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  • richa20002 posted a photo:

    37716 - Oulton Broad North - 2J83

    DRS 37716 (37405 on the rear) makes it presence known as it powers away from Oulton Broad North with 2J83 15:48 Lowestoft - Norwich.

  • richa20002 posted a photo:

    37405 - Oulton Broad North - 2J80

    DRS 37405 (37716 on the rear) thrashes out of Oulton Broad North with 2J80 14:55 Norwich - Lowestoft.

  • richa20002 posted a photo:

    37716 - Oulton Broad North - 2J80

    DRS 37716 brings up the rear (37405 on the front) of 2J80 14:55 Norwich - Lowestoft as it approaches Lowestoft's fixed down distant.

  • richa20002 posted a photo:

    68028 - Acle Straight - 2P28

    DRS 68028 (68005 on the rear) passes one of the many crossings on the Acle Straight with 2P28 16:38 Norwich - Great Yarmouth.

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  • lotta.valente posted a photo:

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  • virplindia posted a video:

    Jivan Sir Speech- Part 2 - Tagore Hall

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  • richa20002 posted a photo:

    37716 - Brundall - 2P17

    DRS 37716 (37405 on the rear) accelerates away from Brundall with 2P17 11:17 Great Yarmouth - Norwich.

  • richa20002 posted a photo:

    68005 - Brundall - 2J73

    DRS 68005 (68028 on the rear) applies the power through Brundall with 2J73 10:57 Lowestoft - Norwich.

  • richa20002 posted a photo:

    68005 - Lingwood - 2P11

    DRS 68005 (68028 on the rear) arrives at Lingwood with 2P11 08:46 Great Yarmouth - Norwich. This service is rather unusual in that it runs non-stop from here to Norwich, not calling at the usual Brundall/Brundall Gardens.

  • ventonero2002 posted a photo:

    Direct 47 - KAKEGURUI

  • daveymills31294 posted a photo:

    DRS 68009 Moor Street

  • Paul-Green posted a photo:

    37405 trails from Great Yarmouth working 2P13 0917 Norwich 31/8/2017

    photo id: _14A8082-A

  • [email protected] posted a photo:

    A car running on rural road in Vietnam

    An Giang, Vietnam - Sep 1, 2017. A car running on rural road in Mekong Delta, An Giang, Vietnam. The Mekong basin is one of the richest areas of biodiversity in the world.

  • Paul-Green posted a photo:

    68028 trails from Acle working 2P11 0845 Great Yarmouth - Norwich 16/8/2017

    photo id: _14A7909-A

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  • James Passant posted a photo:

    Southbound Symphony

    Here we see Direct Rail Services 68017 leading 68024 southbound through Millom on the late afternoon 6K73 Sellafield to Crewe Coal Siding. Must admit these powerful machines are one of my favourites classes running on the network today! Observed on 22nd August 2017

  • Richie B. posted a photo:

    Wipac Wipeout

    As one would expect, the sun did not stay out for last Wednesday's main event.
    37423 leads 37402 and its ecs at Moss Bay.

  • Richie B. posted a photo:

    Deja Vu

    The day after 37402 was rescued, having failed at Harrington, it was sent back out for another go.
    This time it failed at St. Bees whilst working the 14.37 BIF - CAR.
    On this occasion the rescue loco took the form of 37423 and it is seen passing through what was once Workington yard at a fair old rate of knots.

  • richa20002 posted a photo:

    37716 - Cantley - 2J67

    DRS 37716 (37405 on the rear) makes a smoky departure from Cantley as it leads 2J67 07:47 Lowestoft - Norwich.