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  • ILO DESIGNS posted a photo:


    Red raspberry, Rubus idaeus. Madrid, Spain. August.
    Texturing edited version.

  • Just_me_2017 posted a photo:

    Snapchat boobs selfie

  • ky0ncheng posted a photo:


  • ky0ncheng posted a photo:

    Northern lights

  • Teemu Paukamainen posted a photo:


    Salticidae - Hyppyhämähäkki - Jumping Spider

  • ColetteSimonds posted a photo:

    For Friday's Happy Hour!

    One of my neighbors works for the local wineries and handed me this bottle. He does this once in a wile and it's very nice. All the wines he hands to me are always excellent! I decided to keep this bottle for some fun with the flashes!

    Of course, I don't have my Flickr friend Antonio's imagination so the bottle is shot in a very straightforward manner.

    I used one SB-5000 in a softbox on the left (radio triggered), a blue gelled SB-700 for the background (optically triggered).

    In order to control the reflections on the bottle I had 2 white panels, one on each side of the bottle. I also rested a 3rd panel on top of the 2 vertical ones. This allowed me to get more light on the top of the bottle. The top panel was lit with a second SB-700 triggered optically also.

    The framing was limited by the space in my room. The 85mm didn't allow me to include the whole bottle, but I think it's ok anyway.

    The background shows some weird circles and I don't know why. There was no post processing to this image at all. So I think it's due to the fact that the blue gelled SB-700 may have been a bit too close to the background..

    All 3 flashes had different power levels. As you can imagine, I have lots of versions of this. I picked this one!!


    So cheers!!

  • sami kuosmanen posted a photo:

    girl whit a big hammer

  • sami kuosmanen posted a photo:


  • Thomas Ohlsson Photography posted a photo:

    Edge City: Mafalda

    Sin City-tribute by Thomas Ohlsson Photography
    Model: Mafalda Martins
    Makeup: Julia Caspari
    Photo: Thomas Ohlsson Photography

    www.thomasohlsson.com | 500px | Facebook | Flickr | Instagram

    Model shot with Pentax K-3 and FA43. Background from San Fransisco with Canon EOS-1D Mark III and EF 24-70mm F2.8 L USM (thanks to Christoper Wölner-Hanssen!)

    Strobist info (model): YN-560II @ 1/8 with beauty dish to camera right, YN-560II @ 1/8 with umbrella to camera left, YN-560II @ 1/32 behind model to camera right. Cactus V5 triggers.

  • VenturaMermaid posted a photo:


    I find it challenging to properly expose lightning before dark (and still capture it). This lightning strike pleasantly surprised me through the lens, as I was camped along the Colorado River.

  • VenturaMermaid posted a photo:

    Cloud to Cloud to Ground

    Multi-layered bolt of lightning behind a very dark cloud. It was an incredible storm cell and a spectacular show!

  • MrKjito posted a photo:

    You're the Flash?!

    Wally West finds out that his idol, The Flash, is Barry Allen. The current boyfriend of his aunt Iris West.

  • alaridesign posted a photo:

    **Free Domestic Ship

    via Michael Alari Design ift.tt/2gLIr5e
    Click for More Michael Alari Design at ift.tt/RRHeur

  • Oliver Leveritt posted a photo:

    Down There

    24-70 20170904-09 610_1570-1 f 2

  • graemes83 posted a photo:


    Day 7 of Daily in September, today with a Sigma 17-50 f2.8 and YN660 flash, bounced.
    Moments later she attacked the lens hood, thankfully not the front element.

  • arthur shuraev posted a photo:

  • ThomasMaribo posted a photo:

    Anger and water drops

    My friend Kim pretending to be very angry, during a test shoot today :-)

  • Presence360 posted a photo:



  • Mike-Allen posted a photo:


    Saturated red meets complimentary muted blue, stunningly modeled by Gail.

  • Mike-Allen posted a photo: