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  • Freely redistributable software - Freely redistributable software is software that anyone is free to redistribute. The term has been used to mean two types of free to redistribute software, distinguished by the legal modifiability and limitations on purpose of use of the software.
  • Gratis versus Libre - The English adjective free is commonly used in one of two meanings: "for zero price" and "with little or no restriction". This ambiguity of free can cause issues where the distinction is important, as it often is in dealing with laws concerning the use of information, such as copyright and patents.
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  • PCGamesN
    Freeware FPS Solace Dreams blends Silent Hill, Doom, and voxels
    Don't let its listing as a Doom 2 mod on ModDB put you off. Solace Dreams, by solo developer Ermin, is a fully standalone freeware experience, and a uniquely spooky one to boot. I just hope you're not afraid of clowns. Prefer your FPS gameplay a little ...
    Published on: Sat, 09 Sep 14:32:08 1 10

  • Adventure Gamers
    Following Freeware: July 2017 releases
    Adventure Gamers
    This month you can investigate a missing girl in a strange Victorian town or some supernatural graffiti as a zombie detective. You could also go back to 17th century France to save prisoners from the Bastille, or forward to an electronic future to ...
    Published on: Wed, 30 Aug 18:33:06 1 10

  • Windows Report
    Convert LibreOffice documents to Word file format with these converters
    Windows Report
    MultiDoc Converter is a freeware ODT to DOC converter with which you can convert a batch of documents to alternative file formats. You can run this software on both 32 and 64-bit Windows platforms from Vista to 10. Click Setup.exe on this website page ...
    Published on: Tue, 19 Sep 16:07:24 0 10
  • DearMob Inc. Proffers Freeware to Embrace iPhone X and iPhone 8 Releases on Apple's 10-Year Anniversary
    Digital Journal
    To help slim up the brimmed iPhone, DearMob beforehand shares out its well-developed freeware – iPhone Photo Manager to help transfer 4K photos, wallpapers, GIF images, BMP and TIFF pictures from iPhone to Windows 10 at an alarming rate. According ...
    Published on: Wed, 13 Sep 13:37:21 4 39
  • Progettazione architettonica con software freeware Tommaso Empler
    Universinet -Progettazione architettonica con software freeware; interverrà l'architetto romano Tommaso Empler, autore del volume Software libero per la ...
    Published on: Wed, 20 Sep 00:53:47 0 89

    Reverb App
    Mit der Reverb App können User viele Funktionen von Amazons Assistenten Alexa auch ohne Echo und nur mit dem Handy nutzen. Reverb App Mit der Reverb App Alexa Befehle erteilen. (Bild: RAIN Labs) ...
    Published on: Mon, 21 Aug 19:01:47 32 830

    ALDI life Games
    Mit dem ALDI life Games Download profitieren Gamer von einem riesigen Angebot zu Discount-Preisen! Die ganze Welt der Spiele mit dem ALDI life Games Download. Nach Musikstreaming und Leseflat bietet der Discounter nun eine Plattform, auf der ...
    Published on: Mon, 21 Aug 12:42:13 0 20
  • Create Professional Drawings with nanoCAD Plus
    MCADCafe (press release)
    If you like using the freeware version of nanoCAD but need access to a wider range of tools, then upgrading is a quick and simple process that will unlock a wide variety of more advanced functions. These include hybrid raster and vector editing tools ...
    Published on: Tue, 19 Sep 19:49:14 45 831

  • CHIP Online
    CCleaner Alternative: CHIP verschenkt 50.000 Tuning-Vollversionen
    CHIP Online
    Nach dem CCleaner-Hack ist das Vertrauen vieler Nutzer in das Tool erschüttert. Gibt es eigentlich empfehlenswerte Alternativen zum CCleaner? Wir haben nicht nur zwei starke Freeware-Tools für Sie herausgesucht, sondern auch eine exklusive ...
    Published on: Tue, 19 Sep 14:03:01 10 151
  • बिबट्याचा मुक्तसंचार
    दिंडोरी तालुक्यातील वरखेडा येथील सुदाम पंढरीनाथ उफाडे यांच्या वस्तीवरील गायीवर बिबट्याने हल्ला करून गंभीर जखमी केले असून, यापूर्वीदेखील उफाडे यांच्या शेळी व घोड्याच्या शिंगरावर ...
    Published on: Sun, 17 Sep 18:45:22 7 291

