• Noodle Noodle A staple food in many cultures made from unleavened dough which is stretched, extruded, or...
  • Noodle (Gorillaz) Noodle (Gorillaz)A fictional Japanese musician and member of the British virtual band Gorillaz.
  • Noodles (musician) Noodles (musician) The lead guitarist and backing vocalist for The Offspring.
  • Noodle (film)An award-winning 2007 Israeli film directed by Ayelet Menahemi, written by Shemi Zarhin and...
  • Noodle, Texas An unincorporated community in Jones County, Texas, United States.
  • Noodles Hahn Noodles HahnA starting pitcher in Major League Baseball who played for the Cincinnati Reds and New York...
  • Noodles (band) Noodles (band)A Japanese alternative rock band currently consisting of Yoko, Ayumi and Ikuno.
  • Noodles (Usagi Yojimbo) A character in the comic books series Usagi Yojimbo.
  • Noodles & Company Noodles & CompanyA fast-casual restaurant headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, that offers international and...
  • Pool noodle Pool noodleA cylindrical piece of polyethylene foam, sometimes hollow.

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  • Eater NY
    Momofuku Will Open Noodle Bar in Time Warner Center
    Eater NY
    Sirens: David Chang is opening a second location for Momofuku Noodle Bar in The Shops at Columbus Circle in the Time Warner Center: a third floor, 4,000 square-foot restaurant serving lunch and dinner on track to debut in 2018. It's one of two new ...
    Published on: Tue, 12 Sep 14:06:00 35 415

    Taiwan shop serves world's most expensive beef noodle soup
    In a city where a bowl of noodles doesn't usually cost more than $6, a shop in Taipei has been charging $325, or TWD10,000, for its beef noodle soup — and diners are happily paying for it. Beef noodle shop Niu Ba Ba, founded in 1990 in Taiwan, serves ...
    Published on: Tue, 12 Sep 12:43:00 1 10

  • CNN
    World's most expensive beef noodle soup found in Taiwan | CNN ...
    A shop in Taipei, Taiwan, has been charging $325 for its Presidential Beef Noodle Soup. So what's in Niu Ba Ba's recipe that justifies the price?
    Published on: Mon, 11 Sep 01:24:21 2 18

  • Eater NY
    Korean Ramen Shop With Michelin Cred Opens Today
    Eater NY
    Joining the West Village restaurant scene today is Jeju Noodle Bar, a Korean ramen shop from a chef-owner with a Michelin background. Douglas Kim is bringing his take on the genre to 679 Greenwich Street with four types of ramyun, plus appetizers ...
    Published on: Mon, 11 Sep 16:09:31 31 617

  • (press release)
    Northside Noodle Company Recalls Meatball Products Due To ... (press release)
    Northside Noodle Company, an Iron Mountain, Mich., establishment, is recalling approximately 123 pounds of meatball products due to misbranding and ...
    Published on: Fri, 08 Sep 19:31:06 9 98

  • Style Weekly (blog)
    Fan Noodle Bar Will Transform into Pik Nik on Sept. 17
    Style Weekly (blog)
    Sonny Kiatsuranon and his brother, Joe, grew up working at their family's restaurant, Mom's Siam. Later, Sonny left to start Fan Noodle Bar, while Joe opened My Noodle & Bar, which is also in the Fan. Confused? The Kiatsuranons were concerned about that.
    Published on: Fri, 08 Sep 17:58:41 42 881

  • New York Post
    Udon noodle joint coming to Rockefeller Center
    New York Post
    The city's second TsuruTonTan noodle brasserie has signed a 15-year lease at 64 W. 48th St., former home to City Sports, The Post has learned. The three-level, 10,000-square-foot eatery will boast more than 200 seats and is expected to open in March ...
    Published on: Tue, 05 Sep 21:05:21 1 91
  • Corky Carroll: Here's how to avoid those pesky 'noodle arms'
    You are all set except for the fact that you haven't surfed in six months and your arms are not in paddling shape. And even though your adrenaline is pumping, it won't be long before noodle arms doom your session. Getting caught inside, missing good ...
    Published on: Fri, 08 Sep 21:34:14 48 563
  • Treasured Dumpling Destination Lam Zhou Handmade Noodle Returns To NYC
    Lam Zhou Handmade Noodle, a decade-old noodle and dumpling shop, suddenly shuttered its East Broadway storefront last month. Devotees of the restaurant mourned and food sites penned eulogies, but turns out the shop isn't gone forever—just gone on ...
    Published on: Wed, 06 Sep 20:20:05 33 402

