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  • NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth
    Miss 2017's total solar eclipse? Start planning for the next one in 2024
    On April 8, 2024, the shadow of the moon will once again completely block out the sun across the United States, this time from Texas to Maine. Portions of Mexico and eastern Canada will also experience a total solar eclipse. This will provide a second ...
    Published on: Mon, 21 Aug 13:32:00 6 73
  • YesterLand Farm set to reopen for fall after deadly Canton tornado
    Tyler Morning Telegraph
    CANTON – When a series of deadly tornadoes pummeled East Texas in April, the surge of wicked weather caught retired firefighter Chuck Bozeman and wife, Cama, of Canton, a little off guard. They were entertaining friends after an afternoon of errands ...
    Published on: Sun, 17 Sep 20:29:00 9 289
  • US School Violence Fast Facts
    KITV Honolulu
    April 10, 2017 - North Park Elementary School - San Bernardino, California. Jonathan .... April 24, 2003 - Red Lion Area Junior High School - Red Lion, Pennsylvania. .... After time in a psychiatric hospital, Christian attends high school in the Dallas ...
    Published on: Sun, 17 Sep 19:31:00 0 22

  • Dallas News (blog)
    Harvey Brings Catastrophic Floods to Houston; at Least Five Reported Dead
    New York Times
    Harvey, now a tropical storm, pummeled Houston and the surrounding region, bringing catastrophic flooding and killing at least five people. By CHRIS CIRILLO and DAPHNE RUSTOW on Publish Date August 27, 2017. Photo by David J. Phillip/Associated ...
    Published on: Sun, 27 Aug 15:30:08 13 619

  • KXAN.com
    Pollo Tropical closes all remaining restaurants in Texas
    DALLAS (KXAN) — The company behind Pollo Tropical is closing all of its restaurants in Texas, with an online company map showing their only remaining restaurants are spread throughout Georgia and Florida. Fiesta Restaurant Group says the decision to ...
    Published on: Fri, 15 Sep 19:39:35 0 10

  • CNET
    How to prepare for the 2024 total solar eclipse
    On April 8, 2024, another total solar eclipse will travel from Mexico to Texas, through Ohio, New York, Vermont, Maine and parts of Canada. (And nine others .... Weather is the tricky part of planning a solar eclipse viewing far in advance. Cloud cover ...
    Published on: Wed, 23 Aug 12:00:24 0 10

  • CNN
    Missed the eclipse? America's next one is in 2024
    Maybe you're stuck in the office, traveling, at an ill-timed appointment, the victim of bad weather, unable to procure eclipse glasses, driving or simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. It happens. ... Another total solar eclipse will be visible ...
    Published on: Mon, 21 Aug 19:09:29 39 695

  • Off Shore Gaming Assocation (blog)
    More than ever, when the line talks, listen very carefully
    Off Shore Gaming Assocation (blog)
    With three days to prepare for the hurricane, it saved thousands of lives and offered the gurus at The Weather Channel to plot the next move of Hurricane Irma for every county in her path. ... With retuning veteran QB Kirk Cousins signed to a big ...
    Published on: Sat, 16 Sep 02:26:15 1 44

  • Dallas News (blog)
    Late-night storms bring baseball-size hail to Collin County
    Dallas News (blog)
    Severe weather made its way across North Texas on Friday night, pummeling Collin County with up to baseball-size hail. The storm moved southeast, producing quarter- to golf ball-size hail before picking up strength in Plano. Richardson and Plano saw ...
    Published on: Sat, 22 Apr 19:01:12 47 881

  • NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth
    NWS Confirms 7 Tornadoes Hit East of DFW Saturday
    NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth
    Greg Abbott on the damage done by tornadoes in East Texas on Saturday, April 29, 2017. The National Weather Service issued their final update on Saturday's storms on Tuesday, confirming seven tornadoes, four EF-0s (65-85 mph), an EF-2 (111-135 mph) ...
    Published on: Sun, 30 Apr 15:01:11 1 10

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