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  • ICQ v 10.0.12299 (Fr) (22/02/2018) messagerie instantanée et chat vidéo #freeware
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  • USBDLM v 5.3.1 (Ang) (21/02/2018) gestion des lettres des lecteurs USB #freeware
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  • Free Web Interface For Bass Station II #freeware #audio #musicproducer #musicproduction
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  • navarzo21 posted a photo:

    Once upon a time

  • nicoleasheeny posted a photo:

    3 Ways to Record Netflix Movies

    Netflix has nowadays become one of the most popular and highly watched videos and movies streaming site in the world. Many people subscribe to it to watch special series in a frequent basis which are otherwise not available anywhere else. As you need to buy a special subscription account to use...

  • Teknoformat posted a photo:

    Bilgisayar güvenliğinizi ücretsiz oluşturabileceğiniz ipuçları

  • nicoleasheeny posted a photo:

    Reviewstown Video Downloader

    Download Video

    Reviewstown Video Downloader is a brilliant way to download any video from any website without any limitations! It’s a web-base application, you don’t have to install anything. Free and Safe.
    With Reviewstown Video Downloader, you can free download any videos from...

  • jeffcard1 posted a video:

    Free Online Screen Recorder

    Here we introduce a robust online app ( Acethinker Screen Recorder ) for recording your screen along with sound, audio, webcam and more at no cost.

  • TENTAKEL4711 posted a photo:


  • so1150 posted a photo:

    Moon: Registax test

    Registax, a freeware processing program works really well!! The above pic was a practical application project from my recently purchased Tony Northrup's "Stunning Digital Photography" book (not a paid ad!!!).

    This test shot was shot in .jpeg and center of frame (2 usual no-no's)...Wasn't sure of the file size limits of Registax.

  • lenazhao34 posted a photo:

    Leawo Free Blu-ray Player für Mac V1.9.4 arbeitet jetzt auf Mac OS X 10.12 mit besserer Stabilität

    Shenzhen, China, 2. Dezember 2016 - Um ein besseres Film-Wiedergabe-Erlebnis für Mac-Nutzer, vor allem für diejenigen, die bereits auf die neueste Mac OS X 10.12 aktualisiert haben, zu liefern, hat Leawo Software ihre Blu-ray-Player Freeware - Free Blu-ray Player für Mac ( auf V1.9.4 offiziell aktualisiert. Neben der Optimierung der Systemunterstützung für Mac OS X 10.9 und spätere Mac OS X-Versionen (einschließlich Mac OS X 10.12), hat Leawo Software die Programmstabilität und die Filmwiedergabeleistung auf dieser Mac-Blu-ray-Player-Freeware auch verbessert.

    Leawo Free Blu-ray Player für Mac ist die weltweit erste kostenlose Blu-ray-Media-Player-Software für Mac Computer-Besitzer, Blu-ray-Filme auf Mac zu sehen. Weit mehr als ein einfacher, kostenloser Blu-ray-Player ist es auch kostenloser DVD-Player für Mac, kostenloser Video-Player für Mac (bis zu 4K-Videos unterstützt), kostenloser Audio-Player für Mac und kostenloser ISO-Image-Player für Mac. Das attraktivste Merkmal ist seine Fähigkeit von Disk-Entschlüsselung und Regionalcode-Entfernung. Er könnte Blu-ray-Disks mit AACS, BD + und dem neuesten MKB-Schutz, und CSS-DVD-Disks, unabhängig von Disk-Region, abspielen. Leawo Free Blu-ray Player für Mac wurde komplett kompatibel mit verschiedenen Mac OS-Versionen entwickelt.

    Aufgrund des Mac OS X-Updates und des Updates im Blu-ray / DVD-Disc-Schutz konnte die bisherige Blu-ray-Player-Version auf dem neuesten Mac OS X 10.12 nicht funktionieren. "Wir haben mehrere Feedbacks von unseren Kunden erhalten, dass dieser Mac Blu-ray-Player Freeware gelegentlich unfreundlich mit dem neuesten Mac OS X 10.12 wurde. Daher haben wir sofort angefangen, dieses Blu-ray-Player-Mac-Update vor einigen Tagen vorzubereiten. Jetzt ist die aktualisierte Version verfügbar, mit besserer Kompatibilität mit Mac OS X, einschließlich Mac OS X 10.9 und höheren Versionen ", so Steven, CEO von Leawo Software.

