• Drake (musician)A Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur.
  • Drake equation Drake equationA probabilistic argument used to estimate the number of active, communicative extraterrestrial...
  • Nathan Drake (character) Nathan Drake (character)The protagonist of the Uncharted video game series, developed by Naughty Dog.

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    ICE_getyourlife, North Carolina, USA at Mon, 16 Oct 21:48:00
  • RT @WordOnRd: Video: Running through the six... #WirelessFestival #Drake http://t.co/ULHkgJS9dF
    _richosmond22, Cardiff, Wales at Mon, 16 Oct 21:43:07
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  • The beginning of an empire | #Drake #OVO #Canada #LilWayne #YoungMoney #CashMoney #Rap #HipHop… https://t.co/oCDNXIWzGH
    TheCulturePlug, New York, USA at Mon, 16 Oct 21:37:27
  • The beginning of an empire | #Drake #OVO #Canada #LilWayne #YoungMoney #CashMoney #Rap #HipHop… https://t.co/IrMvVJWbg2
    TheCulturePlug, New York, USA at Mon, 16 Oct 21:36:57
  • The start of an empire | #Drake #Toronto #OVO #LilWayne #YoungMoney #CashMoney #Rap #HipHop… https://t.co/UDIo5d5Lsq
    TheCulturePlug, New York, USA at Mon, 16 Oct 21:36:26
  • The beginning of an empire | #Drake #OVO #Canada #LilWayne #YoungMoney #CashMoney #Rap #HipHop… https://t.co/GE2aNYmF5F
    TheCulturePlug, New York, USA at Mon, 16 Oct 21:36:25
  • RT @OldSchoolSoul__: Drake & Trey Songz - "Successful" #Throwback #HipHop #RnB #Drake #Music https://t.co/V5cZbfS87P
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  • DRAKE / DRIZZY: https://t.co/O238BNp2lu #drake #drizzy #hiphop #rap https://t.co/xuoXAM48dd
    TheUrbanTee, London, England at Mon, 16 Oct 21:07:34
  • “And no, I’m not saying I’m the nicest, I just live life like it” - #drake
    DrakeOvOCrew, Paradise at Mon, 16 Oct 20:56:31
  • It’s raining Piano’s 🎹 in this melodic #Drake style beat. 🔥 Listen to this... 💎 #HipHop #Rapper #UnsignedArtist https://t.co/bDJjUon8pw
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  • alessio marziali posted a photo:

    ducks having good times

    two ducks roaming into a river at sunset

  • LordAllo posted a photo:


    Man, I love Knightfall. Never actually finished reading it technically, but I got close. My favorite part about it, honestly, is a one-shot that came out after Knightfall in which Bat-Mite recruits a drunk homeless man to make into a jacked up version of Az-Bat to fight Bane-Mite in the fifth dimension. Disturbing and bizarre hilarity ensues.

    Also, I've wanted to do a set of figs from it for a while now, so here they are! Most of em are figs you've already seen, but I'll go over it anyways.

    Tally Man: Jack Sparrow head, Sad Clown ruffle, old west torso, Lone Ranger legs.

    Catwoman: WW head, LBM Catwoman torso/legs.

    Mask of Tengu Batman: Bat-monster ears, Scooby Doo head, ninjago mask, Anubis Warrior torso.

    Az-Bat: Juniors cowl, Scuba-Batman head, Chima Armor, Beware the Batman torso. Eyes are edited red.

    Bane is the 2008 Bane

    Nightwing: Almost entirely stolen from TCMazz1: Ninjago movie hair, Nightwing head, lightning lad torso, genie arms, CMF Skier legs.

    Tim Drake: Green Lantern head, LBM Robin torso, Highwayman cape, retro spaceman cape, Green Lantern legs.

    Film Freak: Cause he was integral. Also a pre-existing fig.

    Also featuring Anarky, Hatter, Scarecrow and Zsasz cause their appearances always left the most impression on me.

    Let me know what you think gents!

  • DanMarty92 posted a photo:


  • DanMarty92 posted a photo:


  • Supremedalekdunn posted a photo:

    The Dark Knight - Heir to the Demon #17

    Those who panic first, are the first ones to falter. Wise words from a wise man, and words that should always stick with you. How can I make that claim? It’s rather simple actually, in the space of a couple of seconds I’ve successfully dispatched a League of Assassins assailant with little to no effort, and now his cohort is panicking.

