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  • Times Now
    Suhana's T-shirt alone costs Rs 50000, but you can get a similar look under Rs 5000
    Times Now
    Suhana's fashion game was on point in an oversized short-sleeve Givenchy T-shirt, which she had knotted in the front (that's what clued-in girls do), combined with a pair of white denim shorts and white sneakers. The only colour in the look was ...
    Published on: Wed, 01 Nov 11:46:33 15 147

  • Gears Of Biz
    Muse Givenchy: style lessons from the inimitable Audrey Hepburn. Photo
    Gears Of Biz
    Their first meeting gave the designer a strong impression. “She was like a twig. Skinny teen in funny sandals, white t-shirt, plaid tight pants and a ridiculous hat, like the gondoliers” – he recalled. At Givenchy there was no time for tailoring the ...
    Published on: Fri, 10 Nov 00:19:26 4 38

  • British GQ
    Adam Driver lets Star Wars secrets slip in the latest GQ
    British GQ
    "I remember the initial conversations about having things 'skinned'," Driver recalls, "peeling away layers to evolve into other people, and the person Kylo's pretending to be on the outside is not who he is. He's a vulnerable kid who doesn't know where ...
    Published on: Sun, 29 Oct 23:01:17 47 971

  • GQ Magazine
    Frank Ocean Is Here to Teach You About Baggy Pants
    GQ Magazine
    Frank Ocean is normally a style minimalist, usually letting graphic T-shirts do the talking for him. Last night he ... The good news is there are wide-leg trousers at every price point out there these days, from $900 Givenchy styles to $50 versions at ...
    Published on: Thu, 02 Nov 17:40:55 1 10

    What to Wear: Bun B makes it rain for Cinema Arts Festival
    Bun, as his friends call him, is also game to try on a tortoise shell Givenchy bucket hat. And Maison Michel's gingham-lined, classic khaki version, too. But that's not all, he's brought accessories from home as well. There's a spanking-new T-shirt ...
    Published on: Wed, 08 Nov 17:53:58 3 30

    Designer Angela Brantley on Basement Bars and Her Non-Subtle Home Décor
    Angela Brantley Hero/Black bomber jacket, $390, and Oak T-shirt, $49, VMR. Limited-edition Givenchy boots. Photos: Petya Shalamanova. If you're seeking a look that blurs the line between street wear and black tie, consider Angela Brantley's Hero/Black.
    Published on: Wed, 25 Oct 16:55:18 34 396
  • Here's How You Can Buy Kate Moss's Jacket and Naomi Campbell's Shoes
    She adds, “Working in fashion, we're lucky enough to be gifted lots of items, and meanwhile, so many people all over the world only have one T-shirt they live in, so why not share?” It wasn't difficult for Garrn to get her famous girlfriends on board ...
    Published on: Wed, 01 Nov 13:11:20 31 333

  • Charlotte Observer
    A Charlotte shop is selling clothes from Rascal Flatts' personal wardrobes
    Charlotte Observer
    Charlotte men's consignment shop owner Amy Pickard knew she was getting the best names in menswear when she bought a colossal shipment of clothes from the personal wardrobes of members of country music trio Rascal Flatts to sell online and at her ...
    Published on: Mon, 16 Oct 20:11:31 46 461

  • Broadsheet
    Models are Selling Their Clothes for Charity
    British designer Bella Freud has designed a limited-edition “GILR EMPOWER” T-shirt for the online sale. Shoppers can also expect pieces by Givenchy, Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Céline and Marc Jacobs. The Toni Garrn Foundation funds the construction of ...
    Published on: Wed, 01 Nov 22:33:21 49 586

  • D'Marge
    This Givenchy T-Shirt Costs How F*cking Much?
    In the rare occurrence of me putting finger to keyboard it's usually to rant. However I promise this time it's worth it. We're fans of luxury. Sneakers, bags, leather jackets but where that stops is t-shirts. The t-shirt is just that. A common ...
    Published on: Sat, 10 Jun 03:55:58 50 575

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