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  • aaronrhawkins posted a photo:

    Laser Tag Around the Pendulum

    This is my group of laser tag models playing a game around the pendulum in the "Pendulum Court" in the sciences building at BYU. I really like the colors and contrasts in this overhead shot.

  • aaronrhawkins posted a photo:

    Student Built Laser Tag System

    This is a close up view of the Laser Tag (LED Tag) system build by our electrical engineering students at BYU during their junior year. The system consists of a modified Nerf gun containing an LED and a photodetector connected to an FPGA board worn on the back which does all the computation. Holly Cluff is serving as the model here against a clear blue, late summer sky.

  • aaronrhawkins posted a photo:

    Laser Tag Demo Team

    This is a group of students showing off the laser tag system build by students in their junior year in BYU's ECE program. This is actually an "LED tag" system since it uses LEDs instead of lasers. These systems can be played in full sunlight and their receivers are extremely sensitive so they can pick up the dimmer LED beams that are not as tightly focused as those from lasers. This shot in our freight elevator is supposed to look dramatic. From left to right we have Tosha Kohler, Maclain Olsen, Erik Hamilton, and Holly Cluff.

  • Michigan Engineering posted a photo:


    Anatoly Maksimchuk, EECS Research Scientist, and John Nees, EECS Associate Research Scientist, demonstrate use of the HERCULES 300 TW laser in the Carl A. Gerstacker Building on North Campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI on September 5, 2017.

    The HERCULES laser holds the Guinness World Records certificate for highest intensity focused laser, producing a beam of 2x10^22 W/cm^2.

    Photo: Joseph Xu/Senior Multimedia Content Producer, University of Michigan - College of Engineering

  • marcusvinicius441 posted a photo:


    Approximately 7000 square-feet of cleanroom space for JSNN faculty as well as industry partners will be used to commercialize research, with an emphasis on nanomanufacturing.

  • nadernamdaran posted a photo:

    Panasonic Brand Co. International Promotional Festival in Tehran, Iran, & Nader Namdaran consecutively interpreting for the top Panasonic managers on stage, in Espinas Palace hotel, 27th July, 2017. """"""""""""""" #Nader_Namdaran #simultaneous_interprete

  • CadOutsourcingDesignServices posted a photo:

    Electrical Switchyard Design - Cad Outsourcing

    Switchyard is collection of electrical equipments where high voltage electricity is switched using of a range of component. #Electrical #Switchyards are usually part of a substation where electricity is distorted from one voltage to an additional for the transmission and allocation. To plan and design Switchyard needs fulfillment of high end quality standards. Cad Outsourcing is having highly expertise in designing electrical Switchyard where our skilled team strives to conceive quality standards of the industry into Electrical #Switchyard #Design and at the same time convene the operational requirements of our clients.

    Electrical Services includes:

    Electrical Diagrams.
    Electrical wiring Diagrams.
    Electronic panel schedule.
    Electrical site plans.
    Electrical power plan.
    Layouts for lighting.
    Power Layout Plan.
    Luminaries, Power Equipments, and Devices counts.
    Terminations Diagrams.
    Control Circuits.
    LV/HV electrical devices.
    Electrical Panel layout.
    Material List.
    Preliminary Single Line Diagram Designing.

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  • Przemysłowy Aspekt Świata posted a photo:

    ITPOK Poznań - kotłownia | Poznań waste-to-energy plant, the boiler room

    Przemysłowa baza kosmiczna | The industrial space base
    Part of boiler room.

    Fragment kotłowni w poznańskiej Instalacji Termicznego Przekształcania Odpadów Komunalnych.

  • CadOutsourcingDesignServices posted a photo:

    Electrical Engineering Residential Project - CAD Outsourcing

    CAD Outsourcing is a leading #Electrical #Engineering #Services provider firm which offering electrical design, electrical engineering, electrical engineering #Design, electrical #Layout design, electrical #Transformer design and electrical #Drawings for your residential. We provide high quality electrical engineering services which are modified to meet individual projects needs, which are cost effective, timely and receptive to client requirements.

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  • caluphotoeditor posted a photo:

    Electrical Engineering Lab

    Students, from left, Tyler Harclerode, Brandon Lin, Jared Long and Adam Musingo work with instructor Jeff Sumey in their electrical engineering course at Eberly Hall.

  • caluphotoeditor posted a photo:

    Electrical Engineering Lab

    Tyler Leake sits at his work station in an Electrical Engineering lab in Eberly Hall.

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    EECS Graduation Celebration 2017

  • osueecs posted a photo:


    EECS Graduation Celebration 2017

  • osueecs posted a photo:


    EECS Graduation Celebration 2017

  • osueecs posted a photo:


    EECS Graduation Celebration 2017