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    Photo by [email protected]

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    Serviço a francesa - Curso Como Receber em Casa CPT

    Serviço a francesa - Curso Como Receber em Casa CPT -

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    Vintage photography from France

    _ Avec le recul, je crois que Dieu n’existe pas et tout est de la faute des hommes.
    _ Qu’est-ce qu’il faut faire alors?
    _ Essayer de lutter contre tout ce qui est injuste...”

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    Fichaje de Neymar confronta a las ligas española y francesa de futbol

    CIUDAD DE MÉXICO (apro).- La liga francesa de futbol profesional pidió hoy a la liga española desbloquear el fichaje del delantero brasileño Neymar por el Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) de la capital francesa. En un comunicado, el organismo que gestiona la liga francesa de futbol expresó su apoyo al...

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    Welcome to Metropolis / Bienvenido a Metrópolis

    Metropolis, one of the most famous buildings in Madrid.
    Its is located at the corner of the Calle de Alcalá and Gran Vía. Inaugurated in 1911, it was designed by Jules and Raymond Février for the insurance company La Unión y el Fénix. It is currently owned by Metrópolis Seguros.

    The dome is topped by a statue of the winged goddess Victoria, designed by sculptor Federico Coullaut-Valera. It replaced the original bronze statue of the mythological figures of Phoenix and Ganymedes, the symbol of Unión y el Fenix Español.


    El edificio Metrópolis es uno de los más populares y más fotografiados edificios de Madrid. Está situado en el cruce entre Gran Vía y Alcalá. Su arquitectura es de inspiración francesa. Se inauguró en 1911.
    Fué diseñado por los arquitectos franceses Jules y Raymond Février para la compañía de seguros La Unión y el Fénix. La obra final la llevó a cabo el español Luis Esteve Fernández-Caballero, que la terminó en 1910.

    Originalmente la cúpula estaba coronada por el símbolo de la compañía, una estatua alegórica de bronce del Fénix sobre el cual había una figura humana con el brazo alzado representando a Ganímedes, realizada por el escultor René de Saint-Marceaux.

    A principios de los setenta, la compañía vendió el edificio a sus dueños actuales, la aseguradora Metrópolis. Los antiguos propietarios decidieron llevarse la estatua (por entonces elemento familiar del paisaje madrileño) a su edificio en el paseo de la Castellana. Finalmente, la estatua fue reemplazada por otra que representa la Victoria Alada, obra de Federico Coullaut Valera; el Fénix original se encuentra ahora en el jardín de la sede de la Mutua Madrileña, en el número 33 del paseo de la Castellana.
    (Resumen de wikipedia)

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    Schiller-Denkmal & Französischer Dom, Berlin, Germany

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    flo_30-05-05 27

    Mas para amigos y familia ★☆★ More for friends & family

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    flo_30-05-05 22

    Mas para amigos y familia ★☆★ More for friends & family

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    flo_30-05-05 41

    Mas para amigos y familia ★☆★ More for friends & family

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    Fogo ameaça temporada de turismo na Riviera Francesa

    Fogo ameaça temporada de turismo na Riviera Francesa -

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    Santos Andrade Square

    -The place received many names: Largo Lobo de Moura (its first name, given on April 5, 1879), Largo Duque de Caxias, Largo Thereza Christina and in 1901, received its current name.
    -The current name of the square is a homage to the ex-president of the state of Paraná, Jose Pereira dos Santos Andrade, deceased in 1900.
    -It was a place of passage to the Public Promenade and the Market Square, eventually received circus companies, served as a garbage dump and also marked the "end" of the city, because just after the "city square" marshes and grotes started -
    ending in the Belém River, preventing the expansion of the city to the banks of the river and beyond it.
    -The situation only began to change in 1910, with the choice of the location to host the University of Paraná - which was built between 1913 and 1914 - and the Belém River rectification works, undertaken in the management of the engineer Candido Ferreira de Abreu (1912- 1916), before that, the "square" was an unpaved wasteland that became a veritable mire on rainy days.
    -The situation did not change much in the early years of the new university, because the square did not receive improvements worthy of a public place, which made it difficult to enter the building of the institution and the other regulars of the square had to get used to the rubbish and garbage , because the place was still a deposit of this material.
    -It was only in 1917 that, as a result of the complaint from the Academic Center, other interventions took place: delimitation and leveling of the area, laying of curbs, construction of culverts, delimitation of walks and gardens and macadamization of the surrounding roads.
    -But it is to host the great commemorative celebration of the Centennial of Independence of Brazil, on September 7, 1922, that Santos Andrade Square receives the most significant improvements: in the central part was built a fountain with circular fountain with three spouts "Capable of projecting water ten meters high", skirted by symmetrically organized gardens (French fashion) and lampposts and benches were placed on the premises (the fountain, in 1950's, would be remodeled giving the current shape).
    -In 1977, the square was completely paved with petit pavet, and in this work the João Negrão St. lost a few meters from its road to vehicles, because the section of the street - that was directly in front of the stairs of the UFPR building - was transformed into pedestrian walkway (The curb has never been removed and is still visible).
    -Little by little, the ground-floor houses surrounding the square opens up space for newer buildings - some of them considered as references for Curitiba's heritage - as the historic headquarters of the Universidade Federal do Paraná, the first headquarters of the Agência dos Correios e Telégrafos - now know as Correio Velho, and the Teatro Guaíra - inaugurated in 1974 and listed by the State Patrimony in 2003, the Marumby Building - one of the city's first skyscrapers, completed in 1951 - and the headquarters of the old Police Station Regional Office of IAPAS, now occupied by the Ministério da Previdência Social (a significant example of the modernist architecture of the city in 1965).

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    flo_25-05-07 25

    Mas para amigos y familia ★☆★ More for friends & family

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    Justiça francesa mantém sentença de prisão de Maluf

    Justiça francesa mantém sentença de prisão de Maluf -

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    Fallece la actriz francesa Jeanne Moreau a los 89 años de edad

    CIUDAD DE MÉXICO (apro).- La oficina de Presidencia de Francia anunció esta mañana el fallecimiento de la actriz Jeanne Moreau, a los 89 años de edad. En un comunicado precisó que Moreau, quien durante sus siete décadas de carrera trabajó con directores como François Truffaut, Orson Welles, Wim...

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    Jean de Vienne (D643)