• India India A country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous...
  • Names of India Names of IndiaThe name in Indian languages is Bharata after the emperor Bharata.
  • Greater India Greater IndiaThe term Greater India is most commonly used to encompass the historical and geographic extent of...

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    India to invest $17bn on Japanese bullet trains
    India will invest $17bn to build its first high-speed train system, having reached a deal with Japan to help finance the project. The network, which will run 508km between Mumbai and Ahmedabad, was announced on Thursday by Prime Minister Narendra ...
    Published on: Thu, 14 Sep 14:16:29 9 85

  • The Verge
    The race against heat
    The Verge
    When Rutam Vora was growing up in Vadodara, a city of about 2 million people near the western coast of India, his parents kept cool each summer by drenching bedsheets in water and hanging them in the windows of their house. When the scorching ...
    Published on: Thu, 14 Sep 13:05:00 1 120

  • ABC Online
    Australian man fined in India for alleged illegal use of satellite telephone
    ABC Online
    A Queensland man has been fined 8,000 rupees (approximately $155) and released after he was detained for using a satellite telephone, which is illegal in India without prior Government permission.
    Published on: Thu, 14 Sep 20:01:00 1 10

  • CNBC
    Google is reportedly launching a mobile payment app for India
    India's billion plus customers are in the sights of internet giant Google who are reportedly set to release a mobile payment service in the country. Digital payment platforms can earn money in a number of ways as operators skim percentages from ...
    Published on: Thu, 14 Sep 13:21:00 25 846

  • Salt Lake Tribune
    History of India's independence, told at plodding pace, in 'Viceroy's House'
    Salt Lake Tribune
    Unfortunately, that story — of Chadha's grandmother, one of the 14 million displaced when the Muslim-majority Pakistan was cleaved from Hindu-dominated India — is revealed through a few title cards at the end of a plodding period drama that puts the ...
    Published on: Thu, 14 Sep 21:01:04 7 196

  • Financial Times
    Start-ups breathe new life into India's manufacturing sector
    Financial Times
    India's IT outsourcing companies have been in the crosshairs of US politicians, but a newer threat to jobs in the developed world is on show at an office park to the south of New Delhi's main airport. Butler is the creation of Grey Orange, one of a new ...
    Published on: Thu, 14 Sep 11:49:50 33 644

  • TNW
    Hyperloop One Global Challenge winners include India, US, UK, Canada, and Mexico
    Hyperloop One today announced the ten winners of its Global Challenge to determine the most viable commercial routes for its futuristic transportation tubes. The contest was a request for scientists, engineers, and innovators around the world to submit ...
    Published on: Thu, 14 Sep 16:29:05 0 10

  • NDTV
    As Hurricanes Hit US, An Unexpected Business Windfall For India
    MUMBAI: The world's top cotton buyers, all in Asia, are flocking to India to secure supplies after fierce storms in the United States, the biggest exporter of the fibre, affected the size and quality of the crop, dealers said. In the past week alone ...
    Published on: Thu, 14 Sep 13:41:35 30 344

  • BBC News
    Boat capsize kills at least 19 in India
    BBC News
    At least 19 people have died after an overcrowded boat capsized in a river in northern India early on Thursday, a senior police officer told the BBC. More than 50 people were on the boat, which sank in the Yamuna near Baghpat town in the state of Uttar ...
    Published on: Thu, 14 Sep 09:23:37 46 600

  • Economic Times
    India, Japan sign open sky agreement
    Economic Times
    GANDHINAGAR: India and Japan today signed an agreement that will allow their airlines to operate unlimited number of flights between the two countries. The pact followed Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe holding ...
    Published on: Thu, 14 Sep 15:32:00 0 146

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