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  • torbakhopper posted a photo:

    2.566404e+12 gallons per SLAUGHTER CYCLE is the answer to how much food does your food eat? social WATER math on a pound of beef, scott richard

    do fries go with that shake?
    george clinton


    it's been almost a whole year since this essay was published.
    here it is again for all of you who missed it the first time:

    slaughter cycle numbers and fake math -- how the media tricks you into the things you do & the BIGGEST issue on your plate should be this topic, not the presidential election shampaign, scott richard september 25th 2016

    while the country argues about building walls and not electing females, the real problems continue.

    america, so fat and lazy, not likely to wake up before it's too late.

    indebted to foreign countries, on the brink of international war...

    ah, so adorable.
    thank goddha the new fall tv shows are all coming back!!!

    let's do the water gallon usage math of cows. i went to several meat industry sites and they only give us numbers. they won't actually tell us how many gallons a cow consumes in its SLAUGHTER CYCLE:

    "As a rule of thumb, consumption will range from 1 gallon per 100 pounds of body weight during cold weather to nearly 2 gallons per 100 pounds of body during the hottest weather. Lactating cows require nearly twice as much water compared to dry cows.
    Daily water intake may vary from 3 to 30 gallons per day depending on age, body size (weight), stage of production, and the environment (mainly air temperature).
    Clean fresh water free of manure, dirt, and other debris is important."

    i like that last detail "fact". it is in reference to the enormity of simply WASTED water that takes place around cows. and by wasted, that's exactly what i mean. no one monitors this. it is their own FREE FOR THEMS.

    okay, back to the math:

    so we have beef cows and we want to understand their slaughter-cycle.

    "According to Animals Australia, the natural lifespan of a dairy cow is approximately 20 years. The average lifespan of a beef cow is 15 to 20 months."

    before i go any further, let me say something about math.
    math ONLY works if your "variables" are ACCURATE and EQUAL.
    the very second either of those aren't possible, math is instantly INACCURATE.

    what do i mean? if you ran these same numbers and made the "cow variable" into a PERSON and you looked at the kill rate and realized that we were killing people and they had different ages, you would NEVER REFER TO THIS AS A LIFESPAN. it is a kill period, not a life span. VEALERS live very short lives -- 8 months for example. but this is NOT A LIFESPAN> it is much closer to a concentration camp for a species.

    so, it is unfair to call the SLAUGHTER CYCLE a "life span".
    and, oddly, they actually show the real life span of an average dairy cow of 20 years (dairy cows drink twice as much water as beef fed cows).

    and then they shamefully use language to hide this fact and pretend that the beef cows' LIFE SPAN is actually its SLAUGHTER CYCLE. instantly, as i've mentioned, this affects the numbers.
    they become more fake when you cheat the grammar of the word problem.

    if i ask you how long it takes to get to tokyo from los angeles on a train, you can see that this sort of word problem is really difficult. you'd have to know exactly how long it took to dismantle a train and ship it...

    anyway, back to our fake numbers game...

    we'll take the low numbers.
    it's always more fun to calculate down against things you are disputing.

    that way, when others go back and re-run your numbers, you always score better instead of worse and they feel like they are superior because they did the research and got a better answer than was originally provided -- i know, i know, humans are so vain and we love it...

    "Ranchers will traditionally breed their cattle in the summer which will produce calves in the spring. On average, a newborn calf will weigh 70 to 90 pounds at birth. Before a calf is considered a feeder, it has already been gone through the process of being born, weaned and sent out to graze for up to nine months."

    now here's something important.
    when the BEEF INDUSTRY gives out its numbers on water usage for cattle, it only talks about stages in the slaughter-cycle of the cow.

    that is, as you see in the detail fact above, a "FEEDER" has already been alive for about 9 months.

    so, conspiratorially, all the data that the meat industry releases about water usage refers to the LAST 6 - 11 months of a beef cow's life.

    that's kind of sneaky.

    if you run the numbers on this bit of aside, the lowest actual water intake of the average calf before becoming a FEEDER is:

    9 month weaning period
    6 x 7 = 42 gallons per week
    168 gallons per month

    1512 gallons for nine months

    so you might wonder, so what?
    well look at this data fact:

    "How many gallons of hot water does a shower use?
    Showering to Savings. In an average home, showers are typically the third largest water use after toilets and clothes washers. The average American shower uses 17.2 gallons (65.1 liters) and lasts for 8.2 minutes at average flow rate of 2.1 gallons per minute (gpm) (7.9 lpm)."

