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  • RT @iPantellas: L'inferno me lo immagino così: - #facebookdown. - #instagramdown. - #twitterdown (anche se Twitter non smetterà mai di…
    Sofi_Irwin_5sos, Italy at Sun, 17 Dec 07:52:21
  • Facebook Messenger introduce prof. Brain #Facebook #facebooknews #facebookdown #FacebookMarketing #fb #SocialMedia… https://t.co/wbWk7k8zsC
    dailydotsurat, Surat, India at Sun, 17 Dec 06:08:12
  • RT @TopGirl_15: #TopGirl2017 #Playoff #facebookdown RT e ❤️ to vote our #wcw @LindseyPelas https://t.co/dDmMGlbv5S
    ilyasdurmus44, Malatya, Türkiye at Sun, 17 Dec 05:07:38
  • RT @fpmicozzi: Il primo miracolo dei #2papisanti è stato #FaceBookDown
    piyalidutta3, at Sun, 17 Dec 00:59:05
  • RT @fpmicozzi: Il primo miracolo dei #2papisanti è stato #FaceBookDown
    mihal1975, at Sat, 16 Dec 23:50:04
  • RT @PrazolBista: Is Facebook Down ? #facebookdown
    babciapat, at Sat, 16 Dec 16:57:46
  • RT @Mr_Mike_Clarke: #FacebookDown https://t.co/1zdvNcdNZX
    AzaleaRaad, at Sat, 16 Dec 16:55:19
  • RT @trishayearwood: #FacebookDown so we are going live HERE for #TsCoffeeTalk. Come say hi! xo https://t.co/3bmLo3EWUo
    MizzsterKaraoke, United States at Sat, 16 Dec 16:47:34
  • Is Facebook Down ? #facebookdown
    PrazolBista, Lalitpur, Nepal at Sat, 16 Dec 14:09:04
  • https://t.co/tk4s5uFz2T #funnyvideo #pakistan #BiggBoss11 #facebookdown https://t.co/GXVPvBqA4z
    aliraza23333, Punjab, Pakistan at Sat, 16 Dec 14:02:02
  • Maybe I'm missing some party invitations, but I don't care to feed the Facebook data beast or be a "lab rat" for Ma… https://t.co/KCFzgH03c7
    lupita_hdez, Austin, TX at Sat, 16 Dec 13:12:09

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  • conectaabogados posted a photo:

    Calma, que no cunda el pánico: #facebookdown

    El servicio de Facebook e Instagram ya fue restablecido; la empresa no se ha pronunciado al respecto.
    Nota completa en : Aristegui Noticias


  • bonvistomedia posted a photo:

    That awkward moment when #Facebook fails. #facebookdown #fail #epicfail #socialmedia #ohno

  • firoze shakir photographerno1 posted a photo:

    He Has Been In Trauma And Shock Since #FacebookDown

    his world was facebook
    morning afternoon evening night
    he liked to poke people around ,
    he shared his naughty pictures
    with other facebook clowns
    he was part of so many groups
    he knew facebook inside out
    2500 friends healthy and stout
    a new update on his facebook
    wall every dude wanted to
    check out ,,a new note a
    new print out but one day
    when facebook shutout
    he screamed he yelled
    he banged his head
    against the wall he was
    locked out , he ended
    up with viral fever
    running temperature
    fits shivering ,,totally
    washed out ,,he has
    covered his face
    since that day
    he sleeps out
    a rare disease
    told the doctor
    he is totally
    burnt out

    a new disease
    this fucked

  • fitnessenhancement posted a photo:

    Facebook just went down for a half hour! Turns out a record number of people magically “found time” to exercise in that half hour! #facebookdown http://ift.tt/15EtDOd

    ift.tt/15EtDOd Fitness Enhancement Personal Training Facebook just went down for a half hour! Turns out a record number of people magically “found time” to exercise in that half hour! #facebookdown

  • trungdt2013 posted a photo:


  • rcisidro posted a photo:

    Facebook apologized for the site outrage today caused by the global config setup change, affecting millions worldwide. The outage lasted 20 minutes up to 2.5 hours. It was the worst downtime of Facebook in over four years.  #FacebookDown

  • myRight.inc. posted a photo:

    facebook scare

  • Quixoticguide / www.quixoticguide.com posted a photo:

    Facebook has a problem!

    Where is my account! Please try again in a few hours?

  • CathyBrooks posted a photo:


    Okay ... Facebook had a temporary outage and I PANICKED. Scary how dependent I"ve become.