• Grief Grief A multifaceted response to loss, particularly to the loss of someone or something that has...
  • GrieferA player in a multiplayer video game who deliberately irritates and harasses other players within...
  • Grief (band) Grief (band) A Boston-based sludge metal band.
  • Grief (novel) Grief (novel)A novel by American author Andrew Holleran, published in 2006.

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  • Estate Planning Specialists posted a photo:

    Strange Celebrity Wills

    Have you ever wondered what Marilyn Monroe left in her will? or maybe what her final requests were? Find out in our latest blog! Read about Celeb wills, and their final requests.

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    Oddington, Oxfordshire

    St Andrew's Oddington was rebuilt in 1821 and restored in 1886. It's Anglo-Catholic furnishings mostly date from the incumbency of the Fr Sidney Drane-Scott, Rector from 1915 to 1949. The church is also home to a shroud brass to Ralph Hamsterley.

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    The Fallen ...

    "A Marine who was killed in an August helicopter crash off the coast of Australia will be laid to rest in Maine.

    WGME-TV reports the remains of 26-year-old Marine Ben Cross were being returned to Maine on Thursday. Cross was one of three Marines who died when an Osprey crashed into the sea near the city of Rockhampton during military exercises on Aug. 5.

    Cross' remains will be received at Logan Airport in Boston and escorted to his hometown, Bethel, by a motorcade.

    Patriot Guard Riders plan to join the motorcade in Kittery. Local fire departments will also pay their respects along the way." - Maine Sun Journal

    This scene is from Gray, Maine - apx 50 miles from Bethel and on the way home from Boston. Their local fire department displayed one of the largest flags I've ever seen from two fire ladders across route 26.

    Bethel is my home town. So sad...

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    Face of sorrow

    In Africa, more than a billion people suffer from chronic malnutrition. In spite of official pledges to halve the world's hungry, the trend now runs in the opposite direction. More than thirty million people die of malnutrition and starvation every year - nearly 100,000 every day. The quality of their lifestyle is very poor. They do not get enough chance to educate themselves. They dont have enough facilities so that they are lagging behind.

    Facebook link :

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    [  -   gone   -  ]

    { null däten }

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    Fridays used to be good days

    But now she feared the loneliness echoing between the empty walls

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    Vector illustration of a man lock up in prison

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    Signs You’re in Love With the Wrong Person

    via Kingmind

  • Kingmind International posted a photo:

    Signs You’re in Love With the Wrong Person

    via Kingmind

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    “She was a genius of sadness, immersing herself in it, separating its numerous strands, appreciating its subtle nuances. She was a prism through which sadness could be divided into its infinite spectrum.”

    ― Jonathan Safran Foer, Everything Is Illuminated

    Soundtrack :
    I try to always choose a different song each time, but although I've used this one before, it just fit somehow better than any other to describe my feelings in this moment …

    Seems a long, long way back to you
    I don't know if I can spare the time
    am I better off leaving you
    where you are knowing you'll be fine
    you left me remember that
    and I just didn't have the fight
    left in me to call you back
    seems it happened as often as the night
    eyes like blueberries
    lips like red cherries
    words that could sting my ears and my eyes
    warm as the Summer
    cold as the Winter
    emotions that could ring in my ears; make me cry
    I am strung out; my soul seems to twist and to turn
    your words and your actions make my heart burn
    how can you say that you love me so much
    when you hurt me; deprive me of your tender touch
    alone in your torment; you want me to fall
    you fill up my senses; you make me your all
    I am ruined for anyone else
    I am steering a course to a world I once felt
    dreams come to me; they flood my mind
    I thought that you were one of a kind
    exhausted I lay and I pray for release
    of this prison you made me; the sheets that you creased
    mock me and mimic my cries; I fall back
    drained of the energy; courage I lack
    thoughts of you make me so weak
    scent of you tainted now; havoc you wreak
    why can't you leave me alone
    you left me begging to bring you back home
    can't live without you; can't seem to die
    these feelings that clout me and cloud up my eyes
    I crave you; the brave you; the one who got out
    my soul and my heart skipped a beat so devout
    in praise of your being; in love with your bones
    so deep is this feeling that won't leave me alone
    Dante's Inferno burns my fevered brow
    a travesty; tragedy; I feel the heat now
    licking and curling these pitiful pages
    yellowing; make brittle the words that take ages
    to write and then later they don't mean a thing
    if you can still leave me on a tightrope of string
    so narrow and pointless; my world seems to shrink
    a life time without you; a life time to think
    if only I could be at rest
    I'm striving to do it; to be whole; the best
    but still in my heart I feel you
    and still in my soul I am torn right in two
    writhing; surviving; damaged by love
    you ripped something from me
    can't find it here or above
    pushing and shoving I try to control
    the endless beginnings; the endings; the toll
    it takes me further away from you
    I can hardly make the night through
    even my dreams; perpetual in motion
    find no remedy; no magic potion
    still I awake in the cold light of morning
    realise you're not here; once again I start mourning
    yet what is the use of grieving
    it won't bring you back to the land of the living
    I place fresh flowers by the smooth marble stone
    that marks where you lay; the wind sets the tone
    cold and relentless it whips at my face
    how I wish you were standing here in my place
    I gave everything up for you
    yet still you left me broken in two
    my tears water the flowers
    I kneel; pray for the hours
    to pass gently and swiftly until I reach the day
    when I can rejoin you
    until then I remember true
    the plans that we made
    if only you'd stayed
    I promise I will carry on
    just as you wanted; I'll sing our life song
    do all the things that we wanted to do
    try not to cry when all I wanted was you
    goodbye my sweetheart; goodbye ...

    - AP - Copyright © remains with and is the intellectual property of the author

    Copyright © protected image please do not reproduce without permission

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    Gently falling

    She was falling far, but in the fall she flew and floated, listening for the silent room inside. Where there is silence, the ground is soft, she thought, no rocks will hurt me there.

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    Thank you for your support and comments of my photography!

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    Man in wheelchair after acident at work. Teamwork.

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    Ways To Overcome Depression

    Depression can be debilitating and is very different from just feeling unhappy. Depression is a pervasive feeling. Call us and make an apointment today for counselling. For More Information:

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    Photos by James King for Small Secret Things #conceptual #conceptualphotography #artisticphotos #abreyalexandra #dontcallmeaubrey #smallsecretthings #art #emotive #grief #anger #depressionis #lostandfound #catharsis #iloveyouforever

  • dntcallmeaubrey posted a photo:

    Photos by James King for Small Secret Things #conceptual #conceptualphotography #artisticphotos #abreyalexandra #dontcallmeaubrey #smallsecretthings #art #emotive #grief #anger #depressionis #lostandfound #catharsis #iloveyouforever

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    selfie 3