    so if we take our numbers and compare this amount to the one person showering for a whole year which is 6,570 gallons using the average provided above, we see that 4 and a half weaner cows are consuming the same amount of water as one lucky shower person in the u.s. for an entire year.

    and the meat industry conveniently doesn't even count any of that water in their estimations.
    which is weird because if we run these numbers about how many weaners exist, we get this total:
    89 million head of cattle
    multiplied by
    1512 gallons

    134,568,000,000 gallons per slaughter-cycle THAT THE MEAT INDUSTRY FAILS TO EVEN COUNT!!!!!

    that goes UNACCOUNTED for in the meat industry's accounting to the public. this is the water that cows are consuming BEFORE they go into the FEEDER cycle.

    during the feeder cycle, water intake DOUBLES!!!!

    so calves...
    "Water is the most essential and cheapest ingredient in any livestock feeding operation.

    A 180–kg. (400-pound) calf will require from 10–30 liters (quarts) of water daily, depending on factors like temperature, humidity and the dry matter content of the diet. To achieve maximum gains, provide an adequate supply of clean, easily accessible water. "
    translation, a calf is the term for a cow between birth and weaning.

    at weaning, it's called a weaner. that happens around nine months.

    they drink about 6 gallons average during their calf period.

    when they start to bulk up, that's when the water ratio follows suit.

    "A commercial steer or bull calf is expected to put on about 32 to 36 kg (71 to 79 lb) per month. A nine-month-old steer or bull is therefore expected to weigh about 250 to 270 kg (550 to 600 lb). Heifers will weigh at least 200 kg (440 lb) at eight months of age."

    in the feeder cycle, cows can be drinking an average of upwards to 30 gallons of water per day.

    the feeder portion of the SLAUGHTER CYCLE of a beef cow can last between six months and and eleven months.

    let's just say an average is nine, even though we don't know that.

    so you have nine months where FEEDER cows are consuming 30 gallons per day of water.

    AGAIN, this doesn't include the water it takes to produce their feed.

    during the FEEDER PERIOD of a beef cow's SLAUGHTER CYCLE, cows eat corn.
    corn take 147 gallons of water to make one pound of corn feed.

    FEEDER cows eat an average of 2400 pounds of corn feed.

    but that's not our business. we're only assessing the water we can "count" based on the meat industry's own actual stats. we know that a 35% loss of water rate through sheer waste is something that no one wants to actually know about.

    water flows into the sea after all, and like the soda tax, this kind of focus on water will ultimately just make all natural commodities cost more -- that's the whole back bone fight for the war on food.

    if you read my stuff you know i've been talking about the war on food for about twenty five years now. look into it!

    anyway, let's look at the numbers we can track.
    just how much does a FEEDER cow drink at the end of its SLAUGHTER CYCLE.

    9 times 30 gallons of water per day times 30 days in a month
    equals 8,100 gallons of water.

    this number is now HIGHER THAN an individual taking an 8 minute shower each day for a YEAR at two.1 gallons of water flow per minute.

    but what does this even matter when nestle's buys ONE MILLION LITERS of water for less than 4 dollars?!!?!?!
    than they package it with plastic,
    ship and sell each product unit for more than a dollar.
    talk about a markup win strategy.

    it makes the meat industry and their lavish use of water seem in competition with other industries and profiteering opportunists who have clearly taken the pilot's seat and are driving the plane.

    but let's finish our math about FEEDER COWS.

    here's the total number of gallons each year used to water beef cows during the FEEDER phase of their SLAUGHTER CYCLE:

    8100 gallons of water per head of cattle times 89 million head of cattle that are currently in the process of going through the SLAUGHTER CYCLE even as we read this




    gallons of water.

    so that's the FEEDER phase>>>>

    now we have to total out the FEEDER phase with the WEANER phase.

    and here is the great and grand total of water consumption for the SLAUGHTER CYCLE each year:

    gallons of H2O

    let me add, that when i did the water research, it is important to remember that cow's consumption of water (that is, THIS TOTAL) made up only 33% of the actual water usage required to make commercial business beef. GRASS FED COWS take even more because they have a longer SLAUGHTER CYCLE.

    if we do the cheat math (i'll give you the data link and info about all the actual math, the numbers and where they came from so you can read that if you want to take the time and see where these numbers originate), we find that we can just add the 66% to the grand total we have so far.