    How can I tell?

    The evidence is rather obvious if you know what you’re looking for.

    Just what someone would classify as the first sign of panic is entirely down to personal preference. Some would probably define the abrupt end of our conversation as a telling sign, but I favour the second option. Anyone fortunate, or unfortunate to have studied under the League of Assassins knows that effectiveness will usually win you the battle. Thus, their intention is to make every swing of the blade count, this assailant is rapidly swiping the air hoping that his katana will come into contact with me. It’s rather disappointing in some regards. You’d have thought quality control had improved following my departure.

    What almost any sane person would claim is the second telling sign of panic, is the lack of care towards his colleague. You only prioritise yourself over others if you feel endangered. I can’t help but feel a little bit pleased by that. Evidently I hold an interesting reputation within the League, especially if a few of my actions can strike fear into some of them so easily.

    Both my instincts and my years of experience on the streets of Gotham say to exploit this fear. Let him make his own mistake and punish him. That would be the simplest and most logical decision to make. But unfortunately, it’s the slowest move to make when time is already severely against me. With the gas cloud slowly making its way further into central Gotham, I have to end this fight right now.

    As the assailant attempts another desperate swing, he’s shocked as I come into contact with the blade, just not as he’d hoped. Instead of his blade slashing a part of my body, I instead manage to grab hold of it with my left hand. Thank goodness I had the foresight to add additional armour plating to all parts of the suit or that move would have been impossible otherwise.

    I’m not one to indulge in the misery of others, but I’d be lying if I said the look of horror on my opponent’s face wasn’t incredibly pleasing to see. Even with his face almost entirely concealed beneath his helmet, the shock and panic brought about by what I had just done were obvious. Several proverbs claim that the eyes are the windows to the soul, if that’s the case then he’s absolutely terrified of me and what I can do.

    What follows is probably simply disappointing for all the fear that built up inside him. Rather than give him a moment to respond, I deliver a right hook to his helmet knocking to the ground unconscious. Blunt, but I don’t have time to be cautious. Knowing that both of them have a Lazarus-enhanced healing factor to help them recover from their wounds, eases my concern over the impact of my blows. No matter what, we must not kill anyone. Especially not tonight.

    Considering this whole mess is the result of my stubbornness and determination to uphold the ideals of my father, we cannot let those values be compromised. The only way we win this battle is by refusing to let Ra’s break us.

  • Alfred J. Lockwood Photography posted a photo:

    Wood Duck_20A1376

    Wood Duck drake taking flight at Bear Creek Park. Love the colors on these ducks. Could have been a touch sharper, but I'm already at 3200 ISO just to get 1/2000. Keller, Texas, USA, June, 2017

  • Deepgreen2009 posted a photo:

    Duck Fight

  • gybrushthreepwood posted a photo:


    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
    - PS4 Pro, in-game photo mode

  • gybrushthreepwood posted a photo:

    Painting of Demise (Alternative)

    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
    - PS4 Pro, in-game photo mode

  • gybrushthreepwood posted a photo:

    Skull (Alternative)

    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
    - PS4 Pro, in-game photo mode

  • gybrushthreepwood posted a photo:

    Painting of Demis

    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
    - PS4 Pro, in-game photo mode

  • gybrushthreepwood posted a photo:

    Retaken by Nature

    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
    - PS4 Pro, in-game photo mode

  • gybrushthreepwood posted a photo:


    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
    - PS4 Pro, in-game photo mode

  • gybrushthreepwood posted a photo:


    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
    - PS4 Pro, in-game photo mode

  • Alex Ellison posted a photo:

    Hotdog, Jet97, Drake, Lord...

    West London.

  • Timothy Trouble posted a photo:

    Golden Boy

    Sunny afternoon walk.

  • Timothy Trouble posted a photo:

    Flower Picking

    I'd rather him leave my blooms alone, but he was having so much fun, I'd feel mean if I stopped him doing everything.

  • Timothy Trouble posted a photo:

    Here's Teddy!

    Who knows where he'll end up when Timothy turns his attention to something else in the garden. Toys brought outside hold his attention span for about 10 seconds, if you're lucky!

  • Timothy Trouble posted a photo:


    Something he NEVER gets bored of.

  • Timothy Trouble posted a photo:

    "Hi, I'm Trouble, Who Are You???

    Ready to lay waste to the lounge . . .