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    Watch John Oliver Deliver Scathing Take on Trump Foreign Policy
    Oliver also explored the global "leadership vacuum" that has resulted from Trump's "America First" policy, the president's plummeting global approval rating and how allied nations have announced that could no longer rely on the United States under ...
    Published on: Mon, 19 Feb 15:31:21 1 10

  • Commonweal
    Life in a Shithole Country
    Haiti—shithole country? Hell yes! Beautiful woman? I grab her right by the pussy— hell yes! Of course there are plenty of Trump supporters who don't share this mentality—who merely tolerate it, in a free-rider way, in order to get what they want ...
    Published on: Sat, 27 Jan 12:12:13 40 516

  • Southern Poverty Law Center
    Contrary to sheriff's view, New Mexico shooter had ink-marks of racist alt-right
    Southern Poverty Law Center
    Immediately after the SPLC's report was published, the office of San Juan County Sheriff Ken Christesen said including Atchison actions in the list of examples of alt-right violence was an attempt to “politicize” the December 7 shooting at Aztec High ...
    Published on: Fri, 23 Feb 21:04:03 0 19

  • College Reaction
    Trust Intent; Own Impact: The Death of Accountability in DC
    College Reaction
    In many of my clubs here at Brown, we create something called a living list. To put it simply, each different organization will create a list that is always open to being edited that outlines the ideals and goals of that organization. Obviously, each ...
    Published on: Mon, 19 Feb 14:09:56 6 415

  • ChicagoNow (blog)
    Sh!t Holes: A Retrospective
    ChicagoNow (blog)
    Admittedly, a little late to this party, but just watched John Oliver talking about President Trump and the World. Oliver's extended essay focused on the decrease of soft power in the US foreign relations. Oliver made the point that calling certain ...
    Published on: Fri, 23 Feb 16:01:41 43 574

  • The Star Newspaper
    The Star Newspaper
    I was in equal awe during the 2008 and 2016 general elections of the United States of America. The first time because the idea of a black president seemed impossible to me because of adults' beliefs that the US was predominantly racist, and the second ...
    Published on: Sun, 18 Feb 16:50:11 8 111

    Did Elon Musk Call Donald Trump a 'Dumbass'?
    Trump's alleged description of certain parts of the developing world as “shithole countries” has also brought into focus the contributions that immigrants make to American society, culture and in particular, scientific research and innovation. In ...
    Published on: Tue, 13 Feb 15:41:54 37 985

  • Foreign Policy Journal (blog)
    The “Kremlin list” Is a Bullet Aimed at Putin's Heart
    Foreign Policy Journal (blog)
    The list is a bullet aimed at Putin's heart. Consider the audacity of US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, a person regarded by many as a devious financial gangster who did great harm to many Americans, issuing a list that suggests the US government is going ...
    Published on: Sat, 03 Feb 22:41:23 21 522

  • Hollywood Reporter
    The Global Significance of 'Black Panther' (Guest Column)
    Hollywood Reporter
    At a time when the president of the United States is describing Black nations as “shithole countries” and denigrating African-American communities and people, Black Panther is a cultural response with global significance. Over its four-day opening ...
    Published on: Fri, 23 Feb 18:03:00 1 10

  • GazetteNET
    A friendship forged in Africa: An anthropologist remembers his 'family' in Kenya
    The same week President Trump uttered his odious and ignorant remarks about “shithole countries,” I learned that one of my closest friends in Kenya, Lugi Lengesen, had died. This was not a tragedy. He was a man in his 80s and had lived an active life ...
    Published on: Thu, 01 Feb 20:38:37 2 247

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