Microsoft Divisions

Microsoft divisions

  • Apple Productivity Experience Group
    Apple Productivity Experience Group is an operating unit of Microsoft that, as of 2009, is the largest software developer outside of Apple Inc. for the OS X, iOS operating system.
    The Microsoft Certified Technical Education Centre channel provides training for computer professions in the use of Microsoft products. The term Microsoft Certified Technical Education Centre was introduced by Microsoft in early 1990s.
  • GroupMe GroupMe
    GroupMe is a mobile group messaging app owned by Microsoft. It was launched in May 2010 by the private company GroupMe. In August 2011, GroupMe delivered over 100 million messages each month and by June 2012, that number jumped to 550 million. In 2013, GroupMe had over 12 million registered users.
  • MGS Mobile Gaming
    MS Mobile Gaming is a mobile games studio owned by Microsoft, and operated by Microsoft Studios. It was founded in 2010 to develop and publish mobile games for Windows Phone 7.
  • Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit
    The Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit is a Microsoft sponsored team of international legal and internet security experts employing the latest tools and technologies to stop or interfere with cyber crime and cyber threats.
  • Microsoft engineering groups
    Microsoft engineering groups are the operating divisions of Microsoft. Starting in April 2002, Microsoft organised itself into seven groups, each an independent financial entity. In September 2005, Microsoft announced a reorganization of its then seven groups into three.
  • Microsoft FUSE Labs
    Microsoft's Future Social Experiences Labs was started by Ray Ozzie and is run by Lili Cheng.
  • Microsoft Garage
    The Microsoft Garage is a Microsoft project lab that lets employees work on projects that often have no relation to their primary function within the company, and has been compared to Google's "20% time" initiative.
  • Microsoft Institute for High Performance Computing
    The Microsoft Institute for High Performance Computing was created in November 2005 at the University of Southampton. The only one of its kind in the UK. It is one of nine such institutes worldwide.
  • Microsoft Press Microsoft Press
    Microsoft Press was the publishing arm of Microsoft, usually releasing books dealing with various current Microsoft technologies. Microsoft Press' first introduced books were The Apple Macintosh Book by Cary Lu and Exploring the IBM PC by Peter Norton in 1984 at the West Coast Computer Faire.
  • Microsoft Production Studios
    Microsoft Production Studios is the digital media production wing for Microsoft, responsible for the creation, aggregation, distribution, management and measurement of content. It is located in building 127 on Microsoft's main Redmond campus.
  • Microsoft Store Microsoft Store
    Microsoft Store is a chain of retail stores and an online shopping site, owned and operated by Microsoft and dealing in computers, computer software and consumer electronics.
  • Microsoft Studios Microsoft Studios
    Microsoft Studios is the video game production wing for Microsoft, responsible for the development and publishing of games for the Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Games for Windows, Steam, Windows Store, Windows Phone and Nintendo DS platforms.
  • Microsoft TV Microsoft TV
    Microsoft TV is a division within Microsoft Corporation that develops Smart TV software platforms for use in set top boxes to access programming over a Cable TV network. It provides integrated audio, video, and data services over a single network.
  • PCsafety
    PC Safety is a toll-free telephone number provided by Microsoft technical support for end-users that assists customers in removing malware infections such as viruses, spyware, and adware. It also helps customers protect their computers by using Windows Firewall, Windows Defender, and Windows Update.
  • Product Support Services
    Product Support Services, more commonly referred to as PSS, is the Microsoft business unit with primary responsibility for responding to end-user and partner requests for assistance with the company's products and services.
  • Skype Skype
    Skype is an instant messaging app that provides online text message and video chat services. Users may transmit both text and video messages, and may exchange digital documents such as images, text, and video. Skype allows video conference calls.
  • Technology Education and Literacy in Schools
    Technology Education and Literacy in Schools is a program that pairs high schools with software engineers who serve as part-time computer science teachers.

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