• Gender Gender The range of characteristics pertaining to, and differentiating between, masculinity and...
  • Genre GenreAny form or type of communication in any mode with socially-agreed upon conventions developed...
  • Grammatical gender Grammatical genderA specific form of noun-class system in which the division of noun classes forms an agreement...
  • Voice (grammar)In grammar, the voice of a verb, also called diathesis and the gender of a verb, describes the...
  • Gender of connectors and fasteners Gender of connectors and fastenersIn electrical and mechanical trades and manufacturing, each half of a pair of mating connectors...
  • Gender of tonalities In music, the designation of major and minor keys as masculine or feminine.
  • Gender (stream) Gender (stream)A stream in the Dutch province of North Brabant.
  • Gendér GendérA type of metallophone used in Balinese and Javanese gamelan music.

"Gender" in the news

  • SFGate
    Gender option could be added to Washington birth certificate
    TACOMA, Wash. (AP) — Washington natives soon might be able to change the gender designation on their birth certificates to one that is neither male nor female. Call it gender X or the more clinical term: non-binary. Currently, people born in ...
    Published on: Sat, 16 Sep 07:11:06 20 963

  • The Guardian
    Let's drop the gender stereotypes – we are all non-binary
    The Guardian
    Discussions about gender stereotyping are, as you've probably noticed, very much the hot topic at the moment. Only the most tediously reactionary conservative would splutter outraged spittle at the suggestion that boys might be interested in a broader ...
    Published on: Sat, 16 Sep 07:59:00 7 196

    3 Female Former Employees Sue Google Over Alleged Gender Pay Discrimination
    The Labor Department is currently investigating Google over accusations that it pays women less. As The Two-Way reported in April, "just three days after Google announced that it had 'closed the gender pay gap globally' on Equal Pay Day, a Department ...
    Published on: Fri, 15 Sep 18:57:00 49 507

  • New York Times
    Gender-Fluid Artists Come Out of the Gray Zone
    New York Times
    It is the largest show to date at a major museum to tackle gender fluidity, which has become native to young people who are used to constructing their own identities on social media and declaring their preferred personal pronouns on college campuses ...
    Published on: Fri, 15 Sep 09:01:08 1 11

  • TIME
    To Create Gender Equality, Companies Must Open Up About Failure
    Consider gender balance and pay equity for women in the workplace. It's a problem that extends far beyond any business's walls, but is also contained within them. And it won't change without bold and consistent leadership. Change begins by looking inward.
    Published on: Fri, 15 Sep 18:37:40 30 311

  • New York Post
    Scientists discover unusual gender-bending insect
    New York Post
    Japanese researchers discovered a penis on the tiny female Neotrogla bug, which uses her appendage to penetrate her male partners during sex, a new study says. The bug, a Brazilian cave-dweller, could change the definition of “penis” entirely — at ...
    Published on: Fri, 15 Sep 22:34:00 12 147

  • KSDK
    Garth Brooks shocks pregnant couple with mid-concert gender reveal
    The day before the show, Katy had a gender ultrasound to determine the baby's sex. “We had a random joking moment,” Wes says, “where we said, 'How cool would it be if we could get Garth to reveal the gender at the concert,' never thinking it would ...
    Published on: Fri, 15 Sep 12:45:25 0 10

  • Fox News
    California may offer third gender option on driver's licenses | Fox News
    Fox News
    California is the latest state to consider adding a third gender option on driver's licenses and birth certificates for those that do not identify as a man or woman.
    Published on: Fri, 15 Sep 08:05:37 18 183

  • New York Times
    It's Not About Marriage. It's About Gender.
    New York Times
    As Matt Canavan, the conservative senator from the state of Queensland, wrote in an email to his constituents on Wednesday: “If we remove gender from the wedding registry, the next step will be to remove the distinct concept of boys and girls from the ...
    Published on: Thu, 14 Sep 23:44:07 27 606

  • Los Angeles Times
    The gender wage gap just shrank for the first time in a decade
    Los Angeles Times
    This week, the Census Bureau reported some bright news: Middle-class incomes rose last year to the highest level ever recorded, a long-awaited sign of healing from the Great Recession. Along gender lines, the numbers revealed a more complicated story.
    Published on: Fri, 15 Sep 20:40:00 1 50

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