cultural preservation of rhythm and blues music.
  • Richard M. Cohen
    Richard Merrill Cohen is an American journalist, television producer, and author. He is a former senior producer for CBS News and CNN.
  • Richard N. Hughes
    Richard Norman Hughes was an American television executive and television station editorialist.
  • Richard Rodriguez
    Richard Rodriguez is an American writer who became famous as the author of Hunger of Memory: The Education of Richard Rodriguez, a narrative about his intellectual development.
  • Rich Talarico
    Rich Talarico is an American television writer and producer, best known for his work on Comedy Central's Key & Peele. He will co-write the feature-length film based on a sketch from the series titled Substitute Teacher with co-writer Alex Rubens who are co-producers on the show.
  • Rick Sanchez Rick Sanchez
    Ricardo León Sánchez de Reinaldo is a Cuban-American journalist, radio host, and author. He is currently a FOX News contributor, a columnist for FOX News Latino, and a correspondent for Spanish language network Mundo Fox.
  • Robert Bazell Robert Bazell
    Robert Bazell is adjunct professor of Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology at Yale University. He is the former chief science and health correspondent for NBC News.
  • Robert Drew
    Robert Lincoln Drew was an American documentary filmmaker known as one of the pioneers—and sometimes called father—of cinéma vérité, or direct cinema, in the United States. Two of his films are archived in the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress.
  • Robert M. Young (director)
    Robert Milton Young, usually known as Robert M. Young, is an American multi-award winning screenwriter, director, cinematographer and producer. In 1985 he was a member of the jury at the 14th Moscow International Film Festival.
  • Robert Trout
    Robert "Bob" Trout was an American broadcast news reporter, best remembered for his radio work before and during World War II. He became known to many as the "Iron Man of Radio" for his ability to ad lib while on the air, as well as his stamina, composure, and elocution.
  • Robin Roberts (newscaster) Robin Roberts (newscaster)
    Robin René Roberts is an American television broadcaster. Roberts is the anchor of ABC's Good Morning America.
  • Rod Serling Rod Serling
    Rodman Edward "Rod" Serling was an American screenwriter, playwright, television producer, and narrator known for his live television dramas of the 1950s and his science-fiction anthology TV series, The Twilight Zone.
  • Roger Mudd Roger Mudd
    Roger Harrison Mudd is an American broadcast journalist, most recently working as the primary anchor for The History Channel.
  • Ronald Noll
    Ronald W. Noll was an American conductor, music director, and television music supervisor. Noll held degrees from Franklin & Marshall College, the Juilliard School, the Eastman School of Music, and Columbia University. His daughter is the actress-singer Christiane Noll.
  • Roone Arledge
    Roone Pinckney Arledge, Jr. was an American sports and news broadcasting executive who was president of ABC Sports from 1968 until 1986 and ABC News from 1977 until 1998, and a key part of the company's rise to competition with the two other main television networks, NBC and CBS, in the 1960s...
  • Rosemary Rice
    Rosemary Rice was an American actress, singer, and voice-over artist. Rice was best known for her role as Katrin Hansen, the oldest daughter in the television series, Mama, which aired on CBS from 1949 to 1957. She provided the opening voice narration for Mama through her character.
  • Sarah Koenig
    Sarah Koenig is an American journalist, public radio personality, staff producer of the television and radio program This American Life, and the host and executive producer of the acclaimed podcast Serial.
  • SCOTUSblog SCOTUSblog
    SCOTUSblog is a law blog written by lawyers, law professors, and law students about the Supreme Court of the United States. The blog was formerly sponsored by Bloomberg Law. The site tracks cases before the Court from the certiorari stage through the merits stage.
  • Sebastian Walker
    Sebastian Walker is an investigative journalist and an Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist, who is currently a correspondent and package producer for Al Jazeera English and Al Jazeera America.
  • Senain Kheshgi
    Senain Kheshgi is a Pakistani American film director, writer and producer. She is best known for her documentary films, Project Kashmir and The Diplomat.
  • Sesame Workshop Sesame Workshop
    Sesame Workshop, formerly Children's Television Workshop, is an American non-profit organization that is a subsidiary of Warner Bros., a division of Time Warner, which has been responsible for the production of several educational children's programs—including its first and best-known, Sesame...