    AGAIN, this number does not in any way account for the rampant waste of water that surrounds this industry and ends up running poisons, toxins, medical waste disease, etc. into the ground water and contaminating it for all creatures.

    so AGAIN, this new total is just the CORN and the COWS.

    and, as you can see GOOGLE calculator had a sht fit on this one and just reduced it so numbers don't look insane:

    2.566404e+12 gallons per SLAUGHTER CYCLE

    and then, to get our yearly total, let's generous proportionalize this number to accommodate for the average SLAUGHTER CYCLE being about a year and a half.

    so here is the annual gallons of water being used for the current SLAUGHTER CYCLE:


    but then we have to do alternate math, because we're just talking about BEEF COWS, not DAIRY COWS, which consume TWICE as much water and live twenty years.

    thankfully, only 9 million dairy cows. so we get to about 80 million head of cattle in the BEEF industry instead of almost 90 million.

    but since those dairy cows drink twice as much and live at least 18 years longer than a beef cow, i think you get the picture.

    that is, that this number
    2.566404e+12 gallons per SLAUGHTER CYCLE
    plus a little bit more is the actual yearly total for ALL head of cattle in the u.s.

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    Hurricane Irma upgraded to category 4, with 'life-threatening' storm surge seen for Florida

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    12 Little-Known Facts About The Great British Bake Off

    If you haven’t watched an episode of the UK’s Great British Bake Off, then I just don’t understand what you’re doing with your free time. The reality baking competition is hugely popular in the UK and is gaining traction in the US thanks to airing on PBS under the name...


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    Foul & Cheesy Fact and Jokes

  • farhadmaroun posted a photo:

    Orbi Dubai - Interesting Animal Facts

    Animalpedia provides interesting facts about a wide range of animals. The first indoor virtual of the Middle-East to provide giant interactive screen featuring breath-taking visuals of the animal kingdom. Visit: www.orbidubai.com/animalpedia

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    stapler close-up (dt. Hefter)

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    11 Surprising Facts About Being a Porn Star, Straight From Rachel Starr Herself

    By looking at the bare-faced woman smiling back at me from her screen, I would have never guessed that adult film star was her occupation. With nothing but mascara and a natural glow from kickboxing class in terms of makeup, Rachel Starr was nearly unrecognizable as we Skyped.
    The 33-year-old...


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    Top 10 Facts about Honeypreet Insan (Priyanka Taneja)

    The woman is named Honeypreet Insan and there are reports that after Gurmeet Ram Rahim, she is one of the best contenders for being the following head of Dera Sacha Sauda. We should observe a few certainties about her. 1. Honeypreet Insan is the embraced little girl of Gurmeet Ram Rahim. 2. She has two sisters Amarpreet Kaur Insan, Charanpreet Kaur Insan and one sibling Jasmeet Singh Insan through Gurmeet Ram Rahim. 3. Honeypreet Insan loves to call herself Papa's Angel and is to a great degree near Gurmeet Ram Rahim. As far back as she has joined Dera Sacha Sauda, her fame and power has been colossal. She handles a ton of assignments identified with Dera. 4. Her genuine name is Priyanka Taneja which was later changed to Honeypreet Insan by Gurmeet Ram Rahim. 5. Honeypreet Insan has additionally contributed in making of Gurmeet Ram Rahim's movies as Director, Editor and even as a performing artist. 6. She has dealt with crafted by Direction for films like MSG The Worrier Lion Heart, Hind Ka Napak Ko Jawab and even the most recent movie Jattu Engineer. 7. According to Gurmeet Ram Rahim, Honeypreet broke Jackie Chan's record by contributing in 21 distinct parts in regards to his film MSG: Hind Ka Napak Ko Javaab. 8. Honeypreet Insan (at that point named Priyanka Taneja) got hitched to an old Dera devotee, Vishwas Gupta 14 Feb 1999. Vishwas Gupta later in 2011 moved toward the court in regards to an illegal connection between Dera Chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim and his better half Honeypreet Insan. He later took the assertions back. Honeypreet Insan and Vishwas Gupta at that point kicked isolated and she off living in the Dera. 9. She is dynamic on Social Media (Facebook and Twitter) and continues refreshing supporters with the updates identified with Dera, Gurmeet Ram Rahim and all the up and coming exercises 10. Honeypreet Insan has been given a title of Guru Brahmachari. The nearness of Honeypreet Insan to Gurmeet Ram Rahim and the very reality that she is now associated with dealing with some real errands at Dera implies she is driving the race for being next boss. Likewise, she doesn't have any blood association with Gurmeet Ram Rahim which additionally increment her odds in the race. Be that as it may, it will be a hold up and watch circumstance on the grounds that even court has given the requests to grab the entire property of Dera. So the truth will surface eventually what occurs next.

