• Gmail Gmail A free, advertising-supported email service provided by Google. Users may access Gmail as...
  • GMail DriveA free third-party Windows Shell namespace extension for Google's Gmail.
  • GmailFSA virtual file system originally developed by Richard Jones that uses a Gmail e-mail account for...

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  • Reader's Digest
    If You're Telling People There's a Dot in Your Gmail Address, You're Wasting Your Time
    Reader's Digest
    Although this has been true since Gmail's conception, many people still don't know about Google's little rule. Make sure to knock out these annoying e-mail habits you have, as well. As for the other e-mail providers? The location of the dots matters ...
    Published on: Thu, 07 Sep 06:00:28 0 14
  • Android Oreo Reportedly Hit With Bug In Gmail App
    MediaPost Communications
    The company is expected to fix the problem within a week, probably as a “server side change to the Gmail app and not as a separate update,” Droidman reports. Meanwhile, Android experts are buzzing about the problem affecting the latest version of Android.
    Published on: Thu, 07 Sep 20:23:00 2 54

  • Android Police
    Android Oreo seems to have broken Exchange sync in Gmail
    Android Police
    The latest bug to fall on our radar is affecting users on Android Oreo who have noticed that Gmail keeps running in the background, trying to sync, but failing. When they open the app to check their email, the app shows it's syncing but no mails load ...
    Published on: Wed, 06 Sep 15:25:49 0 336

  • Ars Technica
    Google promised not to scan Gmail for targeted ads—but for how ...
    Ars Technica
    On July 23, Google promised with great fanfare that it would stop scanning consumers' Gmail messages to serve targeted, contextually aware ads.
    Published on: Sat, 02 Sep 14:02:18 8 83

    These 10 Hidden Gmail Productivity Hacks Will Give You Goosebumps
    For many, Gmail is their preferred email service. But, even when you get to use your favored provider, that doesn't necessarily make managing email fun. Sorting through inboxes, replying to messages, and creating new communications can get tedious, ...
    Published on: Fri, 01 Sep 10:15:34 5 65

  • New York Times
    Go Bold (or Italics) With Gmail Formatting Options
    New York Times
    A. When you have a New Message window open in your browser, click the button with an underlined “A” next to the Send button to restore the Gmail formatting bar. As with many web and mobile interfaces, Gmail can collapse tool bars and menus that you do ...
    Published on: Wed, 30 Aug 07:04:29 50 808
  • Google's Settlement Over Gmail Scans Moves Forward 09/06/2017
    MediaPost Communications
    A federal judge has tentatively approved a class-action settlement of a privacy lawsuit against Google stemming from its prior practice of scanning email ...
    Published on: Tue, 05 Sep 16:58:41 4 422

  • The Sun
    How to tell if your Gmail account has been HACKED in four simple steps
    The Sun
    AS THE biggest email server in the world, Gmail is used by millions every day. And with its extensive use by major businesses to link their employees, the platform contains an infinite stream of crucial information - which is why its security is vital.
    Published on: Thu, 31 Aug 14:12:00 1 10

    Gmail DOWN - Google e-mail service not working for HUNDREDS of users
    ORIGINAL: Gmail is down at the moment with the popular Google Mail service not working for more than a thousand users, according to Down Detector. Gmail started experiencing issues around 6.15pm BST, with users experiencing problems with logging in, ...
    Published on: Thu, 31 Aug 17:33:11 4 86

  • The Independent
    11 hidden Gmail features you didn't know existed
    The Independent
    Gmail is great as it is, but its treasure trove of hidden features make it even more powerful than you might realise. Labs alone, which is tucked away in the Settings menu, is packed full of extra goodies you might never have realised you even needed.
    Published on: Thu, 17 Aug 17:30:17 1 42

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