  • Seth Doane Seth Doane
    Seth Doane is an American television journalist, currently working for CBS News.
  • Seth MacFarlane
    Seth Woodbury MacFarlane is an American actor, filmmaker, comedian, and singer, working primarily in animation and comedy, as well as live-action and other genres. MacFarlane is the creator of the TV series Family Guy and The Orville, and co-creator of the TV series American Dad!.
  • Shari Lewis Shari Lewis
    Sonia Phyllis Hurwitz, better known as Shari Lewis, was an American ventriloquist, puppeteer, and children's entertainer and television show host.
  • Sheila Nevins
    Sheila Nevins is an American television producer and the President of HBO Documentary Films. She has produced over one thousand documentary films for HBO and is one of the most influential people in documentary filmmaking.
  • Showtime (TV network) Showtime (TV network)
    Showtime is an American premium cable and satellite television network that serves as the flagship service of the Showtime Networks, Inc. subsidiary of CBS Corporation, which also owns sister services The Movie Channel and Flix.
  • Soledad O'Brien Soledad O'Brien
    María de la Soledad Teresa O'Brien is an American broadcast journalist and executive producer. She is the chairman of Starfish Media Group, a multi-platform media production company and distributor.
  • Solly Granatstein
    Solly Granatstein is an American television producer and director, formerly with CBS 60 Minutes, NBC News and ABC News.
  • Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson
    Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson is an American journalist. She currently directs the National Public Radio bureau in Berlin.
  • Soupçons Soupçons
    Soupçons is a 2004 French television miniseries by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade documenting the trial of Michael Peterson, accused of murdering his wife, Kathleen Peterson.
  • Stan Lathan
    Stan Lathan is an American television and film director and television producer. He is executive producer and director of BET's Real Husbands of Hollywood.
  • Stephen Colbert Stephen Colbert
    Stephen Tyrone Colbert is an American comedian, television host, actor, and writer. He is best known for hosting the satirical Comedy Central program The Colbert Report from 2005 to 2014, and hosting the CBS talk program The Late Show with Stephen Colbert beginning in September 2015.
  • Steve Allen Steve Allen
    Stephen Valentine Patrick William Allen was an American television personality, musician, composer, actor, comedian, writer, and advocate of scientific skepticism. He achieved notability as the first host of The Tonight Show, the first late night talk show, in 1954.
  • Steve York Steve York
    Steven H. York is a documentary filmmaker and video game creator who has worked in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North and South America on subjects ranging from religious fundamentalism to American history to nonviolent conflict.
  • Swiss Broadcasting Corporation
    The Swiss Broadcasting Corporation is the Swiss public broadcasting association, founded in 1931.
  • Sylvester Weaver (executive) Sylvester Weaver (executive)
    Sylvester Laflin "Pat" Weaver Jr. was an American radio advertising executive, who became president of NBC between 1953 and 1955. He has been credited with reshaping commercial broadcasting's format and philosophy as radio gave way to television as America's dominant home entertainment.
  • Sylvia Fine Sylvia Fine
    Sylvia Fine was an American lyricist, composer, and producer, and the wife of the comedian Danny Kaye. She and her future husband grew up within blocks of each other in Brooklyn, but they did not meet until 1939.
  • Talkback Thames Talkback Thames
    Talkback Thames was a British television production company, a division of FremantleMedia. It was formed by the merger of Talkback Productions and Thames Television. This merger was arranged in February 2003 and reversed in January 2012.
  • Ted Turner Ted Turner
    Robert Edward "Ted" Turner III is an American media mogul and philanthropist. As a businessman, he is known as founder of the Cable News Network, the first 24-hour cable news channel. In addition, he founded WTBS, which pioneered the superstation concept in cable television.
  • Terry Gross Terry Gross
    Terry Gross is the host and co-executive producer of Fresh Air, an interview-based radio show produced by WHYY-FM in Philadelphia and distributed throughout the United States by NPR. She has been in this position since 1975 and has conducted thousands of interviews over her 42 years at the job.
  • Texaco Texaco
    Texaco, Inc. is an American oil subsidiary of Chevron Corporation. Its flagship product is its fuel "Texaco with Techron". It also owns the Havoline motor oil brand.