    Laut Leawo Tech-Team, mit diesem Update, durch tiefes Verständnis der Mac OS X-Plattform, hat Leawo die untere Schicht des Programms durch die Annahme einer brandneuen Media-Player-Struktur optimiert, einige wesentlichen Codes hinzugefügt, um Mac OS X besser zu passen, und einige kleinen Bugs gelöst, die das Funktionieren des Programms beeinträchtigen können. Alle diese haben die Mac Blu-ray Player Freeware freundlicher mit Mac OS X gemacht.

    Leawo Free Blu-ray Player für Mac liest Blu-ray / DVD-Disc jetzt schneller und spielt Blu-ray / DVD-Disc glatter. Mit der Optimierung in der unteren Schicht wird das Programm stabiler. Es gibt keinen Wiedergabefehler wie verschwommenes Display oder gestoppte Wiedergabe mehr.

    Leawo Free Blu-ray Player für Mac V1.9.4 ist ab sofort auf für alle Menschen auf der ganzen Welt zum kostenlosen Download und zur Installation verfügbar. Es ist lebenslang kostenlos, keinen In-App-Kauf enthalten. ...

  • vedsegaardjohn posted a photo:



  • colarmac posted a photo:

    Free Webpage Capture Apps

    Do you want other people to see what you see on your computer’s monitor? There are times that a person who wants to capture full web page screenshots because of their different purposes. There are many factors that trigger a person to take make some screenshots in order to accomplish some ta...

  • damkor00 posted a photo:


    Retro E-Jet

  • petri.solja posted a photo:

    HDR Landscapes

    HDR landscape from Kangasala Finland. Used fotorHDR free web based software.

  • Mobile Solution Expert posted a photo:

    Gihosoft Free Android Recovery - Recover Deleted Viber Messages from Android

    If you mistakenly hit the clear data button on Viber app and have no backup available, don’t panic, you can turn to Android data recovery tool for help, for example, Gihosoft Free Android Viber Recovery. It can help to recover deleted Viber Messages on Android, no matter you are using a Samsung Galaxy S7, S6, Note 5, HTC One M9, Google Nexus 6P, LG G5, Sony Xperia, Motorola, or Huawei etc.

  • joilsonsantos566 posted a photo:

    Opções grátis para edição de vídeo que você poderia ter

    Podemos encontra programa para edição de vídeo grátis? A resposta é muito simples é claro que SIM.
    Amigo (a) você tem uma ampla opções grátis para edição de vídeo de software, na verdade. Existem opções pagas, mas muitas vezes o custo é muito alto, e se você tiver pretensões profissiona...

  • nicoleasheeny posted a photo:

    Top 5 Free Video To Gif Converters

    What’s GIF? It’s a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images. So convert a video file into a short GIF file will make it smaller and easier to manage. There are many free online converters and apps can convert video to GIF, I review and collect 5...

  • clines1965 posted a photo:

    Freeware Software Download | Softgar provides freeware and shareware programs that are submitted by users and reviewed by our staff. We have more than 15,000 approved softwares in various categories including multimedia, desktop, design & photography, internet, security, business and many more.

  • Claudia L aus B posted a photo:

    Berlin - Spreeblick

  • doris.lea222 posted a photo:


    Resize Partition in Windows 10:

  • Jacques Sauvé posted a photo:

    renaissance printanière

    Jeunes pousses d'érable du mois de mai
    logiciel libre lightzone (free software)
    désaturation par couleur sélective
    Parc Lafontaine
    Montréal Québec

  • nicoleasheeny posted a photo:

    Top 9 Free YouTube Video Maker

    If you are a YouTube fan, here is a list of 10 video maker for you. They are not as professional as Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas. but they are absolutely free and clean. If you want some alternative to windows movie maker or iMovie, these are your choices.


    Although Loopster doesn’t p...