Of Mice And Men

Of Mice and Men

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  • The Conversation AU
    Of mice and men: why animal trial results don't always translate to humans
    The Conversation AU
    For example, in crude experiments in the 1800s, dogs were injected with extracts made from the pancreases of other animals, which led to insulin therapy for human diabetes. Much more recently, genetically modified mice were used to develop ...
    Published on: Tue, 29 Aug 20:22:42 5 290
  • Of mice and men: Hantavirus infections represent a global problem
    At that time, a review of medical records indicated that the man's fiancee had similar symptoms and died the week before. These two deaths led the New Mexico Office of the Medical Investigator to review medical records of patients in the area who had ...
    Published on: Thu, 17 Aug 12:29:22 1 40

  • Inside the Pylon
    Of Mice and (Rich) Men
    Inside the Pylon
    Rich men play games like spiders while their prey, including ordinary folk, spin endlessly in a web, caught up in the gossamer fabrics of an ecosystem that demands its attention and participation. This is nowhere more evident than in the world of ...
    Published on: Thu, 07 Sep 12:56:04 26 573
  • Letter from the Tribune editor: The best laid plans of mice, men
    It seems like just yesterday that we planted our little garden behind the garage. We had such grand aspirations as we put green bean, cucumber and zucchini seeds in the ground, along with about 14 tomato and six varieties of pepper plants. We would ...
    Published on: Fri, 08 Sep 20:42:00 47 617

  • Kent News
    Production of Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men's 10-week tour
    Kent News
    Selladoor productions in association with Canterbury's Marlowe Theatre have announced a 10-week UK tour of the Steinbeck classic Of Mice and Men opening at Marlowe Canterbury on January 29. Written by Nobel Prize winner John Steinbeck and based ...
    Published on: Wed, 16 Aug 14:21:12 1 19
  • Best Laid Schemes « LRB blog - London Review of Books
    London Review of Books (subscription) (blog)
    A few miles south of Soledad, California, not far from the Salinas river, George Milton and Lennie Small arrive at a ranch. Itinerant workers who have been forced ...
    Published on: Wed, 23 Aug 12:26:45 31 380

  • Upset Magazine
    Of Mice & Men: “We've already written an album's worth of material”
    Upset Magazine
    It's still going to be Of Mice And Men. It's still going to be the things you loved sonically, the feeling and the excitement. We were so overjoyed to see an overwhelmingly positive reception to 'Back To Me' and 'Unbreakable' because, for us, we're ...
    Published on: Tue, 22 Aug 08:26:20 9 322

  • Scroll.in
    Of mice and men: Why drugs successfully tested on animals are sometimes deadly in humans
    Much more recently, genetically modified mice were used to develop revolutionary cancer immunotherapy drugs, such as that credited with curing advanced melanoma in AFL footballer Jarryd Roughead. In developing and testing drugs for human use, animal ...
    Published on: Sun, 03 Sep 09:07:50 27 545
  • Tony Winner Jim Norton on Revisiting the Work of Conor McPherson in London's Girl from the North Country
    Jim Norton is a beloved theater stalwart on both sides of the Atlantic, having won an Olivier and then a Tony for his performance in fellow Irishman Conor McPherson's The Seafarer. The genial veteran is working with writer-director McPherson once again ...
    Published on: Sat, 09 Sep 04:07:53 22 384
  • Washington Post bestsellers: September 10, 2017
    Washington Post
    By Martha Hall Kelly. The lives of three women are disrupted by the outbreak of World War II. [27]. 8. OF MICE AND MEN. (The Viking Press Inc., $11). By John Steinbeck. The story of George and Lennie, California laborers, during the Great Depression. [12].
    Published on: Fri, 08 Sep 15:44:11 1 12

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