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    Faces Magazine for Kids:

    Faces takes kids on a trip around the globe.

    FACES magazine takes kids on a journey across the continents as it brings articles about the cultures of the world to their mailboxes. Each issue focuses on a different culture—from Laos to Morocco to Jamaica—including stories about daily life, folk tales, and engaging articles about the history and traditions of the people and places. The stories and articles are accompanied by fabulous photography and illustrations, as well as fun activities, maps, folk tales, and biographies that are unique to the featured culture. Be it games from Samoa, maps of the Kalahari, or Palestinian folk tales, FACES has it!

    FACES readers learn how other kids live around the world and about the important inventions and ideas that a particular culture has given to the world. Recipes, hands-on projects, and book and video recommendations help kids further explore each issue's topic.

    In short, FACES is a fun-filled journey around the world, an exploration of people, places, and cultures. It is the perfect magazine for any kid interested in the diversity of cultures on this planet and the interesting lives the people in the world lead!

    For Ages 9 to 14.