• Noodle Noodle A staple food in many cultures made from unleavened dough which is stretched, extruded, or...
  • Noodle (Gorillaz) Noodle (Gorillaz)A fictional Japanese musician and member of the British virtual band Gorillaz.
  • Noodles (musician) Noodles (musician) The lead guitarist and backing vocalist for The Offspring.
  • Noodle (film)An award-winning 2007 Israeli film directed by Ayelet Menahemi, written by Shemi Zarhin and...
  • Noodle, Texas An unincorporated community in Jones County, Texas, United States.
  • Noodles Hahn Noodles HahnA starting pitcher in Major League Baseball who played for the Cincinnati Reds and New York...
  • Noodles (band) Noodles (band)A Japanese alternative rock band currently consisting of Yoko, Ayumi and Ikuno.
  • Noodles (Usagi Yojimbo) A character in the comic books series Usagi Yojimbo.
  • Noodles & Company Noodles & CompanyA fast-casual restaurant headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, that offers international and...
  • Pool noodle Pool noodleA cylindrical piece of polyethylene foam, sometimes hollow.

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  • RachBox posted a photo:

    Braised pork &noodles

  • WSFfl posted a photo:

    Tomato with fusilli pasta as background

    Tomato with fusilli pasta as background.

  • WSFfl posted a photo:

    Gnocchi with wild garlic in tomato sauce and parmesan cheese

    Gnocchi with wild garlic in tomato sauce and parmesan cheese.

  • boncey posted a photo:


  • Husky-CGN posted a photo:

    Bolognese II

  • knightbefore_99 posted a photo:

    Mee Goreng at Ipoh

    Ipoh Malaysian restaurant is on east Hastings

  • myownvalues posted a photo:

    foodles froup portrait

  • MrJamesBaker posted a photo:

    Yellow Macaroni Pasta

    Must credit to "" not Flickr.
    Copy Link Address:

  • Takashi H posted a photo:

    ramen ¥1200-

    横丁そば 小西湖
    三重県伊勢市宇治中之切町52 おかげ横丁

    焼豚満開 横丁そば ¥1200

  • Takashi H posted a photo:

    Ramen ¥1200-

    横丁そば 小西湖
    三重県伊勢市宇治中之切町52 おかげ横丁

  • Tony Worrall posted a photo:

    Chicken Pad Thai Noodles with Carrots Asian Slaw & Lime

    © 2017 Tony Worrall

  • dtanist posted a photo:


    9/16/2017 Pasta to be served at the Festa di San Gennaro in Little Italy. Sony a7. Konica Hexanon AR 40mm 1:1.8.

  • Miel Photopgraphy posted a photo:

    Some Crisps and Tea

    Enjoying this Padang traditional snack at afternoon tea time. The crisps are called Dakak-Dakak Bulat; they are cassava noodles spun into balls then deep -fried.

  • aaroncaley posted a photo:


    Late night bun and mien ngna

  • garydlum posted a photo:

    Baked cheesy noodles and bacon

    Baked cheesy chilli noodles and bacon

  • wintersoul1 posted a photo:


    i love ramen, pork flavored with egg, tomato, parsley added every time, and brocoli or celery or brussels sometimes...

  • Neva Swensen posted a photo:

    Homemade chicken soup

  • alotroy posted a photo:

    Asian Food Stall

    Asian Food Stall

  • dccradio posted a photo:


    For supper my wife cooked homemade chicken vegetable soup.

  • dccradio posted a photo:

    Homemade Soup.

    For supper my wife cooked homemade chicken vegetable soup.