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  • Cameron Dallas
    Cameron Alexander Dallas is an American internet personality and actor, best known for his prominence on the video application Vine and YouTube. Dallas later went on to star in movies such as Expelled and The Outfield.
  • Devin Graham
    Devin Graham is an American videographer who produces adventure and extreme sport videos on YouTube under the name devinsupertramp. His channel has more than 4.5 million subscribers and over 915 million total views.
  • Fine Brothers Fine Brothers
    Benny Fine and Rafi Fine, known together as the Fine Brothers Entertainment, are online producers, writers, and directors, who are best known for their React video series, their several timed-spoiler series, narrative web series, as well as creating a "transmedia" sitcom on YouTube, MyMusic.
  • Grace Helbig Grace Helbig
    Grace Anne Helbig is an American television and YouTube personality. She is the creator and host of the YouTube channel it'sGrace as well as the podcast Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig.
  • Jack Douglass Jack Douglass
    John Patrick "Jack" Douglass, known online by his pseudonym jacksfilms, is an American Internet personality, musician, and comedian on YouTube, known for his parodies of infomercials, skits, and more. His series JackAsk involves him taking questions from viewers and answering them humorously.
  • Linus Sebastian
    Linus Gabriel Sebastian is a Canadian YouTube personality, presenter, producer, and founder of Linus Media Group.
  • Megan Nicole
    Megan Nicole Flores, simply known as Megan Nicole, is an American singer-songwriter and actress who debuted on YouTube in 2009.
  • Michael Buckley (Internet celebrity) Michael Buckley (Internet celebrity)
  • Nash Grier
    Nash Grier is an American Internet personality. He became known for his online Vine videos in early 2013.
  • Ricky Dillon
    Richard Porter "Ricky" Dillon Jr. is an American YouTube personality and singer-songwriter. Over his seven years on YouTube, Dillon has amassed over 3.2 million subscribers on his channel, as well as more than 350 million views on his videos.
  • Shane Dawson Shane Dawson
    Shane Lee Dawson is an American YouTube personality, actor, author, sketch comedian, singer, songwriter and film director.
  • Shira Lazar Shira Lazar
    Shira Lazar is a Canadian television personality, actress, writer and video blogger who currently resides and works in Los Angeles.
  • Tyler Ward Tyler Ward
    Tyler Ray Ward is an American independent singer, writer and producer.
  • Yousef Erakat
    Yousef Saleh Erakat, better known by his stage name FouseyTube, is an Palestinian-American YouTube personality, vlogger, comedian, prankster, actor and rapper who produces parodies, vlogs, comedy sketches and pranks on YouTube.

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