  • Thames Television Thames Television
    Thames Television was a franchise holder for a region of the British ITV television network serving London and surrounding area on weekdays from 30 July 1968 until the night of 31 December 1992.
  • The Kitchen Sisters The Kitchen Sisters
    The Kitchen Sisters are Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva, who are National Public Radio radio producers in the United States.
  • The New York Times The New York Times
    The New York Times is an American daily newspaper, founded and continuously published in New York City since September 18, 1851, by The New York Times Company. The New York Times has won 122 Pulitzer Prizes, more than any other newspaper.
  • The Washington Post The Washington Post
    The Washington Post is an American daily newspaper. It is the most widely circulated newspaper published in Washington, D.C., and was founded on December 6, 1877, making it the area's oldest extant newspaper.
  • Trey Parker Trey Parker
    Randolph Severn "Trey" Parker III is an American actor, animator, writer, director, producer, singer, and songwriter. He is known for co-creating South Park along with his creative partner Matt Stone, as well as co-writing and co-directing the Tony Award-winning musical The Book of Mormon.
  • Trio (TV network) Trio (TV network)
    Trio was an American cable and satellite television network.
  • Universal Television Universal Television
    Universal Television is the television production subsidiary of the NBCUniversal Television Group and, by extension, the production arm of the NBC television network. It was formerly known as Revue Studios, MCA/Universal, NBC Studios, NBC Universal Television Studio, and Universal Media Studios.
  • Univision Univision
    Univision is an American Spanish language broadcast television network that is owned by Univision Communications.
  • Viacom Media Networks Viacom Media Networks
    Viacom Media Networks is an American mass media division of Viacom that oversees the operations of many of its television channels and Internet brands. Its sister international division is Viacom International Media Networks.
  • Vladimir Duthiers
    Vladimir Duthiers is a Peabody-Award winning American television journalist who has been a correspondent for CBS News since 2014. Prior to that, he spent five years reporting for CNN, and was a member of the team that won two Emmy Awards for CNN's coverage of the 2010 Haiti earthquake.
  • Voice of America Voice of America
    Voice of America is a U.S. government-funded international news source that serves as the United States federal government's official institution for non-military, external broadcasting.
  • Wallace and Gromit Wallace and Gromit
    Wallace and Gromit is a British clay animation comedy series created by Nick Park of Aardman Animations. The series consists of four short films and a feature-length film.
  • Walter Cronkite Walter Cronkite
    Walter Leland Cronkite Jr. was an American broadcast journalist, best known as anchorman for the CBS Evening News for 19 years. During the heyday of CBS News in the 1960s and 1970s, he was often cited as "the most trusted man in America" after being so named in an opinion poll.
  • Walter Lippmann Walter Lippmann
    Walter Lippmann was an American writer, reporter, and political commentator famous for being among the first to introduce the concept of Cold War, coining the term "stereotype" in the modern psychological meaning, and critiquing media and democracy in his newspaper column and several books, most...
    WBAL-TV, virtual and VHF digital channel 11, is an NBC-affiliated television station licensed to Baltimore, Maryland, United States.
    WCCO is a Class A clear-channel radio station located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States and owned by CBS Radio. Its studios are located in the CBS Radio Building at 625 Second Avenue South in downtown Minneapolis. Its transmitter is located in Coon Rapids, Minnesota.
    WCCO-TV, virtual channel 4, is a CBS owned-and-operated television station, licensed to Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States and serving the Twin Cities television market. The station is owned by the CBS Television Stations subsidiary of CBS Corporation.
    WCNC-TV, virtual channel 36, is an NBC-affiliated television station licensed to Charlotte, North Carolina, United States.
    WCVB-TV, channel 5, is an ABC-affiliated television station located in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. It is one of three flagship television stations of Hearst Television along with WBAL-TV and WTAE-TV, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hearst Corporation.
    WEKU, is a National Public Radio-affiliated station in Richmond, Kentucky; serving nearby Lexington. Owned by Eastern Kentucky University, it primarily features NPR news and talk programming, along with classical music from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. at night.
  • WGBH Educational Foundation
    The WGBH Educational Foundation of Boston, Massachusetts is an American nonprofit organization that oversees the WGBH stations in Boston, WGBY-TV in Springfield, and other productions. It won a Peabody Award in 2007 for Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial and Design Squad.
