• Get (divorce document)A divorce document in Jewish religious law, which must be presented by a husband to his wife to...
  • Get-ligaen Get-ligaen The premier Norwegian ice hockey league, organised by the Norwegian Ice Hockey Association.
  • GET (HTTP) A type of HTTP request.
  • Get (animal)The offspring of a particular individual male animal.
  • GET (time)A time zone used in Georgia and it is uniform throughout the country.
  • Get (conflict)Legal responses to agunah are civil legal remedies against a spouse who refuses to cooperate in...
  • Graded exercise therapyGraded exercise therapy is physical activity that starts very slowly and gradually increases over...
  • Guaranteed Education Tuition Program A 529 savings plan administered by the U.S. state of Washington for residents of the state.
  • Institut TELECOM Institut TELECOMA French public institution dedicated to Higher Education and Research for Innovation in the...
  • Get AS Get ASA Norwegian cable-TV operator and internet service provider.

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