Ml Programming Language Family

ML programming language family

  • Alice (programming language) Alice (programming language)
    Alice ML is a programming language designed by the Programming Systems Laboratory at Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany. It is a dialect of Standard ML, augmented with support for lazy evaluation, concurrency and constraint programming.
  • Caml Caml
    Caml is a programming language which is a dialect of the ML programming language family. Caml was developed in France at INRIA and ENS.
  • Caml Light
    Caml is a dialect of the ML programming language family, developed at INRIA and formerly at ENS.
  • Concurrent ML
    Concurrent ML is a concurrent extension of the Standard ML programming language.
  • Dependent ML
    Dependent ML is an experimental functional programming language proposed by Hongwei Xi and Frank Pfenning. Dependent ML extends ML by a restricted notion of dependent types: types may be dependent on static indices of type Nat.
  • Elm (programming language) Elm (programming language)
    Elm is a domain-specific programming language for declaratively creating web browser-based graphical user interfaces. Elm is purely functional, and is developed with emphasis on usability, performance, and robustness.
  • Extended ML
    Extended ML is a wide-spectrum language covering both specification and implementation and based on the ML programming language. It extends the syntax of ML to include axioms, which need not be executable but can rigorously specify the behavior of the program.
  • Extensible ML
    Extensible ML is an ML-like programming language that adds support for object-oriented idioms in a functional setting.
  • F* (programming language) F* (programming language)
    F is a functional programming language inspired by ML and aimed at program verification. Its type system includes dependent types, monadic effects, and refinement types. This allows expressing precise specifications for programs, including functional correctness and security properties.
  • F Sharp (programming language) F Sharp (programming language)
    F# is a strongly typed, multi-paradigm programming language that encompasses functional, imperative, and object-oriented programming methods. F# is most often used as a cross-platform Common Language Infrastructure language, but it can also generate JavaScript and graphics processing unit code.
  • JoCaml JoCaml
    JoCaml is an experimental functional programming language derived from OCaml. It integrates the primitives of the join-calculus to enable flexible, type-checked concurrent and distributed programming.
  • Lazy ML
    Lazy ML is a functional programming language developed in the early 1980s by Lennart Augustsson and Thomas Johnsson at Chalmers University of Technology, prior to Miranda and Haskell. LML is a strongly typed, statically scoped implementation of ML, with lazy evaluation.
  • MacroML
    MacroML is an experimental programming language based on the ML programming language family that seeks to reconcile ML's static typing systems, and the types of macro systems more commonly found in dynamically typed languages like Scheme; this reconciliation is difficult as macro transformations...
  • ML (programming language)
    ML is a general-purpose functional programming language. It has roots in Lisp, and has been characterized as "Lisp with types".
  • MLton MLton
    MLton is an open source, whole-program optimizing compiler for the Standard ML programming language.
  • Moscow ML Moscow ML
    Moscow ML is an implementation of Standard ML.
  • Nemerle Nemerle
    Nemerle is a general-purpose high-level statically typed programming language designed for platforms using the Common Language Infrastructure. It offers functional, object-oriented and imperative features. It has a simple C#-like syntax and a powerful metaprogramming system.
  • OCaml OCaml
    OCaml, originally named Objective Caml, is the main implementation of the programming language Caml, created by Xavier Leroy, Jérôme Vouillon, Damien Doligez, Didier Rémy, Ascánder Suárez and others in 1996.
  • Standard ML
    Standard ML is a general-purpose, modular, functional programming language with compile-time type checking and type inference. It is popular among compiler writers and programming language researchers, as well as in the development of theorem provers.
  • Standard ML of New Jersey Standard ML of New Jersey
    Standard ML of New Jersey is a compiler and programming environment for Standard ML. Aside from its runtime system, which is written in C, SML/NJ is written in Standard ML. It was developed jointly by Bell Laboratories and Princeton University.
  • Ur (programming language)
    Ur also called Ur/Web is a Free and Open source functional programming language specific for web development, created by Adam Chlipala at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that from a single program produces server code, browser client code and SQL code specific for the chosen database...
  • Value restriction
    In functional programming, in particular the ML programming language family, the value restriction means that declarations are only polymorphically generalized if they are syntactic values.

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