    WGBH is a public radio station located in Boston, Massachusetts. WGBH is a member station of National Public Radio and an affiliate of Public Radio International and American Public Media. The license-holder is the WGBH Educational Foundation, which also owns WGBH-TV and WGBX-TV.
    WGBH-TV, virtual channel 2, is a PBS member television station located in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.
  • WGMS (defunct) WGMS (defunct)
    WGMS was a radio station in Washington, D.C. that maintained a classical music format from 1946 to 2007. Last owned by Bonneville International, it was known on air for many years as Classical 103.5.
  • William Blinn
    William Frederick Blinn is an American screenwriter and television producer.
  • William C. Fyffe
    William C. Fyffe was an American broadcast news reporter and news director who made significant contributions to the development of the modern new format including the Eyewitness News format and use of live remotes in newscasts.
  • William L. Shirer William L. Shirer
    William Lawrence Shirer was an American journalist and war correspondent. He wrote The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, a history of Nazi Germany that has been read by many and cited in scholarly works for more than 50 years.
  • Wisconsin Public Radio Wisconsin Public Radio
    Wisconsin Public Radio is a network of 34 public radio stations in the state of Wisconsin. WPR's network is divided into two distinct analog services, the Ideas Network and the NPR News and Classical Network, as well as the "HD2 Classical Service," a digital-only, full-time classical music service.
  • Wisconsin Public Television Wisconsin Public Television
    Wisconsin Public Television is a state network of public television stations operated primarily by the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board and the University of Wisconsin–Extension. It comprises all of the PBS member stations in the state outside of Milwaukee.
    WITI, virtual channel 6, is a Fox-affiliated television station licensed to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States.
    WLOX is the combined ABC and CBS-affiliated television station for the Mississippi Gulf Coast that is licensed to Biloxi. It broadcasts a high definition digital signal on UHF channel 39 from a transmitter in unincorporated southern Stone County near McHenry.
    WLW – branded Newsradio 700 WLW – is a commercial news/talk radio station serving Greater Cincinnati. Owned by iHeartMedia, WLW is a 50,000-watt clear-channel station that covers much of the eastern half of North America at night.
    WNET, channel 13, is a non-commercial educational, public television station licensed to Newark, New Jersey, United States. With its signal covering the New York metropolitan area, WNET is a member station of, program provider to, and flagship property of the Public Broadcasting Service.
    WNYC is the trademark, and a set of call letters shared by a pair of non-profit, noncommercial, public radio stations located in New York City and owned by New York Public Radio, a nonprofit organization that did business as WNYC RADIO until March 2013.
  • WNYC (AM)
    WNYC is a non-profit, noncommercial, public radio station located in New York City.
    WNYC-FM is a non-profit, noncommercial, public radio station located in New York City. It is owned by New York Public Radio which also owns WNYC, WQXR-FM, New Jersey Public Radio, and the Jerome L. Greene Performance Space.
  • Worldwide Pants
    Worldwide Pants Inc. is an American television and film production company founded and owned by comedian and former talk show host David Letterman.
    WSMV-TV, virtual channel 4, is an NBC-affiliated television station licensed to Nashville, Tennessee, United States. The station is owned by the Meredith Corporation. WSMV's studios and transmitter are located on Knob Road in west Nashville.
    WTTW, virtual channel 11, is the primary Public Broadcasting Service member television station licensed to Chicago, Illinois, United States.
    WWL-TV virtual channel 4 is a CBS-affiliated television station located in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States.
  • Xerox Xerox
    Xerox Corporation is an American global corporation that sells document solutions and services, and document technology products in more than 160 countries.
  • Yle Yle
    Yleisradio Oy, also known as Rundradion or the Finnish Broadcasting Company, abbreviated to Yle, is Finland's national public-broadcasting company, founded in 1926. It is a public limited company which is 99.98% owned by the Finnish state, and employs around 3,200 people in Finland.
  • Youth Radio Youth Radio
    Youth Radio is an award-winning nonprofit media production company in Oakland, California that provides the resources and platforms for youth to lead local and national conversations.
    Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, usually shortened to ZDF, is a German public-service television broadcaster based in Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate. It is run as an independent nonprofit institution, which was founded by all federal states of Germany.
    ART21 TV is a private television broadcasting company in Armenia.

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