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    iPhone mit Displayschaden

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    Darci lynne farmer shares more fun facts about herself on instagram live

    Best Mattress under $200: amzn.to/2vlvWnG Best mattress under $300: amzn.to/2vNCjn7 Best Mattress Under $500: amzn.to/2vDyGj6 Best mattress under $1000: amzn.to/2vil5wE Darci lynne farmer shares more fun facts about herself on instagram live ----------Read more -------------- Darci Lynne Farmer hosted the cutest Instagram Live this morning September 1 after getting her account to work again, and we feel like we learned so much more about the 12yearold ventriloquist. Back in June, JJJ revealed 10 Fun Facts about the America’s Got Talent semifinalist, and today, we learned even more We knew that she loved pugs, but we didn’t know why — until today. “They’re so cute,” she told fans in her Instagram Live. “Because they have so many fat rolls, I can’t even stand it.” Anot...

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    Photo by [email protected]

  • nmaycooaxseimwweorlj posted a photo:


    Photo by [email protected]

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    8 Fun Facts From Dairy Queen That Will Make You Crave a Blizzard

    We reached out to a Dairy Queen representative to get the scoop behind one of the most beloved ice cream shops, and the results will make you hungry for a Blizzard. Ahead, discover eight interesting facts you might not have known about the creator of the chocolate-dipped cone, the most popular...


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    Norwegian parliamentary election, 2017

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    Canadian Court SILENCES and Muzzles a peaceful environmental activist from expressing her views and facts of life and there was no one who could over-rule the SPEAKING BAN NOT EVEN THE The Secret Satanic Neo Neo-Nazis (SS-NNN) and furthermore Canadian Cou

    Canadian Court SILENCES and Muzzles a peaceful environmental activist from expressing her views and facts of life and there was no one who could over-rule the SPEAKING BAN NOT EVEN THE The Secret Satanic Neo Neo-Nazis (SS-NNN) especially ALL THE JUDICIARY and furthermore Canadian Court-room Police SILENCING and arresting a witness of Peaceful Environmental Protest !!!

  • Mubeen Mughal posted a photo:

    Canadian Court SILENCES and Muzzles a peaceful environmental activist from expressing her views and facts of life and there was no one who could over-rule the SPEAKING BAN NOT EVEN The Secret Satanic Neo Neo-Nazis (SS-NNN) especially ALL THE JUDICIARY and

    Canadian Court SILENCES and Muzzles a peaceful environmental activist from expressing her views and facts of life and there was no one who could over-rule the SPEAKING BAN NOT EVEN THE The Secret Satanic Neo Neo-Nazis (SS-NNN) especially ALL THE JUDICIARY and furthermore Canadian Court-room Police SILENCING and arresting a witness of Peaceful Environmental Protest

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    some-amazing-facts -bout-india-in-hindi

    Some Amazing Facts about india in Hindi

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    Danell daymon & greater works on “america’s got talent:” wiki & 4 facts to know advertisement

    Best Mattress under $200: amzn.to/2vlvWnG Best mattress under $300: amzn.to/2vNCjn7 Best Mattress Under $500: amzn.to/2vDyGj6 Best mattress under $1000: amzn.to/2vil5wE Danell daymon & greater works on “america’s got talent:” wiki & 4 facts to know advertisement ----------Read more -------------- Photo YouTube.comDanell Daymon Greater Works Choir Group Brings the House Down Americas Got Talent 2017 Advertisement DaNell Daymon Greater Works members are a contemporary gospel choir made up of both men and women between the ages of 24 to 59. They come from Seattle, Washington, New York City, Portland, Atlanta, Portland, and more. Daymon is the group’s vocal director and he lived in Seattle for the last 17 years. He moved to D.C. in 2016 to become a choir director of a local Baptist church. D...

  • moonjazz posted a photo:

    Mt. Hood, Oregon

    Mount Hood the tallest mountain in Oregon (11,237 feet, 3,426 m) and popular with skiers, hikers, and climbers. It is 45 miles (75 km) east-southeast of Portland, Oregon. Mount Hood is a stratovolcano made of lava flows, domes, and volcaniclastic deposits. I took this one near the timberline at about 6,000 feet in late summer. The new pines there rise up thru rocky sandy soil and some volcanic ash as well. It is part of of the Cascade Mountains which is still rising little by little. It is a great place for hiking and part of the Pacific Crest Trail. Twelve glaciers and snowfields cover approximately 80 percent of Mount Hood’s cone above the 6,890-foot (2,100-metre) level. Like most area the glaciers are slowing getting smaller due to global warming a fact one can measure and monitor. There was a small eruption in 1865 and minor venting eruptions in 1907. Its a great place to visit for hiking, swimming in cold lakes, and to learn about science and geology.

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    What would Diplo do ?