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    Winter is Coming

    For a photo challenge: Hot or Cold?

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    BaD 14 September 2017: Grandpa

    Mel plays Totoro Jenga with her grandfather. "Stop trying to make me laugh, Grandpa!"

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    la prima de morgan freeman

    Clarksdale, Mississippi has long been described as "Ground Zero" for blues aficionados from around the globe. It all started here. That's why Ground Zero Blues Club® was created — to celebrate the area's rich blues heritage and to provide a forum in which it can continue.

    Located at Ø Blues Alley next door to the Delta Blues Museum in the heart of historic downtown Clarksdale

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    MOMENTUM - MOVIE - 2015

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  • Static Phil posted a photo:

    "London Has Fallen"

    Babak Najafi present in 2016 "La Chute de Londres" with Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Charlotte Riley, Aaron Eckhart, Angela Bassett,...

  • Tom Simpson posted a photo:

    Morgan Freeman, photograph by Michael Tighe for Esquire, June 1988

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    Morgan freeman and Islam

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    Morgan Freeman

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    Morgan Freeman

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    Morgan Freeman

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    Morgan Freeman

    Ilustração : Túlio Campos

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    Morgan Freeman in prismacolour

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    Morgan Freeman, JXC graffiti

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    via Instagram

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    Andrew Davis present in 1996 "Poursuite" with Keanu Reeves, Morgan Freeman, Rachel Weisz, Brian Cox,...

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    a starbucks wall ..two found art pieces..Morgan Freeman and Keith Leblanc of tackhead fame..or if you don't know Tackhead..he mixed the first Nine Inch Nails cd..for the first time I am trying (gofundme) too see if the community would help get more sheets of this paper. It used to be 10.95 and now 24.99 single sheets. I do this because I have to do art..and this is a way not to build piles and have the art into the public..with out gallery time frames..and over head. Not saying anyone one should put anything into is free will.