• Meaning (semiotics)In semiotics, the meaning of a sign is its place in a sign relation, in other words, the set of...
  • Meaning (linguistics)The information or concepts that a sender intends to convey, or does convey, in communication...
  • Meaning (existential)In existentialism, meaning is understood as the worth of life.
  • Meaning (non-linguistic)An actual or possible derivation from sentence, which is not associated with signs that have any...
  • Meaning (philosophy of language) Meaning (philosophy of language)The nature of meaning, its definition, elements, and types, was discussed by philosophers...
  • Meaning (psychology)A concept used in psychology as well as in other fields such as philosophy, linguistics...
  • meaning of life meaning of lifeThe meaning of life? ", pertains to the significance of living or existence in general.
  • The Meaning of Meaning The Meaning of Meaning A book by C. K. Ogden and I. A. Richards, Magdalene College, University of Cambridge.

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    veenasingh, fiji at Mon, 19 Feb 01:53:35
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    CoachingYKI, Aliso Viejo, CA at Mon, 19 Feb 00:16:37
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    Go_JoannaGo, San Francisco at Sun, 18 Feb 22:16:39
  • Do you read #meaning into seeing repeating numbers, patterns or hearing songs at a specific time on the radio?
    1HealingAndLove, at Sun, 18 Feb 22:13:00
  • RT @KindLilLoveBot: You💯 are meant to be; remember to please 🙏🏽: smile with your heart💯 #meaning
    lewis_colbeck, at Sun, 18 Feb 22:12:55
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    lewis_colbeck, at Sun, 18 Feb 21:47:18
  • in front of / opposite #meaning
    StackEnglishLL, The Stack Exchange network at Sun, 18 Feb 21:45:00
  • @randyalcorn I recall Tim Hansel writing, "No one in the will of God leads a boring existence." #boredom #meaning
    terrydpowell, Columbia, South Carolina at Sun, 18 Feb 21:34:15

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  • ydautrebande posted a photo:

    Follow your dreams, silhouette of man at sunset

    Follow your dreams, silhouette of man at sunset

  • randompix_ posted a photo:

    | the sky |

    this picture taken on Lenovo Vibe K5

  • Enrico Sitta posted a photo:

    Francia, Parigi (2000)


  • Voyen_Ras posted a photo:

    Deserted Storm

    Life is full of storms, although not all are lethal. Some are just here to give you a little poke and wake you up before it is too late. Some other you won't even know excited. But always be prepared for what ever storm will come.

    - Negev Desert, Israel (August 2017)

  • khybinette posted a photo:

    American Washington Monument

    I like the idea finding American patriotism and what it means.

  • ~Vision ~A i r y ~ posted a photo:

    ' see, son.......'

    A father and son sharing a special moment beneath the three quarter moon on a sandbank overlooking the ocean as a kitesurfer maneuvers the waves
    ...dedicated to the passing down of reverence , wonder and respect from father to son, from spirit toward matter

  • drager meurtant posted a photo:

    In part under water

    "The significance of being under water / is determined under water"

    (neither image nor text has any bearing outside the direct context)

  • C-47 [Offline] posted a photo:

    I spotted a tombstone with this indian style motif, which is pretty surprising. I decided to shoot it with a meaningful angle. This shot then reminds me of the arrival of Portuguese priests (symbolized by the cross) in India (symbolized by the motif) in the period when they were allowed to preach freely.

  • D_K_Mihaylov posted a photo:


  • Gypsy_Orb posted a photo:

    That Girl (Dream Livin')

    Experimental Art

    im dreaming a lot atm, if I actually get to sleep that is.... lately everything has been blue and i'm not sure what that means... i mean i love blue, its very pretty, but its like falling into a bucket of paint

    life is weird, lets have some fun :)

    There is actually 2 more photos that go with this one... ive put them somewhere 'safe' so ahhh when i find them (one day) ill put them up

  • EL.Bond posted a photo:

    She's On My Mind

    When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object.


  • Wes Camino posted a photo:

    wes 894

    Body language - coy surprise.

  • hellfireassault posted a photo:

    Fox Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism

    from my tumblr blog

  • social.inspirationdaily posted a photo:

    The most important and fruitful concepts

    In the world of human thought generally, and in physical science particularly, the most important and fruitful concepts are those to which it is impossible to attach a well-defined meaning. – H. A. Kramers

  • Duncan Harley posted a photo:

    Easter Aquhorthies stone circle,

    The placename Aquhorthies may derive from a Scottish Gaelic word meaning "field of prayer". More in

  • Wes Camino posted a photo:

    wes 892

    She's got her hand in his pocket already. "How much do you love me, baby?" Yes. As all guys know, love is expensive. Cliche!

  • ProfessionalQA posted a photo:

    Difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control (with comparison Table).

    Quality Assurance primarily focus is on the quality of the processes prior and during the software product development whereas Quality Control focusses usually on the quality of the software product.To know more on the differences,visit article.

  • willemalink posted a photo:

    MP´s meaning of life

  • Enrico Sitta posted a photo:

    Italia, Lavaredo (2017)

    Rifugio Auronzo

  • drei88 posted a photo:

    Take-Home Pay

    I cross over this lake nearly every day, driving my car along a causeway at 50+ mph. I always gaze out across the water to look at the sky. Impulsively last evening I decided to pull over on the drive home from work. I had my camera. and the clouds were forming a nice backdrop. Outside of the car, the place takes on an entirely different atmosphere. I was overwhelmed by the stillness. I'm so accustomed to flying across here at high speed it actually felt weird to just be standing at the water's edge. I felt the breeze coming over the open water and hitting me square in the face, not intense but unrelenting. The breeze brought forth the not unpleasant smell of nature, of water, another thing lost to the passing motorist. I could hear sea birds squawking overhead; I always wonder why they come so far inland. The ripples in the water were coming straight toward me, pushed by the wind. It gave the sense that I was moving as if in a canoe. Off in the distance I could hear the sound of passing cars and trucks, and suddenly they seemed oddly of place when just a few minutes ago it was me who felt oddly out of place. It was a wonderful realization.