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  • Aridatece #KevinSpacey!
    matteoburico, Umbria at Mon, 11 Dec 20:31:27
  • @luisserik #KevinSpacey 😢
    andre_gandarac, México at Mon, 11 Dec 20:13:29
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    ioTSC, Vancouver at Mon, 11 Dec 20:03:24
  • Now watching #TheLifeOfDavidGale. #KevinSpacey #KateWinslet.
    _EternalSalman_, Salman Khan’s Country. 👊 at Mon, 11 Dec 20:03:06
  • RT @londoneria: Kevin Spacey oskarżony o molestowanie przez 20 osób #Londyn #OldVic #KevinSpacey #Kryminalnie
    londoneria, Westminster, London at Mon, 11 Dec 20:01:05
  • Reading the news every morning like: #metoo #mariobatali #mattlauer #charlierose…
    BrassPeach, Minneapolis, MN at Mon, 11 Dec 19:56:49
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  • The #GoldenGlobes gave a pretty decisive FU to #KevinSpacey. #GoldenGlobes2018
    dan_something, at Mon, 11 Dec 19:31:06
  • Christopher Plummer sustituyó a #KevinSpacey en un filme ¡y ahora va por los #GoldenGlobes!
    elnorte_gente, Monterrey, Nuevo León at Mon, 11 Dec 19:30:43
  • Ich werde #FrankUnderwood vermissen. House of Cards ohne #KevinSpacey ist für mich dann zu ende.
    FranzBremer, Duisburg at Mon, 11 Dec 19:29:37
  • @Sparklebroom #SexualHarassment & #pedophilia "is a non partisan issue"? ROFL😂😆🤣Sure, #libtard👇🏼🙄#democrats…
    Kos_Cars, United States at Mon, 11 Dec 19:25:17
  • @MiddleEastEye Will American Beauty and House of Cards (assuming they don't have NetFlix) then be shown? Kevin Spac…
    chabailey, PARIS at Mon, 11 Dec 19:15:30
  • RT @The_HappyNoodle: A few thoughts on this whole #KevinSpacey episode and how glad I am that #Netflix has severed ties with him. #Thread
    ontheloosexni, at Mon, 11 Dec 19:12:04
  • “Moral High-Ground” An #Illusion ~ Dems #Exploit Weinstein #Effect 2 #Attack #Trump, As #Infowars #Predicted ~ They…
    zeusFanHouse, Chicagoland at Mon, 11 Dec 19:07:46
  • The latest The blogspot Daily! #kevinspacey
    newtamil61, at Mon, 11 Dec 18:59:53
  • The latest The Crawford Peter Daily! #kevinspacey
    newtamil61, at Mon, 11 Dec 18:53:26
  • Living for Christopher Plummer’s GG nom tho. Lol karma #kevinspacey who?!
    rrrchica80, IE/LA/So Cal livin' at Mon, 11 Dec 18:13:59
  • @EricBoehlert @SusanDoyle1963 He is a sexual predator who uses his power to do whatever he wants to women because h…
    IParkerSterling, United States at Mon, 11 Dec 18:09:59

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  • filmstopia posted a photo:

    Rebel in the Rye - Official Trailer 2017 - IFC Films

    The life of celebrated but reclusive author, J.D. Salinger, who gained worldwide fame with the publication of his novel, “The Catcher in the Rye”.
    Directed by: Danny Strong
    Cast: Zoey Deutch, Sarah Paulson, Kevin Spacey


  • okokmovies posted a photo:

    MARGIN CALL - MOVIE - 2011

  • filmstopia posted a photo:

    All the Money in the World - Official trailer 2017- Sony Pictures Entertainment

    Rome, 1973. Masked men kidnap a teenage boy named Paul (Charlie Plummer). His grandfather, J. Paul Getty (Kevin Spacey), is the richest man in the world, a billionaire oil magnate, but he’s notoriously miserly. His favorite grandson’s abduction is not reason enough for him to part...

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  • canburak posted a photo:


  • canburak posted a photo:


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  • posted a photo:

    Happy Birthday Kevin Spacey!

    Wishing Kevin Spacey an amazing Birthday! Kevin Spacey always is more than happy to sign autographs for us. To see more, check us out on #BirthdayFlickr

  • Fictitious Pasta posted a photo:

    First Blender Render....

    Yep, I have decided to switch of to Blender. Since I got a computer that had enough processing power, the choice was clear for me, quality of quantity. I still have a lot of research and learning to do, but well worth it in the long run!

  • Ben Sutherland posted a photo:

    Kevin Spacey on the Baby Driver poster

  • Geoff Livingston posted a photo:

    House of Cards

  • ☁☂It's Raining, It's Pouring☂☁ posted a photo:

    House Of Cards

    Started watching this Netflix series again last night. Frank Underwood, the President, played by Kevin Spacey is as notorious as ever, and Claire, his wife, is right behind him in carrying out their nefarious deeds. It's a great series that reflects the political atmosphere going on in this country at the moment. This is one of the opening scenes.

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  • Dave_Johnson posted a photo:

    King Richard III Visitor Centre, Leicester 2017

    Some of the actors who have played the title role in William Shakespeare's play Richard III over the years, including most recently Kevin Spacey, Mark Rylance and Aneurin Barnard (in the BBC TV series The White Queen). Benedict Cumberbatch played Richard in the BBC TV adaptation of Richard III in 2016 and needs to be added to the list!

    After the discovery of Richard III's skeleton in the car park, Leicester City Council spent £850,000 to buy the freehold of St Martin's Place, formerly part of Leicester Grammar School, in Peacock Lane, across the road from Leicetser Cathedral. The site adjoins the car park where the body was found, and overlies the chancel of Greyfriars Friary Church. It was converted into a £4.5 million visitor centre telling the story of Richard III's life, death, burial and rediscovery, with artefacts from the dig including Philippa Langley's Wellington boots (my favourite exhibit!) and the hard hat and high-visibility jacket worn by archaeologist Mathew Morris on the day he found Richard's skeleton. Visitors can even see the grave site under a glass floor. It's well worth a visit!

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    Kevin Spacey

  • CoachesAndDaddies posted a photo:

    Kevin Spacey

  • CoachesAndDaddies posted a photo:

    Kevin Spacey

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    Actor - Kevin Spacey