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  • Michele's POV posted a photo:

    The colour of love...

    Happy Valentine's day

  • Brian ABC123 posted a photo:

    Happy Valentine's Day

  • Feeling Better...Still Slow To Comment! posted a photo:

    Be Mine!!!

    ODC Be My Valentine

    Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

    The Amazon's want you to be their Valentine!

  • lfeng1014 posted a photo:

    Predominate Colours of the Day

    Happy Valentine's Day

    ♥ Thank you very much for your visits, faves, and kind comments ♥

  • cskazmer posted a photo:

    Everyone said they made a handsome couple nonetheless.  #happyvalentinesday

  • peggypryor68 posted a photo:

    Be Mine

    Happy Valentines Day!

  • B. jeweled posted a photo:

    yes I do

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  • Brendt Jacob posted a photo:

    Happy Valentines Day to me hahaha 😍😘!!! #valentines, #heartsday, #happyvalentinesday, #happyheartsday, #happydayoflove, #happyloversday, #loveday, #dayoflove

  • Arlene Gee (seeking beauty everywhere) posted a photo:

    Happy Valentines Day_Ricoh GR II

  • Talal Emran posted a photo:

    Happy Valentine's

    Happy Valentine's day for all of you.

  • Ferry R. posted a photo:

    Glücklichen Valentinstag

  • Jordon Papanier posted a photo:

    Happy Valentines Day to the full and empty Hearts out in Flickr land. #valentineday #happyvalentinesday

  • presently on and off posted a photo:

    Hearts to deliver, so Happy Valentine's Day Flickr!

    Sorry guys, I had no time to take photos of my Valentine Collection this year.
    This image though was created from one tiny old 1920 Dennison Valentine sticker (that I found in a drawer begging to have a flickr image created for him, so I took his photo and viola!)
    Hope everyone has been well. From the looks of your photos things have been peachy keen.

    This Valentine is dedicated to the Philadelphia EAGLES-- who WON SUPERBOWL XX11 in in the BEST way possible by beating a very good Patriots team!
    Nah--It doesn't get any better than that.

    The Lombardi curse is finally lifted and it feels so good!
    E A G L E S ! You finally found the road to Victory. You all are our valentines forever. And ever . And ever.

  • Pejasar posted a photo:

    Bird feathers! Happy Valentine's Day!

  • Liz Callan MISSING MY BEN posted a photo:

    Happy valentines days.

  • evakongshavn posted a photo:

    On Valentines Day, how could I not have a photo of my beloved 4 legged friend.

    Dogs (pets) are all about love.
    You are giving love and you are receiving love.
    It's a non stop thing.
    Unconditional love, both ways, always.
    Cuddling, hugging, playing, chatting, laughing, hiking, crawling, encouraging, melting.

    Of course it's healthy for you.

    We should be born into this world with prescription on some kind of pet.

    Geez, I love this dude.

    I give you Aiko and he is definitely hugging you all, he loves hugs, loads.

  • naturethroughmyeyes.com posted a photo:

    Happy Valentine's Day

    Have a wonderful day.

    Copyright Barb D'Arpino

  • heathercards posted a photo:

    Love Day

    #ChickPicotheDay! (Day 2,270)
    Love yourself first. <3
    #HappyValentinesDay #WithLove #Love #MushyStuff #Heartfelt #Lensball #FirstAttempt #GlassBall #BrantfordPhotographer #CanonGirl #FollowMe

  • christinahunt-schubnell posted a photo:

    Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope you all have a wonderful and beautiful day. Please be kind to all, as not everyone has a valentine today.  . . I am surprised this rosary is still available in my shop. Shop link in bio.  . . . . . #happyvalentinesday #happy

  • Chandana Witharanage posted a photo:

    Happy Valentine's Day

    I may not have said it quite often.....But I want to let you know that your Love'n Care matters a lot to me. I 's so Lucky to have you All.
    Happy Valentine's Day