• Cupcake Cupcake A small cake designed to serve one person, which may be baked in a small thin paper or...
  • Cupcake Wars Cupcake WarsAn American reality competition series which premiered on December 27, 2009 on cable television...
  • Georgetown Cupcake Georgetown CupcakeA cupcakery based in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C. that has now expanded to 6...
  • CupcakKe An artist from Chicago.
  • Rosa CupcakeA miniature rose. Sweet-scented frosting-pink blooms cover the bush and bloom repeatedly from...
  • Cupcake Brown Cupcake Brown An American author and a lawyer.
  • Captain CupcakeThe second mascot for Hostess brand baked goods along with Twinkie the Kid.

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  • LancasterOnline
    How to make your own succulent cupcakes, from a Lititz baker
    Succulent cupcakes take a little practice, but with a few tools, they're a simple way to decorate a cupcake. And it's OK for them not to be perfect. "No two succulents are alike in nature and in here,” says baker Stephanie Samuel. DAN MARSCHKA | Staff ...
    Published on: Wed, 06 Sep 10:05:36 17 269

  • Daily Nebraskan
    REVIEW: LuLu's Comfort Food and Cupcakes opens with caring service, comfort food
    Daily Nebraskan
    But then Lulu's Comfort Food and Cupcakes moved in. Open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., LuLu's offers a little bit of everything from hot ham sandwiches, to pastas, to ice cream and the famous Serendipities Cupcakes, of course. Co-owner of Lulu's, Terrie Urtel ...
    Published on: Fri, 08 Sep 05:50:01 12 292

  • ClutchPoints
    Kevin Durant talked about how it was fun to be called a cupcake while baking cupcakes
    For The Win
    “My favorite memory of red velvet was being called a cupcake every time I touched the ball in Oklahoma City. That was fun. That's why it was so funny to us after we won the basketball game. It was kind of a little jab to the fans in Oklahoma City, but ...
    Published on: Thu, 07 Sep 20:06:17 3 30
  • RECIPE: Vanilla Bean Me Up Cupcakes
    Fox 59
    Preheat the oven to 325°F and line a cupcake/muffin pan with cupcake liners. In a medium bowl, whisk together cake flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Set flour mix aside. In a large bowl beat eggs add sugar and continue to beat,add vanilla and ...
    Published on: Thu, 07 Sep 08:50:00 0 12

  • Daily Nebraskan
    LuLu's Comfort Food and Cupcakes dish out savory meals, sweet treats
    Daily Nebraskan
    At LuLu's Comfort Food and Cupcakes, customers can be reminded of home-cooked meals from the first bite to the last crumb. Here, the cupcakes are homemade, the macaroni has five kinds of cheese and the meatloaf sandwiches go faster than hotcakes.
    Published on: Thu, 07 Sep 05:52:37 46 848

  • The Telegraph
    Dublin mom, bakery owner offers free cupcakes to Hurricane Irma evacuees with children
    The Telegraph
    Brandi Shay says she does it “for the kids” and because she's a mom, too. Shay, owner of Cake Memories Bakery & Supply Co. in Dublin, said she knows just what a trip to the grocery store is like with children. Now multiply that while fleeing Hurricane ...
    Published on: Thu, 07 Sep 21:48:08 1 29

  • Fox 59
    NerdyGirl Cupcakes
    Fox 59
    We're eating around Indy with NerdyGirl Cupcakes! Owner Laura Roberts stopped by with how she puts a unique spin on your favorite flavors. Filed in: Eating Around Indy, Morning News. Suggest a correction. ×. Suggest A Correction. Your name. Your email.
    Published on: Thu, 07 Sep 16:00:49 1 10

  • Amsterdam News
    Harlem-based sisters building with cupcakes and coffee
    Amsterdam News
    Edmond said, “I started the cupcake business to [honor] my grandmother, and after her death, I no longer wanted to do PR. Within the next few years, I want to have my own food truck to be on the road and travel throughout the states. I also want to ...
    Published on: Thu, 07 Sep 19:32:12 40 726

  • Mount Airy News
    Cupcake trend turns 21, cupcakes survive
    Mount Airy News
    But long before cupcakes were the darlings of specialty bakeries and television, they were baked at home. Prized for their utility at children's parties (single serving/no slicing required) and their quick baking, cupcakes have been around since 1796 ...
    Published on: Wed, 06 Sep 13:49:01 0 17

  • Southeast Missourian
    Students bake cupcakes, raise money for Harvey victims
    Southeast Missourian
    She and schoolmate Logan Dame, a pair of 13-year-olds at Guardian Angel School in Oran, Missouri, responded with a deluge of cupcakes. Lynch and Dame, a seventh-grader, teamed up with their families over Labor Day weekend to bake and deliver 40 ...
    Published on: Thu, 07 Sep 05:00:13 1 204

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