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  • Madhusudan dv posted a photo:

    Dear showpiece

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    Black is the way to go

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    Katarakten - the iron Gate

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  • Pieter Musterd posted a photo:

    Marks & Spencer


    Maar gauw even een foto van Marks & Spencer gemaakt voordat ze weer uit Den Haag vertrekken.

    Grote Marktstraat eindelijk klaar (op wat groen na)

    All images are copyrighted by Pieter Musterd. If you want to use or buy any of my photographs, contact me. It is not allowed to download them or use them on any websites, blogs etc. etc. without my permission.

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    Rainy Night

  • Retail Retell posted a photo:

    Walmart Gas Station and Other Miscellaneous Description Ramblings!

    Teaser photos get kind of pointless once you already know which photo series I’m continuing on a given week, but they at least afford me the opportunity to squeeze in some extra pics that didn’t make the cut for the length of the Saturday uploads at least :P Case in point, here you’re looking at the gas station in the Horn Lake Walmart Supercenter parking lot. This place holds some significance, in that it’s not a Murphy USA gas station but a true Walmart-branded fuel center (complete with convenience store to boot, although I’m not quite sure what one would purchase in there when you’ve got a 24/7 superstore just yards away, lol!). This was the first of its kind to open in DeSoto County, but another one has followed over at the Olive Branch Walmart, retroactively giving that store a fuel center (as it never had one on the property beforehand). I haven’t been by to see or photograph it myself, but as usual, l_dawg2000 has been there, done that which I have not! :D


    Because I have an apartment this year, I have to clean. When I clean, I listen to music. And when I listen to music, you guys get the picks of my playlist!

    In addition to those eight, here's this one as well, just for kicks. Fun fact: I actually met the stars of both of those shows, in Memphis, back in 2011. Tween me was really proud of that. Meanwhile, pushing-20 me is a bit startled to hear that it’s already been a decade since iCarly premiered.

    EDIT: Aaaaand this makes me feel even older.

    (c) 2017 Retail Retell
    These places are public so these photos are too, but just as I tell where they came from, I'd appreciate if you'd say who :)

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    early in the morning on the Danube

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    Sunrise on the danube

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    DSCF9474 (2)

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