Microsoft Acquisitions

Microsoft acquisitions

  • Adallom Adallom
    Adallom is a cloud security company based in Menlo Park, California. It secures enterprise software-as-a-service application usage, audits user activity, and protects employees and digital assets from threats in real time.
  • Altamira Software Altamira Software
    Altamira Software was founded in Mill Valley, California by Dr. Alvy Ray Smith, Eric Lyons and Nicholas Clay in 1991.
  • aQuantive aQuantive
    AQuantive, Inc. was the parent company of a group of three digital marketing service and technology companies: Avenue A/Razorfish, Atlas Solutions, and DRIVE Performance Solutions. Based in Seattle, Washington, the company was founded in 1997.
  • Avanade Avanade
    Avanade is a global professional services company providing IT consulting and services focused on the Microsoft platform with business analytics, business applications, cloud, digital marketing, technology and managed services offerings.
  • Beam (website)
    Beam is a Seattle-based live streaming video platform owned by Microsoft. The service officially launched on January 5, 2016.
  • Canesta Canesta
    Canesta is a fabless semiconductor company founded in April 1999 by Cyrus Bamji, Abbas Rafii, and Nazim Kareemi. The company manufactures CMOS-based single chip 3D sensors, which can be used as part of input systems for electronic devices.
  • Colloquis
    Colloquis, previously known as ActiveBuddy and Conversagent, was a company that created conversation-based interactive agents originally distributed via instant messaging platforms. The company had offices in New York, NY and Sunnyvale, CA.
  • Consumers Software
    Consumers Software was a computer networking company based in Canada. The company created early spreadsheet utilities and later developed Network Courier, an email product based on the concept of one or more connected 'post offices'.
  • eShop
    EShop was a company founded in May, 1991. It was started as a software company to develop products for Go Corporation's PenPoint operation system. In later years, it developed software for the Windows for Pen Computing and Magic Cap platforms.
  • Flux (software)
    Flux is a software suite released by Media Machines which consists of Flux Player and Flux Studio.
  • Fox Software
    FoxPro was a text-based procedurally oriented programming language and database management system, and it is also an object-oriented programming language, originally published by Fox Software and later by Microsoft, for MS-DOS, Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX. The final published release of FoxPro...
  • GeCAD Software GeCAD Software
    GECAD Software was established in 1992 by Radu Georgescu as a Computer Aided Design software development company. Over time, GECAD's focus shifted from CAD software to security-related software, mainly antivirus software.
  • GreenButton GreenButton
    GreenButton was a New Zealand-based software firm. The company specialized in moving independent software vendors and enterprises to cloud computing. Founded in 2006, GreenButton was based in Wellington, New Zealand, with additional offices in Palo Alto, California and Seattle.
  • Havok (company) Havok (company)
    Havok is an Irish software company founded in 1998 by Hugh Reynolds and Steven Collins, based in Dublin, Ireland and owned by Microsoft. They have partnership with Activision, Electronic Arts, Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, Bethesda Softworks and Ubisoft.
  • Havok (software) Havok (software)
    Havok is a middleware software suite developed by the Irish company Havok. Havok provides a physics engine component and related functions to video games.
  • is a web-based suite of webmail, contacts, tasks, and calendaring services from Microsoft. One of the world's first webmail services, it was founded in 1996 as Hotmail by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in Mountain View, California, and headquartered in Sunnyvale.
  • InMage InMage
    InMage is a computer software company based in the US and India. It markets a product line called Scout that uses continuous data protection for backup and replication.
  • IView Media
    Phase One Media Pro is a commercial digital asset management cataloging program for Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X operating systems.
  • was a reverse auction online shopping site website. The Middleton, Wisconsin-based company was acquired by Microsoft in 2007. On May 22, 2008, Microsoft officially announced the cash back service as part of their Live Search group of tools.
  • LinkedIn LinkedIn
    LinkedIn is a business- and employment-oriented social networking service that operates via websites and mobile apps.
  • Maluuba Maluuba
    Maluuba is a Canadian artificial intelligence company conducting research in deep and reinforcement learning. The company vision is to solve fundamental problems in language understanding with a goal towards solving artificial general intelligence.
  • Microsoft Development Center Norway
    Microsoft Development Center Norway is a Norwegian company based in Oslo. FAST focuses on data search technologies. It had offices located in Germany, Italy, Sri Lanka, France, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil, Mexico and other countries around the world.
  • Microsoft Dynamics C5 Microsoft Dynamics C5
    Microsoft Dynamics C5 is a business software solution from Microsoft.
  • Microsoft Dynamics ERP Microsoft Dynamics ERP
    Microsoft Dynamics ERP is enterprise resource planning software primarily geared toward midsize organizations as well as subsidiaries and divisions of larger organizations. Its applications are part of Microsoft Dynamics, a line of business management software owned and developed by Microsoft.
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Microsoft Dynamics NAV
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an enterprise resource planning app from Microsoft.
  • Microsoft Mobile
    Microsoft Mobile is a multinational mobile manufacturing company that designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes phones/tablets and related accessories and services.