  • Forbes
    Study Finds The East Coast Of America Is Sinking Into The Atlantic Ocean
    On either side of where you pushed down, the noodle will pop up a bit to compensate for the load. This same process happens on Earth when it experiences a large heavy load such as a glacier. So the glaciers on the North American continent caused the ...
    Published on: Tue, 12 Sep 15:07:00 48 864

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    Vegan fried instant noodles.😋😋#美慈23齡距離生活學習紀錄 #美慈 #life_share6823

    滿常光顧的 素食料理店之一❤ 這還是第一次去店裡用餐~ 點了醬炒泡麵$60 炎炎夏日,吃個簡單的素食麵 也很不賴

    #高雄 #好粥對麵 素食廣東粥 -旗艦店 #高雄市苓雅區尚義街57號 #素食廣東粥 #好粥對麵 旗艦店 #好粥對麵 #素食料理 #素食 #純素 #蛋素 #素食也可以很好吃 #vegan #vegetable #noodle #food #veganfoodshare #instantnoodles #friedinstantnoodles #kaohsiungfood #kaohsiung #taiwanfood #taiwan #yummy #yummy😋

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    noodle vendor with a customer

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    Gooch's Best

    My first macaroni ghost.
    Martha Gooch - Atlantic, Iowa

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    Cold Soba

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    Ingredients for cooking of homemade Italian pasta on white wooden background flat lay, copy space

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    Butter Chicken Noodl

    via Michael Alari Design
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    DSC_4242 London Chinatown 唐人街 Gerrard Street Noodle Shop

    London Chinatown 唐人街 Gerrard Street Noodle Shop

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    Jeju Style Noodle Soup(Guksu)

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    Parting out this HUGE collection of stickers. These are all for sale and priced out accordingly. Shipping is a flat $3 for small US orders and $6 for small international. Larger orders shipping will vary. I currently only accept Paypal as payment.

    - (*) means not on original backing
    - blank (no price) means not available for sale

    Please send any sticker questions and sticker orders to [email protected]

    Thank you.

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    + 250g Su Su (loại bỏ vỏ)
    + 350g Bí đỏ (loại bỏ vỏ)
    + 200g Khoai Môn (loại bỏ vỏ)
    + 1,5 lít Nước
    + 1 thìa cafe (tsp) + 1/8 thìa cafe (tsp) + 1 thìa cafe (tsp) Muối
    + 120g Đậu phụ chiên (khoảng 2 bìa Đậu phụ chiên)
    + 120g Mì căn
    + 100g Nấm rơm
    + 15 Nấm hương (Ngâm nở)
    + 1 cây Hành Boa rô
    + 4 thìa canh (tbsp) Dầu Lạc (Đậu phộng)
    + 1 thìa cafe (tsp) Bột nêm chay
    + 1 thìa cafe (tsp) Đường
    + 1/2 thìa cafe (tsp) Tiêu
    + Rau mùi (Ngò)
    + 2 củ Nghệ (cỡ ngón tay)
    + Bắp chuối
    + Rau thơm (tùy thích)
    + Mì Quảng
    + Lạc (Đậu phộng) giã dập
    + Chao (không bắt buộc)

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    Devious Chicken Curr

    via Michael Alari Design
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    ** Đối với phần Nước dùng
    + 1 củ Su Su (Hoặc Su Hào)
    + 1 củ Cà Rốt
    + 1 bắp Ngô
    + 1 củ Đậu
    + 1 quả táo (Hoặc lê)
    + 4 lít Nước
    + 1 viên Đường Phèn (cỡ 1 ngon tay cái)
    + 1 thìa canh (tbsp) Muối
    ** Đối với phần Nhân chay ăn kèm
    + 2 bìa Đậu phụ chiên
    + 50g Thịt bò lát chay dạng khô (không bắt buộc)
    + Nấm (nấm đùi gà + nấm hương + nấm kim châm ... tùy khẩu vị)
    + Chả chay (không bắt buộc)
    + Bún sợi to
    + Hành lá
    + Mùi (Ngò)
    + Bắp chuối
    + Rau thơm (tùy khẩu vị)
    ** Đối với phần Sa tế
    + Hành Boa Rô (lấy phần đầu trắng)
    + 5-8 cây Sả (đập dập)
    + 3 thìa canh (tbsp) Sả (băm nhỏ)
    + 1 thìa canh (tbsp) Tỏi (băm nhỏ)
    + 1 thìa cafe (tsp) Ớt (băm nhỏ)
    + 4-5 thìa canh (tbsp) Dầu ăn
    + 2-3 thìa canh (tbsp) Ớt bột
    + 1 thìa canh (tbsp) Đường
    + 1 thìa canh (tbsp) Bột nêm

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    Beijing noodle