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    All of Tonight's Nintendo Direct News in One Place
    The main act of the evening was, of course, the hotly anticipated Super Mario Odyssey. The Nintendo Direct wrapped up with a lot more gameplay showing off a lot more locations, story and modes. We also heard about a new Switch bundle for the game and ...
    Published on: Wed, 13 Sep 23:57:08 0 104

    Nintendo Direct September 2017 times: Switch games take centre stage for Mario showcase
    UPDATE ONE: The latest Nintendo Direct kicks off later today, albeit late for fans in the UK. “Tune in at 11pm (UK time) on Wednesday 13th September for nearly 45 minutes of information mainly focused on what's heading to Nintendo Switch and Nintendo ...
    Published on: Wed, 13 Sep 06:32:08 24 309

    Nintendo Direct Live: Watch Here
    It's finally time! The Nintendo Direct is going live in just a moment, and we're expecting some big announcements! Nintendo's E3 Direct was about 25 minutes long, and today's presentation is almost twice as long so there is plenty of room for ...
    Published on: Wed, 13 Sep 21:41:02 7 256
  • WATCH: Nintendo Direct September 2017
    The Nintendo Direct will most likely give us a rundown of what's coming up in what remains of 2017, including Pokken Tournament DX, Fire Emblem Warriors, Mario & Luigi: SUperstar Saga + Bowser's Minions, and of course Super Mario Odyssey. Maybe ...
    Published on: Wed, 13 Sep 20:16:22 45 748
  • Arena of Valor for Switch Was One of the Biggest Nintendo Direct Reveals
    Nestled deep within today's Nintendo Direct was a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) title called Arena of Valor from Tencent. A number of folks probably thought "that the game looks a lot like League of Legends and Dota 2," and moved on with their ...
    Published on: Wed, 13 Sep 23:53:20 0 11

  • Twinfinite
    New Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Announcements Appear During Nintendo Direct
    Pokemon trainers prepare for the next chapter of your PokeAdventures to begin! New Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon details were unveiled during today's Nintendo Direct and the information was broken down into four main categories — New key details ...
    Published on: Wed, 13 Sep 22:34:01 17 357

  • IGN
    IGN Live Presents: Nintendo Direct September 13th 2017
    IGN Live Presents: Nintendo Direct September 13th 2017. Nintendo's monthly direct where they announce the latest games and show off the latest gameplay for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS. Share Download Video. Subscribe to IGN Prime to ...
    Published on: Wed, 13 Sep 21:20:00 44 495

  • Twinfinite
    Nintendo Direct Gives New, Detailed Look at Project Octopath Traveler
    Most RPG fans have known about Project Octopath Traveler for quite some time now but the latest Nintendo Direct gave a new, detailed look at the upcoming RPG. Project Octopath is being developed by the same team at Square Enix that brought us Bravely ...
    Published on: Wed, 13 Sep 23:49:07 0 10

  • NDTV
    Nintendo Direct September 2017 - What We Expect
    With that out of the way, we discuss Nintendo Direct - Nintendo's latest video presentation that shows off the company's latest and greatest on its consoles and services. If the reports are to be believed we could see Fallout 4 being announced for the ...
    Published on: Wed, 13 Sep 13:47:23 1 10
  • Nintendo Direct news from Europe and Japan | Nintendo Wire
    Nintendo Wire
    While a lot of today's Nintendo Direct was universal, Europe and Japan got their own little tidbits of news that are worth taking a look at. First up are the games ...
    Published on: Thu, 14 Sep 00:36:00 7 153

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