  • MileIQ
    MileIQ is an American-based technology company that develops a mileage tracking and logging app.
  • Mixer (website)
    Mixer is a Seattle-based live streaming video platform owned by Microsoft. The service officially launched on January 5, 2016.
  • Mojang Mojang
    Mojang AB is a Swedish video game developer and publisher founded in May 2009 under the name Mojang Specifications by game programmer Markus Persson, best known for creating the popular independent game Minecraft, a sandbox game. Mojang's company headquarters is located in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • was a United Kingdom based provider of mapping and location-based services. It was acquired by Microsoft in 2007 and merged into Bing Maps in 2010.
    NAV-X for Distribution, powered by Microsoft Dynamics is a distribution centric enterprise resource planning software product from NAV-X LLC and was announced in February 2012.
  • is a web-based suite of webmail, contacts, tasks, and calendaring services from Microsoft. One of the world's first webmail services, it was founded in 1996 as Hotmail by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in Mountain View, California, and headquartered in Sunnyvale.
  • Pando Networks Pando Networks
    Founded in 2004 in New York City, Pando Networks was a managed peer-to-peer media distribution company backed by Intel Capital, BRM Capital and Wheatley Partners.
  • Perceptive Pixel Perceptive Pixel
    Perceptive Pixel is a division of Microsoft specializing in research, development and production of multi-touch interfaces. Its technology is used in fields including broadcast, defense, geo-intelligence, energy exploration, industrial design and medical imaging.
  • PlaceWare
    PlaceWare was a provider of web conferencing software founded in 1996 by Xerox engineers Pavel Curtis, Mike Dixon, and David Nichols as a spin-off from Xerox PARC. Its first product, PlaceWare Auditorium, was rolled out in March 1997, and used by such companies as Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Sun...
  • Rare (company)
    Rare is a British video game developer located in Twycross, Leicestershire. The company was established in 1985 by Tim and Chris Stamper, founders of Ultimate Play the Game.
  • Revolution Analytics Revolution Analytics
    Revolution Analytics is a statistical software company focused on developing open source and "open-core" versions of the free and open source software R for enterprise, academic and analytics customers.
  • ScreenTonic ScreenTonic
    ScreenTonic SA is a Paris-based company founded in 2001. ScreenTonic is a mobile advertising company, and it has been a pioneer in the field.
  • Secure Islands
    Secure Islands Technologies Ltd. is an Israeli privately held technology company headquartered in 5 Menachem Begin Ave., Beit Dagan, that develops and markets Information Protection and Control solutions.
  • Skype Skype
    Skype is an instant messaging app that provides online text message and video chat services. Users may transmit both text and video messages, and may exchange digital documents such as images, text, and video. Skype allows video conference calls.
  • Skype Technologies Skype Technologies
    Skype Technologies S.A.R.L is a telecommunications company headquartered in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg and Palo Alto, CA, United States, whose chief business is the manufacturing and marketing of the video chat and instant messaging computer software program Skype, and various Internet telephony...
  • SmarterChild
    SmarterChild was a chatterbot available on AOL Instant Messenger and Windows Live Messenger networks.
  • Sunrise Calendar
    Sunrise is a discontinued electronic calendar application for mobile and desktop. The service was launched in 2013 by designers Pierre Valade and Jeremy Le Van.
  • SwiftKey SwiftKey
    SwiftKey is an input method for Android and iOS devices, such as smartphones and tablets. SwiftKey uses a blend of artificial intelligence technologies that enable it to predict the next word the user intends to type.
  • Tellme Networks Tellme Networks
    Tellme Networks, Inc. was an American company founded in 1999 by Mike McCue and Angus Davis, which specialized in telephone-based applications. Its headquarters were in Mountain View, California.
  • The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks
    The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks was a software company in the United States. The company produced several digital audio products for the Amiga, including Bars & Pipes, a sequencer described by Sound on Sound as "the ultimate in Amiga sequencing", and SuperJAM!, a music composition tool.
  • Vermeer Technologies
    Vermeer Technologies Incorporated was a software company founded in 1994 by Charles H. Ferguson and Randy Forgaard. Its products were a Web site development tool, called FrontPage, and a Web server to complement developing in FrontPage, called Personal Web Server.
  • VoloMetrix
    VoloMetrix, Inc. is an American subsidiary of Microsoft based in Seattle, Washington. VoloMetrix sells people analytics software that combines data from collaboration platforms to create data visualizations and dashboards.
  • Wunderlist Wunderlist
    Wunderlist is a cloud-based task management application. It allows users to manage their tasks from a smartphone, tablet, computer and smartwatch. Wunderlist is free; additional collaboration features are available in a paid version known as Wunderlist Pro.
  • Xamarin Xamarin
    Xamarin is a Microsoft-owned San Francisco, California-based software company founded in May 2011 by the engineers that created Mono, Mono for Android and MonoTouch, which are cross-platform implementations of the Common Language Infrastructure and Common Language Specifications.
  • Yammer Yammer
    Yammer is a freemium enterprise social networking service used for private communication within organizations. Access to a Yammer network is determined by a user's Internet domain so that only individuals with approved email addresses may join their respective networks.

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