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  • Joe Satriani Master Class: Satch Shows You How to Express Yourself on Guitar
    Guitar World Magazine
    It took years to figure out that this first chord, the Em(add9) with the added second, or ninth (F#), could eventually be interpreted this way (FIGURE 2), or played as an arpeggio, or “broken chord.” But it all came from understanding the mood of the ...
    Published on: Fri, 02 Feb 17:22:00 1 11

  • Premier Guitar
    Digging Deeper: Curtis Mayfield
    Premier Guitar
    A D major chord is not just a D major chord. Where you place that chord and how you arrange the intervals changes the sound considerably. It's for this reason that you can play the given chords for a song, but still have it sound incorrect because you ...
    Published on: Sat, 20 Jan 11:39:29 17 367

  • Acoustic Guitar
    Video Lesson: Building Solos Around Chord Shapes
    Acoustic Guitar
    Chord shapes are great tools for expanding the range and flexibility of your guitar solos—in any style. They can help you get your bearings up and down the neck and find phrases and riffs that truly lock in with a song's chord changes. In the June ...
    Published on: Wed, 17 Jan 18:47:23 43 644

  • Acoustic Guitar
    The Blues in Jazz: Using the Classic 12-bar Form to Learn Bebop Improv
    Acoustic Guitar
    Example 1 shows the standard chord changes for a 12-bar blues in the key of F. In the first four bars, the chords are almost identical to a traditional blues. The I chord is followed by the IV chord in the second bar, then back to the I in the third ...
    Published on: Sat, 13 Jan 18:59:06 16 230

  • Riverfront Times (blog)
    Pedro the Lion's David Bazan Speaks on the Influence the Beatles Had on His Work
    Riverfront Times (blog)
    His youth pastor/band leader taught him how to play a couple of simple guitar chords on a whim, and around the same time his sister brought home a book of easy-to-play piano songs and he learned the Beatles' “All You Need Is Love." “I don't think I ...
    Published on: Mon, 05 Feb 13:45:45 1 53

  • ABC Online
    Why all your favourite songs sound the same
    ABC Online
    Last week, in typically colourful fashion, the country musician Justin Townes Earle weighed into the controversy over a lawsuit involving Radiohead and Lana Del Ray. "If we as musicians are gonna start going to court over chord progressions," he said ...
    Published on: Mon, 15 Jan 19:02:47 23 307

  • Guitar World Magazine
    How to Hear Music in Context
    Guitar World Magazine
    Play a I IV V I chord progression in the key of C (C – F – G – C) on the piano to establish the key center in your ear. Then while the sound of the key is fresh in your ear, play a random note on the piano, and guess the name of the note by identifying ...
    Published on: Thu, 18 Jan 19:49:08 35 365

  • NPR
    Songs We Love: Dr. Dog, 'Listening In'
    The guiding principle on Dr. Dog's upcoming tenth album, Critical Equation, singer and guitarist Scott McMicken tells NPR, was a blunt one: "F*** Dr. Dog." "I say that with as much love as you can have for anything," he says. "We're different people ...
    Published on: Tue, 16 Jan 16:02:17 12 250

  • Billboard
    Keys N Krates Break Down Their Debut Album 'Cura': Exclusive
    Keys N Krates' debut album, Cura, has officially arrived and out on Dim Mak Records. The nine-track LP includes features from Tory Lanez and 070 Shake, and according to Keys N Krates, the album came at a much needed time for them. "We kind of felt like ...
    Published on: Fri, 02 Feb 18:26:19 0 11

  • Premier Guitar
    Obsessive Progressive: Periphery
    Premier Guitar
    The group uses a huge array of tunings across 6-, 7-, and 8-string guitars. For the sake of consistency, I've opted to record all the examples in C–G–C–F–A–D, which is dropped-D tuning, but down a whole-step. While these could all be played in dropped ...
    Published on: Sat, 13 Jan 10:12:00 3 97

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