• Doppler effect Doppler effectThe change in frequency or wavelength of a wave for an observer moving relative to its source.
  • Doppler radar Doppler radarA specialized radar that uses the Doppler effect to produce velocity data about objects at a...
  • Relativistic Doppler effect Relativistic Doppler effectThe change in frequency of light, caused by the relative motion of the source and the observer...

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  • WTHR
    9am Irma Update - Live Doppler 13 Blog
    Hurricane Irma has been pounding the Florida Keys for several hours now as a Category 4 hurricane. It is slow moving at only 8 mph to the north-northwest causing catastrophic storm surge, high winds and heavy rain. Media Folder: Media Root.
    Published on: Mon, 11 Sep 04:38:59 22 227

  • WTHR
    Live Doppler 13 Weather Forecast - 9/11/17 Afternoon Update
    The remnants of Hurricane Irma will move our way tomorrow. Keep the umbrellas and jackets handy on Tuesday and Wednesday. It will be a dry and mild Monday night, with mostly cloudy skies and lows in the upper 50s. Rain from Irma arrives late ...
    Published on: Tue, 12 Sep 04:42:23 3 123

  • Bicycling
    The Breezer Doppler Is a Gravel Bike for Everyday to Epic Adventures
    Bike tourists, randonneurs, and mixed terrain commuters will be excited to meet Breezer's new Doppler line of adventure bikes for 2018. Designed to appeal to “everyday adventurers,” the butted-chromoly steel bike is coming next month in three ...
    Published on: Fri, 08 Sep 21:24:10 1 24

  • WTHR
    Rain From Irma in Indiana
    Hurricane Irma has been powerful and destructive for days. It has weakened and is no longer a hurricane, but it is still a large storm moving across the SE United States. At one point Monday evening, there were a dozen states with clouds from Irma and ...
    Published on: Tue, 12 Sep 04:42:23 14 563

  • WTHR
    Live Doppler 13 Saturday Sunrise forecast: Beautiful day in the 70s
    Hurricane Irma has been fluctuating between a Category 4 and Category 5. It is now moving west - northwest at 12 mph. Because it has moved west longer than expected, the forecast path has shifted a bit. Later today, it will likely take a sharp turn to ...
    Published on: Sun, 10 Sep 04:35:22 10 140
  • Global Doppler Ultrasound Equipment market insights focusing on Top key players
    Medgadget (blog)
    The report thoroughly analyzes the most crucial details of the Global Doppler Ultrasound Equipment Market with the help of an in-depth and professional analysis. Described in a precise manner, the report also presents complete overview of the market ...
    Published on: Mon, 11 Sep 21:35:59 19 186

  • WTHR
    Hurricane Irma Live Radar: Watch Latest Satellite Streams to Track Irma [Sept. 11]
    Hurricane Irma slammed the Florida Keys, and now Monroe County officials have told evacuees not to return until further notice. The hurricane is then turned to the Florida coast, where it brought dangerous conditions to all of the state and landed as a ...
    Published on: Sun, 10 Sep 19:12:31 2 28

  • Medscape
    Echo Case: Why Is There Dyspnea? Start With the Doppler
    I am showing you a continuous-wave Doppler in the short axis around the aortic-valve level. This is a TR signal with a peak velocity of slightly more than 4 m/s, so you can see that there's considerable pulmonary hypertension here—4x42 is 64 mm ...
    Published on: Fri, 25 Aug 16:27:14 29 386
  • Light-based method improves practicality and quality of remote wind measurements
    Science Daily
    "We demonstrated a Doppler wind LIDAR with a simplified optical layout that also substantially enhances the system stability," said Dou. "Although specialists are typically needed to operate and maintain a sophisticated Doppler LIDAR, we are confident ...
    Published on: Mon, 11 Sep 20:29:37 1 10

  • CBS News
    Hearing aids sans prescription: Earbuds marketed as audio enhancing alternatives
    CBS News
    remarked Liu, director of advocacy and accessibility for Doppler Labs. Doppler Labs, a San Francisco-based startup, hopes to market a version of its $300 Here One earbuds as an alternative to standard prescription hearing aids that cost thousands.
    Published on: Fri, 01 Sep 12:17:19 5 64

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    Die für "Christian Doppler" werbende ELL 193 831-5 der SETG, durchfährt mit dem ersten Teil des Kreidezugs aus Jesenice, den ehemaligen Bahnhof Angertal.
    Aufgenommen am 30.8.2017.

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    Hazy Seattle Sunset (BC wildfires)

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    At least it's something

    We had heavy cloud cover form over us about 1 1/2 hours before the eclipse but finally they opened just long enough to see this and another glimpse a few minutes earlier. It was all razor sharp looking through the eyepiece in my solar telescope but I just can't get the camera to focus or capture it as well. My scope sees sunlight in the H-alpha range which is deep red. I wish I'd taken more practice shots before today as I didn't realize how differently the camera saw it than the eyepiece did but the surface detail is amazing with a regular 20mm eyepiece. I shot quite a few different shutter speeds and played with different ISO, then just set that to auto. Note the lens opening shows f/0 since the camera body was thinking "what the heck is this thing?".

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    Beachvolleyball WM


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    Fetal Doppler Reviews

    With the best fetal doppler you can hear your baby’s heartbeat from the comfort of your home. Here our moms to be review the top 5 in the market. Find more here:

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    First Gulf War

    RE Survey Sections

    Positioning for guns and missiles using MX1502 satellite doppler equipment.

    From DARPA website: ARPA launched the first satellite in what would become the world's first global satellite navigation system. Known as Transit, the system provided accurate, all-weather navigation to both military and commercial vessels, including most importantly the Navy’s ballistic missile submarine force. Transit, whose concept and technology were developed by Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, established the basis for wide acceptance of satellite navigation systems. The system's surveying capabilities, generally allowing for accuracy in the tens of meters range, contributed to an improvement of nearly two orders of magnitude in the accuracy of maps of the Earth's land areas. ARPA started the Transit program in 1958 and transitioned the technology to the Navy in the mid-1960s. By 1968, a fully operational constellation of 36 satellites was in place. Transit operated for 28 years until 1996, when the Defense Department replaced it with the current Global Positioning System.

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    Jogging comparisons

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    Lek. Zofia Burkot - USG Wrocław

    Zofia Burkot - lekarz internista, USG Wrocław, badania USG. Przychodnia we Wrocławiu. Centrum Medyczne PRZYJAŹNI

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    Punta Salinas

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    Beachvolleyball WM

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    All of the things keeping me sane through this pregnancy. Ondansetron is my friend!

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    Niederösterreich Weinviertel Grafensulz_DSC0839B

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    Niederösterreich Weinviertel Grafensulz_DSC0836A

    Lost Place Weinkeller

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    Niederösterreich Weinviertel Grafensulz_DSC0834SW

    Lost Place alter Weinkeller

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